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  1. Selling an Evora privately will be a slow job and probably no better in the long run. They are fairly specialist and expensive cars. Most people want access to finance and the legal protection of buying through a dealer.
  2. My MY12 Evora (for sale at Lotus Silverstone) is around that money - and that is the same as I paid for it 4 years ago. Can't get much better than that. AMV8 can be a serious money pit, depreciation not the biggest problem, but they can be frightening to maintain. Somebody I know had a £6k MOT recently! Wiper motor wasn't working and it is virtually engine out to fix it. F-Type is a depreciation money pit - Jags depreciate to virtually nothing unlike Lotus and Aston which bottom out at a far higher value. So for me, Evora is by far the most economic sense and even for a fun third car that is important. Big bills ruin the fun pretty quickly.
  3. My insurance went DOWN when I swapped from Elise to Evora £268 last year - but I do live in scrumpy country
  4. I agree - people buying these cars are not looking for poverty spec 'Popular Plus' trim but as many bells and whistles as possible - I know the die hard fanboys will not agree but that is where the market for these cars is.
  5. I'm not sure it is hugely overpriced for the miles and age. Yes it is a bit lacking in the internal spec department but the exterior looks good. You will not find a 2014 SR S for £42k unless it has a significantly higher mileage than that car or is a private sale. It is definitely a MY12+ car not one of the 2011 cars registered late. There were so few built at that time there are few to compare unlike the 2009/10 cars or the 400's.
  6. That is an interesting car. It has a few more MY12 bits such as the new style sill covers with the dark 'union flag' inlays. Although there were a few MY 11 cars registered late this doesn't look like one. It does look like a very basic MY12/13 maybe a special order.
  7. Just be careful - Totally flat to recharged in 1 day will not be a deep charge but a surface charge. In addition deeply discharged batteries often fail shortly afterwards so be prepared to buy a new one. This is especially the case if it is a Varta Blue OEM which are decidedly flaky.
  8. Dodgy battery = Car possessed ! Really, a dodgy battery in an Evora causes all sorts of weird behaviour so it is entirely possible.
  9. This, it can actually work the other way as well when a rear wheel spins up under loss of traction suddenly causing the CC to reduce throttle. Modern ESC systems help but often cannot catch things on their own Always best to avoid CC in very wet conditions
  10. Which is what I did. A new forum member posts pictures of a car for sale asking for advice. Look at pictures, notice a few things that a new member may not have noticed or realise the significance of not having had an Evora and write them in a post. Must try to be less helpful in the future.
  11. Just because you don't go fast enough to get some opposite lock on and need to look that way
  12. Well I was trying to be helpful to the new forum member rather than acting as a butt for your undoubted wit ! I for one would find the airbag cover extremely annoying as you have to look at it all the time. Bumper may be fine (or only crappy build quality) but also may not - worth investigating. Agree it is too cheap really.
  13. It doesn't have the premium pack as the advert says and the airbag cover is warped - this is a fiddly job to fix as the clips will have broken. Front bumper is lower on the nearside for some reason
  14. An amusing comment when the widely held view in Europe is the other way around re US cars ! Having said that I am just waiting for a Mustang GT to be built and sent over to me !
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