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  1. When you start the car the SRS checks the battery voltage. If this is out of range too many times it throws the airbag warning light which will not reset by itself. It is a simple fix for a dealer to clear it, but I'm not sure it can be done any other way - but Bruss may know better on this
  2. gregs24

    I think I might want an Evora

    Whatever you do don't go for a test drive ! Everything else after that will be a sloppy second.
  3. gregs24

    Evoras on the road

    They are a bit like a London bus ! Sadly, just not many of them out there - the Evora must be one of the very best cars ever to have sold in such small numbers
  4. gregs24

    Finally have an Evora!

    MY12 changes were certainly gradual in late 2011/12. Mine is a March 2012 and even then some of the final MY12 hadn't happened. Unusual to see MY12 S without the option 19/20 wheels which are the most beautiful (but then I would say that) ever on an Evora - just don't damage them as they are painfully expensive (Like the Victory Alloys on my S1)
  5. gregs24

    Would you buy a 3 cylinder Elise?

    Beat me to it. 1.5 3 cylinder and 200PS - what's not to like !
  6. That was to do with an over sensitive compressor / engine speed mismatch cut out.
  7. In the S1 if you unlock the car but don't open a door the alarm reactivates after a minute or so which is just long enough to have opened the boot and put your shopping in before opening the car and setting it off !
  8. Remove the rubber washer under the misting version of the nozzle. It isn't needed on the Evora and then helps clear the front panel. The rubber is only there to stop water running through on the steel bonnets onto the engine underneath.
  9. You would have to ask yourself what do you want from the car that it doesn't already do. For road use I can see no point in going any 'harder' as the handling is great for our dodgy road surfaces and there is no real roll or float at normal speeds. Do you need to go any 'softer' as the ride is already very good ? So then it just comes down to ride 'control' via the dampers which again is probably a lot of money for not much gain. All in all as a compromise the stock setup is incredible and moving away from it will compromise something else.
  10. gregs24

    Evora Turbo

    Oh don't ask silly questions like that ! Or anything about the torque capacity of the gearbox, transmission........
  11. Completely normal in most cars, not just Lotus, to be honest.
  12. gregs24

    Rough Start to Evora 400 Ownership!

    It still has the protective cover on the steering wheel badge suggesting no PDI was done. If they missed that then it isn't surprising they didn't find anything else. I would be concerned that other PDI items that may not be cosmetic haven't been done either. I'm not sure how Lotus ship their cars but there are often suspension packers and other electronic settings on new cars pre-delivery. I would want a proper PDI done by a local Lotus dealer and get it charged to the supplying dealer.
  13. Tape it down first to see if it fixes the noise. They tend to lift in the middle to top third which when you remove them you can see why. It is just a few bolts holding it on plus it sits in the rubber trim at the top end. It will not fall off but when it lifts air gets under and makes a noise. If you refit take it carefully as they can crack and make sure the tape you use is weatherproof. The tape Lotus use is frequently on back order - surprise, surprise. They are really Ministry of Crap Design and I can't believe they didn't make them better in the 400.
  14. They really are from the Ministry of shit design. How the 400 ended up with the same as the S1 I don't know. They never fall off but they are a nightmare to fit properly.