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  1. I really can't see how the V6 will be allowed after July 2025 as it seems there is a cat in hell's chance of it meeting Euro 7 regulations, including pre-heated cats. Not to say it will not be made for elsewhere in the world, but I'm sure Toyota will not do anything to that engine for the future - I think only Lotus use it now? Lotus as part of Geely will not get the small carmaker exemption
  2. On the road the Emira has more than enough performance. Any more performance is completely unusable unless you are on a track. At no point did I ever want more power in my Evora S on the road. A mate of mine sold his Pista because it was too much for the road. Exhaust is down to new sound regulations not Lotus
  3. Lightness and steering gearing are independent of each other. It is an updated version of the hydraulic system on the Evora, so I imagine it will be nothing less than sensational!
  4. Reports in Autocar a couple of weeks ago about how Stellantis pressure has resulted in the watering down of Euro 7. Not really surprising as all it was doing was making the ICE almost impossible at a time when alternatives are not available in big numbers. I do wonder if it has come a little too late for some such as the Fiesta where the profit margins are already too tight to make it viable and Euro 7 would have made it a loss maker. Drifting off topic so will leave it there
  5. Euro 7 is about to be seriously watered down so don't worry
  6. Yes and that includes selling to Northern Ireland.
  7. Agree - sometime in January I would say Somebody will fancy a punt on £20k return, and somebody will pay to jump the queue
  8. Geely have an excellent reputation for success with car brands they have bought or part own, so I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing. Money has certainly been flowing into Lotus big time.
  9. Unfortunately, Lotus couldn't survive on Lotus 1.0 buyers as sales of previous models proved. Those Lotus 2.0 customers who consider colour, sound quality, trim quality etc important are the only reason Lotus still exists! I'm pretty certain he was not calling YOU old! Unless the dealers own the cars the same will apply at B&C. Lotus are calling the shots on this, I believe the demo cars are all individually type approved which may be a factor ?
  10. Colchester, Norwich and Silverstone are all reasonably close to Cambridge ?
  11. Were those not all cancelled / refunded and then converted to regular orders ?
  12. Probably neither. The run would start with the prototypes and pre-production cars if they follow previous protocols ? There will have been 60 or 70 of those so your car may be something like the 70th or so car made for customers. As an example the first Elise customer car was 0024
  13. I suspect by the time you get a base i4 in 2024 it will cost the same as a FE now. They may open the book for base orders in early 2023 but delivery will be way into the future. I was a December 2021 order, with an initial expectation of a Spring 2023 delivery, but I don't see that being before early 2024 now. They have around 12,000 orders globally (Matt Windle said 6 x annual production of previous models), at least 10k of which are before me! Can't see why not? There will always be people with money who want to jump the queue, and very few second hand cars available. For sure there will be some fishing at £100k plus after Christmas.
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