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  2. Hello Buddsy, That would be great thanks, Message sent Alan
  3. Looks like someone beat me to it, as it's now gone! Will keep searching
  4. Is there anyone in the Oldham area that would be prepared to have a look at this for me to see if it's worth buying ? Happy to cover costs and time for anyone! Save me a trip from Norwich plus I'm very new to esprit so would be going in blind ! thanks Alan
  5. Hi, Ive had a Lotus of one sort or another for past 5 years (Got a Evora S and Elise S2 at the moment) but just recently started wanting a Esprit, but don't know that much about them (hence been looking through all the threads on here) At this stage , I think I am heading towards S3 Esprit Turbo, but then I also like the S4, so my question is, is there anyone local to Norwich that would be prepared to let me have a look at their cars and possibly a passenger ride? Many thanks Alan
  6. Thanks Andy, looking forward to it. Will post picture etc when I've got it.
  7. Thanks Andy, for sorting our the wheel with Royal and hope you got the money ok?. As soon as I have the new re-trimmed wheel, the spare one will be available to pass on to the next person who is looking to do this ?
  8. Must admit I did not move forward with it. To be honest decided I did not have enough knowledge or time to go ahead with it. Good news is that I think Dave at ES Motorsport might be doing one as a project this year! happy new year
  9. Finally, got around to having mine machine polished and then had the barge boards and CF wing mirror and side vents added. Then could not decide if I wanted to keep the black wheels or go for silver for a contrast
  10. It was me that tried a group buy on SELOC and then got hit with the import tax issue etc etc so hence decided to do it myself and only my cash to worry about! You get hit with 20% tax I. E VAT and 5% import duty So it was a killer but when I compare cost to anything else CF for Evora still not bad I be happy to arrange anything if anyone interested in buying some of The CF parts now that I have dealt with him and the quality etc
  11. Al. I contacted him via Lotus talk and then agreed price etc. He then orders and ships, the whole process takes about 6 yo 8 weeks. But remember there is then duty and tax to pay when it arrives. I had a nice letter from parcel force telling me what I needed to pay before they would deliver!
  12. Yes Al it was from the guy on lotus talk, i am really impressed with the quality and finish to it. A bit of a pain with the import duty and tax, but still not a bad price. That's why I also used man maths and ordered the GT4 wing as could get other parts in same box for shipping. But decided I don't really want the wing now, so have put that up for sale
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