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  1. They may not rust, but aluminium can oxidise and lift the paint. Most likely somebody a bit cack handed taking the wheels off or on has scraped the wheel holes with a socket and then as water and air gets in it oxidises, lifting the paint. The wheels will need a complete refurb as any localised repair will soon fail again. Aluminium oxidises in seconds.
  2. I honestly haven't used cash for over 12 months - I have the same £10 note in my wallet as last May ! I am as mean as F**k mind And some people's paranoia reaches new levels ...
  3. Viruses mutate in many ways and it is a relatively random process and can result in a more contagious (or less) virus and in an unconnected way a more virulent virus. What does tend to happen is that the most contagious variants rapidly overtake the less contagious and become dominant (as happened with the Kent variant). To a certain extent increased virulence does reduce transmission as the most sick spread less as they stay at home or go to hospital. The least virulent spread well because when people are not ill or even asymptomatic they are able to spread the virus more easily. However transmissibility is far more important than virulence when it comes to epidemiology
  4. Which dream world do you live in ? 1000 deaths from Covid in the UK ? What caused those huge number of deaths in excess of normal then ? There are no secrets or conspiracies and the exact explanation of how figures are collated are publicly available. Behind the headlines: Counting COVID-19 deaths - Public health matters (
  5. Do you mean this ? Excess deaths figure is negative at the moment compared to 5 year average, probably because Covid deaths are low and there are no flu related deaths either
  6. It is what it says to do in the workshop manual. The garage I use followed it to the letter and all was fine.
  7. TPMS does require care. Lotus recommend releasing the valve first and letting the TPMS sensor drop into the wheel or it could be damaged as they push the tyre off the rim.
  8. But maybe they will sell some cars, because if they don't they have no future. If building like a VAG product then they will have taken a 30 year step forward in quality !!! The Elise is a dead end - it can never be compliant with upcoming new car standards, so even if somebody does try and make something with the old tooling it is very unlikely to sell in Europe.
  9. If by agreeing to disagree you mean I have to accept Ben Davidson is a reputable source of information then I'm afraid not. This is a man who reckons he can predict earthquakes and is nothing more than a charlatan and purveyor of snake oil. Happy to end the discussion. Hopefully at some point she will find boys and move on !
  10. Good old Ben - Well we know what he is, so that doesn't leave much for you! Galactic forcing - that old chestnut. Well according to people who have done more than 12 years worth of Googling, it is a hoax theory promoted by conspiracy theorists. Don't forget to pay your Q subs 🤣 For anybody in the UK who hasn't heard of Ben Davidson - Think Youtube's equivalent of David Icke - only a bit weirder !
  11. Why, if you have been researching this for 12 years have you quoted that crank? More to the point after 12 years I would hope you have published something that has been peer reviewed that we can all read ?
  12. Oh dear - do your research !!!! Q 🤣
  13. You do know who Ben Davidson is don't you ? Described as a 'Pseudoscientific doomsday cult' and is a well known conspiracy theorist and science sceptic. If that is the sort of information source you consider credible you are very misguided. So the science does support what I said - the science doesn't support what the crank Ben Davidson says.
  14. A large part of the UK rail network does not have either overhead or third rail power. It will take decades to fit it if it is even possible on small rural branch lines. So far from stupid - actually really sensible practical solution to speed up the removal of diesel powered trains
  15. Hydrogen trains are already being trialled as are Hydrogen busses and hydrogen heated houses. Nuclear ships sounds good but I don't think it is likely outside of a military environment - the security risk would be huge. Planes - again hydrogen is being trialled together with synthetic fuels
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