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  1. Thanks, I can't find anything in my service book on that, but sounds like 4 yrs is the way to go.
  2. Hi, An approved service centre has told me that Lotus has recently issued a service bulletin recommending that the auxiliary drive belt, which I think is the supercharger belt ?, should be changed every 4 years / 36k miles. In my service book (2014 exige v6S) it doesn't give a replacement time scale for the Exige ( it does for the supercharged Elise of 2 years). Any one heard anything about this ? Thanks.
  3. Great in black, brill car, I'm sure you'll love it.
  4. Brill choice, grey plus red leather is great combo, the roadster is a much underrated car imho, had mine 3 years now after 3 different elise versions, black with red interior set off by the silver wheels which I think look great, an occasion every time I take it out. You'll love it.
  5. Fantastic car and welcome to the club!
  6. Hi Alias, is that a hose reel you've attached to the new wing ? Very interesting development.
  7. Thanks, yep then you'd have an Exige 400 without charge cooler; do you think that's the plan for the next step ?
  8. OK thanks Bibs, I guess though it might reach 400 bhp by doing that ? Doesn't the gearbox oil cooler sort out the gearbox heat issue ?
  9. I'm s bit ignorant about all this but what would happen if the 380 was simply allowed to rev to 7,200 like my V6S in sport mode ?
  10. Those carbon covers look great spinney isn't there a thread somewhere on how you did it ?
  11. Great write up Jonny, really fascinating read, must try one of the darn things, trouble is will be "must have" and her in doors definitely won't like it and what about the new kitchen but .... man or mouse? pass the cheese!
  12. Great video Jonny, really enjoyed it. Sounds like the Sport 380 is a winner, look forward to driving one. Many thanks and look forward to your write up.
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