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  1. Hi All, I'll be in need of a couple of new rears (Pirelli Corsas) for my V6 within the next few weeks; only done ~ 7,500 road only miles but maybe that's typical ? Can you recommend any suppliers / fitters / dealers you've used for new Corsas within the Midlands or thereabouts? I live between Derby & Burton on Trent but happy to travel within reason.. Thanks.
  2. Fantastic news Dave, great choice.
  3. Sounds like a plan, be interesting to hear your views on both.
  4. Sounds like the standard sports suspension is probably best for roadster. Has anyone on here experience of both roadsters with standard and race suspension ? Have you noticed much difference on the road ?
  5. Hi, my 2014 V6 roadster, bought s/h from Lotus dealer, has race pack fitted and it's great for the road ( not used it yet on track). However, I didn't try a non-race pack version so not sure how much difference there actually is on the road; probably be worth test driving roadsters with and without.
  6. Cheers Andy, let us know how you get on. The warranty on mine runs out end Feb 2017 so will as you say keep an ear on it.
  7. Hi Andy, are you using central lotus to replace your clutch? i think your car was in at central same day as mine in March getting checked out by lotus engineer, he reckoned mine was ok but I'm keeping a watch on it just in case.
  8. Looks great Simon. Is it fastend using the standard hard top fittings ?
  9. Be good if you chaps near to Derby / Nottingham / Burton on Trent could let me know where you've got rear tyres from and who fitted them please and if any good. I reckon I'll need to get some in next 3 months or so or ~ 2,000 miles. Thanks and have good Easter.
  10. I've had 3 Elise's and now Exige v6 roadster, the v6 definitely a step up, surpringly comfortable, plenty of power, a great car and feels special but not quite as nimble as Elise. My wife never really liked being in any of them!
  11. Just ordered one from eBay, thanks for all the info, look forward to fitting it and hearing the indicators!
  12. Cheers rancid i'll check them out, pity about the courtesy cars though happy new year to all
  13. Hi rancid where did you take it for the service ? were you pleased with it ? what did they charge you ? mine is due very soon. cheers
  14. hi, I've noticed that mintex 1144 pads are now available for the V6 (eliseparts). I used 1144s on my three previous Elise's for fast road use and they were great with lots of bite and much better than standard pads. Has anyone tried them for the V6 ?
  15. What a fantastic trip, well done Simon and well done the Exige. That's certainly given it a reliability check and it's come out with flying colours. Great pictures by the way.
  16. Don't know if it helps, my last Elise was Burnt Orange, the number on the touch up paint was A120B6054? the ? is either a 9 or an S.
  17. Agree with Tony. Had 2 Elise's without aircon and wondered why you'd need it, just take the hood off don't you. T hen had Elise sc with air con , brilliant. Now have Exige roadster and air con even does decent job on hot days with the roof off. It's a definite yes from me.
  18. Cheers I'll check it out. Yes it's Bluetooth I'm after in the Exige roadster
  19. Rancid, is the mic built into the head unit or separate and if separate where have you positioned it ? Cheers
  20. Just put on a Bosch ar26u from Halfords, works great although final couple of inches don't touch screen. It's also quieter in operation. The original blade was poor.
  21. Brilliant motor. Like Rancid only had mine a short time (couple of days before Christmas) and today had a decent drive in it. Awesome.
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