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  1. I suspect many said the same about Porsche with the Cayenne when it piggy backed on the Touareg / Q7 platform - it didn't do them any harm. As regards what Lotus could do on their own - absolutely nothing. They don't have a suitable platform of their own and couldn't afford to design one never mind make it.
  2. I usually get about 3Kwh of electricity out of my array on a winters day. As long as it is sunny it will do most of the car recharge. Not 100% free but very very cheap !
  3. Of course if you have your own PV's it is all free, or at least it is on my FIT. Just don't charge too fast as the panels only output 4Kw so need to use standard 3 pin socket which is fine for a PHEV with their smaller batteries.
  4. Till it catches fire ! Ford (Kuga PHEV) and Hyundai Kona both seem to be having problems with their LG Chem made batteries. To be fair it is only 4 Kuga's and 12 Kona's that have incinerated themselves, but it is looking like an expensive recall for both of them if they have to replace the battery packs. Hopefully a control system modification can fix it.
  5. My point was 'on the road' where a few tenths here or there or a fraction of a second longer at full throttle is pretty irrelevant. Clearly the 400 is technically faster, but as others have pointed out even an N/A on the road is plenty quick enough. S v 400 - you are not going to be disappointed by either performance wise. Another topic altogether, but some of the 600bhp plus cars on the road now are totally pointless unless you use them on a track.
  6. You will not notice the difference on the road between an Evora S and Evora 400 - both are plenty quick enough. Comes down to personal taste as to whether you prefer the look of the S1 cars or the Evora 400 onwards cars. Evora S would ride those knobbly French B roads better than the Evora 400.
  7. Lots of posts about the IPS and slow shifts but the reality is that the shifts themselves are perfectly fast enough it is the time between requesting a shift and getting it is the critical bit. Once you are used to it - as with any car - you drive the car in the way that makes it work for you. Manual shifts are not any quicker - in fact the shift itself is much slower. It works because you think and move your hand to the lever in anticipation. The IPS box can't anticipate anything. PDK / DSG / Powershift react to the paddles quicker which is useful for overtaking but for a pre-planned overtake
  8. To be fair to him this was shown to be completely untrue and a collection of out of context sound bites used to make political gain. They were subsequently removed.
  9. If you can't get a jack under the car just drive the wheels onto a couple of slabs or similar to raise the car - used to do that all the time with my S1 Elise
  10. They do indeed - mine had pins and was a MY12 registered in early 2012
  11. This is very true. No one strategy fits all as there are macro and micro variations in all countries that will impact on protection strategies. Even in the UK London is different to most of the rest of the country. What is also interesting is that if the R0 for COVID19 is 2.5 and a mortality rate of 0.66% and extrapolating current deaths back to mid March we could be surprisingly close to the 'herd immunity' level needed to stop spread of 60%. The trouble is some small differences in the calculations make HUGE differences to infected people so antibody testing is going to be essential to
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