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  1. Guys, Thread resurrection : Does anyone have the anti roll bar insertion tool to hand that would be kind enough to lend it to me? Anti Roll Bar bush epic ensues.....
  2. Hi all, Changing all the bushes, bought poly bushes from SJ's but I'm having an issue with the wishbones. In the photo below you can see where the bush will sit but it is too big, I think thats because there is an old metal sleeve from a bush stuck in there. I experimented with a bit of heat to see if it moved and it didn't shift. Can anyone tell me if they are actually fitted or have these just welded themselves in over time and if so, does anyone have any ideas how they will come out ! All four are the same. I checked on SJ's for a picture of the original part and it looks like that i
  3. Kez


  4. Evening all, Any recommends on where to get a new rad or is the only option (most cost effective option) reconditioning the old ones Or are there retro fitting non standard options out there? Do the V8 rads fit earlier models ? Cheers
  5. Evening all, Thought I would post the conclusion to all the above : Sent the cracked upright to Mark at Harris Bros. MK18 1QS, 01280 812316 as recommended by Nick Briggs. He's done an outstanding job and has a wealth of knowledge, as this part is now obsolete and getting re-casts would cost thousands (I looked into it) Mark is definitely the man to see and you cannot even tell he has worked on the hub carrier at all. Very very reasonably priced and highly recommended . Now to send all the parts to the powder coating brigade before re-fitting !
  6. Anyone got Garry Kemps contact number or email , I can find his website but its under construction . Cheers
  7. Guys, who's the gearbox expert ? if the gt3 box is capable of taking more torque than it says on the specs, can it be put into other models with higher torque without causing damage ??
  8. Travis, Cheers for the tip off. Got one on order hopefully here by next week . I'll keep the cracked one and speak to the welding man so thanks also for that Nick. FYI for all, the left hand ones are now completely obsolete , and the right ones are very soon to be the same. It looks to me like the only option in the coming years will be to get new ones re-cast , something I'm getting priced up at the moment . Will keep you updated lads !
  9. Thanks Ed Winter , maybe - nothing has been discarded yet so I will look into it . Be interesting to see what others think of repairing these by welding , hairline fracture maybe but surely not a completely broken off lug ? I will ask Steve at SJS when I speak to him next about further options and let everyone know the results, its an 88 Stephens turbo Renault transmission so pretty sure the S3 option won't work (unless I'm off the mark). But thanks anyway Paul
  10. Thanks for the reply guys, to shed a bit more light on the situation - after a local garage broke a lug off completely I sourced another but it turns out under expert inspection by Steve at SJS that this one has a hairline fracture in it which will only get worse with time. I hadn't spotted it, he got some compressed air on there and uncovered it , so back to square one ! Thanks Travis , but I have been talking to SJS as they have done the lower pins for me (and uncovered the crack in one) and therefore I know he has none in stock. Cars a way off finishing so not going anywhere in it
  11. Hi all, I'm having a real stinker with rear uprights - a local classic car garage broke one (don't get me started) and replacements are proving impossible . Does anyone have any answers to this problem? has anyone looked at getting a set cast ? has anyone repaired them successfully / safely ? As per usual, help and guidance is appreciated, cheers
  12. Hello all, Put this pic on : The yellow paint on the Esprit is in poor condition so it's got to go, I have started to flatten it back to the red underneath - I'm not wanting to go any further due to expertise levels, However I got a little curious in one small area on the back so I could confirm how many layers I was dealing with.... anyway there's the Yellow outer,white primer, red underneath, white primer again? and then the black is what ? Is this the sealer coat or what ? Cheers all
  13. Very very very good point Travis, cheers ! How high to start ?
  14. Evening all, I have the AVO and Sport 300 springs and am at the fitting stage but has anyone got any advice as to where/what is the best setting on the damper for the spring to sit ? I obviously haven't tried it yet but to have the spring resting on the very bottom of the damper looks like it could be too low....anyone out there with any experience on this ?
  15. I'm at the stage where, the gearbox is poised to come out BUT I'm staring at the driveshafts and not wanting to go any further in fear of damaging something in removing - Anyone know of an idiots guide for the removal of them in order to get the box out? Handbook states ' use tool T000006078' to remove concentric pins , this is a pin punch, but what size? And before I set to at any 'pins' where exactly are they? Cheers all.
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