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  1. So glad I've got your mobile number Graham, but hey at least I got the right day this time........... Despite the lack of show we had a great run out with the sun showing its face most of the day, great company with some nice sexual referances from Graham....I think you pulled Graham (and I'm not talking about the 'art' in the toilets at said watering hole). The donkeys were pretty quiet after their Saturday Christmas Fair where our Dave was dressed as the man himself in the best grotto I have ever seen.......! Looking forward to meeting up with other Lotus folks next year for some more fun and frolics........ Simon.
  2. Count me in............blimey what a poor turn out this year...........where is everyone?
  3. Be nice to catch up Graham, I hope to be there but may meet you later if needs be.
  4. Blimey, where did that come from Graham....! I will check with the gaffer as I know we are out on Saturday night. What time are you meeting?
  5. Top marks to you both. I had a great weekend, and it is appreciated that you put alot of time into pulling everything together. Its nice to meet so many Lotus nuts and get to sample all things Lotus first hand at the factory. I have never been disappointed by the friendly people at Hethel and its great to talk to the people behind the products. Thanks to all.
  6. Ade, I am no expert at company car things other than having my own pickup that I run through my company, but for the mileage you are excepted to do that doesn't seem a big allowance.......or is that the norm.....?
  7. Thanks Roger and Chris. I have used the double sided tape (purchased from Staples!) and it does work fine. Maybe I should leave it at that!!
  8. Just taken the door cards off my GT3 to re-do the window furry some double sided tape but wondering if anybody has come up with a better solution from any classic car trim sites. And on the subject of door seals; is it worth replacing the door rubber to try and get a better 'clunk' when you shut the doors. I always think it sounds a bit 'hollow'. Would be interested to know what people think. Simon.
  9. Graham, I've got a family 40th on the Saturday so it is not too good for me either; should we make it another day? Either the following week or 1st weekend in October as some will not be at the factory do.......answers on a postcard.
  10. Should be up for this one Graham. Just taken my wheels in for a refurb today but they should be back in a week or so..... Sorry to hear you and Alex are not doing the factory frolic....... Where are you thinking of docking for lunch; Chirk maybe? Having a job to think of somewhere in that direction, I may take a run out.....
  11. I will probably see you there Dave. I have already given myself the day off..........and there are plenty of facilities to take advantage of! May as well make the best of it as I'm on me tod!!
  12. I've just booked for the Friday and Saturday night. Dave what time are you and Mrs Oneshot flying on the Friday?
  13. Hi Graham, Really could do with a blast out as I haven't spent much time with her later but we are away on holiday. Will be up for the next jaunt out Have fun and watch for the old bill...............
  14. Neil, I have to say I only caught the last minute or so and I thought exactly the same as you. Maybe Clarkson was feeling a little down beat......could be something to do with public footpaths! I do however share his sentiments about us petrolheads and how long we have got to enjoy cars like that. I cant see the BBC ending TG yet though.
  15. Yes Trevor please come along!! Alex; fishing...............hope to see you soon.
  16. Ade, As far as I can tell we can just turn up; there is a large car park and small field. If there are a few going I will phone him to let him know on Friday. It is on from 11.00am till 5 ish. I only found out about it when I saw a notice in the local tool hire shop in Nantwich. I phoned the guy on Friday afternoon and he said there is a South Cheshire car club which he has got involved with which he is trying to sort events out for. He himself has a Lotus Eclat he is restoring and as I said there are other Lotti going; one is an original Elite............ anyway I said I would post a notice cause we have loads of guys and galls that need any excuse for a blast out (and I did say we were into actually HOONING and not just sitting around polishing!!!!!!!!!!!) Would love to show a turnout from our corner. I will find out the postcode (the pub isn't far from Stapeley Water Gardens) Simon. Graham, Sorry to hear that you are in the big smoke that day! Thanks for organising last Sunday by the way; I didn't post after the do. And try your best Si!!
  17. If you have a free couple of hours guys would love to see you here...............
  18. If anyone fancies a beer and a BBQ bap on 12th July I have been talking to a guy who has organised a car/truck get together at said pub. He is trying for a Lotus theme and there are other Lotus models going. The bloke is Dave Stevenson and he is involved with other shows and has been talking to Christoper Neil about some presence. Anyway I am going for a bit of a chat and see what happens. As I said the pub is in Shavington near Crewe on the old road between M6 J16 and Nantwich.
  19. Dave, Sorry to hear this news. Hope you are okay. Regards Simon.
  20. Mat, I dont remember, but that must be where I've seen it.........with us NMEG boys. I did 'hang around' for a while without looking suspicious; to have a word with the owner, must have been watching Miss Cheshire in the main ring..............
  21. Had my own little jaunt to a classic car show near Macclesfield on Sunday. A couple of Lotus there and only one Esprit (except mine). Anyone on here? It may be a Club Lotus member me thinks. White S3 Turbo. I have seen this one before, lovely condition.............
  22. Thats good with me least I'll be 24 hours Early if anything............
  23. I think old age has kicked in Graham. Well it was a last thing and would help if I looked at the day! Hope you had a good time, look forward to the pictures!
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