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  1. No. Vaccines have been shown to reduce the risk of transmission, but do not prevent in all cases. I was very specific with my wording. Try telling that to the people who have passed it on to grandparents that have died when they showed no symptoms themselves ! The figures you quote sound dodgy - 300 asymptomatic cases in 10 million people ??? Very small study if they only traced from those 300.
  2. This is incorrect. Asymptomatic spread is a major cause of transmission. Asymptomatic cases tend to shed less virus but there are 'super shedders' that can spew out loads of virus even with no symptoms. PCR test is VERY sensitive at detecting virus, and if the virus is only present in the nasal cavity you will test positive on PCR but can test negative on blood. Antibodies in the blood are not the same as local antibodies in the nasal cavities. For some diseases local antibodies are stimulated by intranasal vaccination to provide a quicker response but they don't stimulate high levels of antib
  3. For a hand built car they are very cheap !
  4. If you enjoyed that you would love Jon Sopel's books on Trump. 'A year at the Circus' will leave you speechless and also astonished how we managed to avoid a global catastrophe. The man is a narcissist and will end up in prison.
  5. Mercedes are not developing any more ICE engines - they announced that last year
  6. The sound output of the vehicle is part of the type approval. We are aligned with the EU so the standards for noise will be the same.
  7. There is a difference between car specs and type approval. All the parts have to be type approved. The UK has officially aligned with the EU on type approval from Jan 1st 2021 so there will be no separate UK type approval process for all existing vehicles being sold. There is no information available on new vehicles UK type approval, but it is very unlikely EU approved vehicles will not be equally aligned in the future. As regards going the other way again the UK/EU alignment also exists and any new vehicle releases produced in the UK and sold in the EU will require the same EU type
  8. I do sometimes wonder what people think Brexit actually is ! (I'm sure your comment was in jest) Vehicles are type approved and the UK is unlikely to ever drift far from existing EU type approval because it would cost a fortune to set up and achieve what exactly ! In addition the spec of the car is fixed to the approval at the time it is made, the same reason you can't remove your cat legally or remove the seatbelts. Interestingly it seems UK new cars are now being delivered with a COC - some very complicated problems cropping up left right and centre.
  9. Pretty sure the Evora was the last 'new' car sold without DRL's
  10. I can't help but think there is more to happen with seat swaps this year. Christian Horner will have certainly given George a ring this week, put him alongside Max and let Albon go to Williams. Toto is in a bit of a spot, he can offer George a contract for 2022 but will that be enough for George at this point, he knows he can win races and so do a lot of other people now. He could play the long game but others have done that and are still waiting. In F1 you take your opportunities when they arise, that applies to drivers and team bosses.
  11. I suspect many said the same about Porsche with the Cayenne when it piggy backed on the Touareg / Q7 platform - it didn't do them any harm. As regards what Lotus could do on their own - absolutely nothing. They don't have a suitable platform of their own and couldn't afford to design one never mind make it.
  12. I usually get about 3Kwh of electricity out of my array on a winters day. As long as it is sunny it will do most of the car recharge. Not 100% free but very very cheap !
  13. Of course if you have your own PV's it is all free, or at least it is on my FIT. Just don't charge too fast as the panels only output 4Kw so need to use standard 3 pin socket which is fine for a PHEV with their smaller batteries.
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