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  1. alex how are you getting on i am in sunderland i have the 1988 x180 turbo hc .
  2. atwell cheers you are a star . thanks for the prompt reply
  3. does anyone know were the sensor is located for the low water level light on a stevens x180 hc turbo 1988. mines been i bit iffy for a while but now stops on . i have the metal header tank in the rear and a further plastic overflow one in the nearside rear boot area . cheers
  4. its time for my esprit turbo to get the timing belt changed . what should a garage be charging to do this . ? i live in tyne wear area . newcastle durham sunderland . cheers
  5. cheers will try them . yes i think a full cable is in order cheers
  6. looks like my throttle cable has bit the dust anybody know what they are off . or is it a lotus only part . cheers
  7. did anybody ever find a source for the window switches . foir the 1989 turbo x180 shape none se . i understand they were leyland part no YUF10061LNF . rimmer bros seem to have them but £30 a pop .! anybody know of any other sources . cheers
  8. hi tried sj sportcars . the switch has not failed due to any other reason than worn internal parts thanks
  9. yep leyland stuff good luck trying to find it . iam trying to find a drivers side window swith for my x180 189 turbo. supposed to be leyland austin etc . cant find one in the uk .. they must rot like leyland cars did .
  10. tried most places in uk for a drivers door window switch . does anybody know what they were off so i can go digging round some scrap yards or ebay . its not the omega senator one its the pyramid shaped switch ?
  11. chris., yep my air con is off. when you say you drained it . what method did you use . sorry to ask just got the car 2 months ago and starting to run through the faults etc .. cheers for the reply. kirk
  12. interior heating blower fine . all knobs seem to be working . ie you can hear different vent flaps opening shutting but on hot air setting only getting warm air . rad fans cut in correct temp etc.(mine has air con fitted ) any ideas please :-)
  13. yep you were spot on exactly what you said found it pushed it back together brake warning lights went out noise stopped etc etc. cheers. kirk
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    From the album: my car

    third lotus ive owned 2 before a elan sprint big valve drophead in gold leaf colours . 2nd a lotus europa twin cam reg tbr 212k. that was 20 years ago now this 1989 turbo . needs light restoration full lotus service history . cream interior
  18. god . couldnt sleep last night . up all bloody night . spent most of yesterday under the car in bonnet etc etc . mates round.. ooooo that sounds bad crankshaft . thrust bearings . get the engine out they cried .. looked on the forums this morning watched the youtube video.. thats the bloody noise i thought. depression lifted iam a happy man. now to find the pipe thats off. only thing ive done in last 5 days has been to take battery off to charge. replaced petrol tank breather hoses. smell of petrol now gone.. but cant think how a tubes come off in the cabin !!!
  19. hi. i have the same problem. 1989 turbo carb model. there seems to be two pipes running across the top. i can see one goes back to the drivers side tank . but cant see where the other goes .? . mine just fell to bits as soon as i touched them so at a bit of a loss where the other pipe goes or exits etc ? the passanger side has the plastic t piece but nothing on the drivers side to say where other pipe goes . help please ;-)
  20. as of only 3 days ago another lotus is in my life . i had the twin cam europa and elan big vlave gold leaf many moons ago.. but never had the esprit turbo.. purchased this over the weekend and will try and get some pictures uploaded this week.. As i know lotus robbed many part bins to build the cars can anybody tell me the source of the drivers electric mirror control switch . looks like a 4 way rocker type affair..! also passanger side window motor.! may be switch havent checked this out yet just looking into it !. also clutch travel.! it seems to bite verey low down . i have heard thats the way they are but just need some advise please .. many thanks and iam sure i will be back most often. iam in the uk by the way.. regards kirk adamson
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