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  1. The trouble is some will beneft from Brexit and some will lose out, in a currently impossible ratio to determine. Some who voted out will lose out, some who voted remain will benefit. There is no simple 'it was a success or it wasn't' and it will take years to establish the winners and losers anyway. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a baseline you could compare the future to, but there isn't The trouble is far too many people have black and white views over Brexit including politicians when the reality is the EU is responsible for a lot of positive progress since we joined, but equally it's fair share of failings. The world is not in black and white and never has been.
  2. Hendy bought Westover (Poole Lotus as it now seems to be known) earlier in the year. I only have experience of them pre- buyout but they are just a. n. other dealer chain. Nothing like B&C or Silverstone who go the extra mile. Interestingly Silverstone seemed to rate Howard's in Weston Super Mare as a good dealer. Same can't be said for Williams who I had my Evora serviced at and was pretty unimpressed - they are really Morgan dealers.
  3. The Toyota V6 needs a lot of power to turn it over. Unless the battery is fully charged and functioning it will not work. The Varta blue OEM battery is renowned for sudden catastrophic failure as well. New Varta Silver will fix it. Oh, and don't keep trying to start it or you will trigger the airbag light which will require a trip to a Lotus dealer to turn it off.
  4. gregs24

    Evora NA MPG

    NA engines can have knock sensors and benefit from high octane fuel not just forced induction. It is more about ignition timing than boost pressure. It doesn't increase power per se but does have an impact on torque so yes - do use higher octane fuel where you can
  5. Eh ! Where is this magical reset ? There is an anti jacking component to the alarm - as in it detects the car being moved, but nothing else.
  6. Not sure I follow you. Credit and debit card transactions incur a percentage charge on the value of the transaction (debit cards used to be a fixed amount) Cheques incur a fixed charge not related to the transaction value Cash incurs a percentage to put it in the bank but I wouldn't try turning up anywhere with £20k in cash and expect it to be accepted ! In all cases these charges are for the business you are buying from - they are effectively free to you however the seller is not going to stomach significant charges for no benefit which was my original point.
  7. That is not true any more. Debit cards are a percentage as for credit cards now rather than a fixed amount. They were never free.
  8. That is a sneaky way of them trying to avoid giving you a warranty which is a legal requirement for a trader. They are also trying to circumvent Sale of Goods equivalent. When I sold mine through Silverstone I paid commission, but when the deal happened they paid me and the buyer bought from Silverstone complete with warranty and buyer protection. Be very careful with that car, or more to the point the dealer. You must have a warranty included in the sale - if they don't give you one, walk away as they are trying to avoid their responsibilities. It is NOT a private sale.
  9. That looks a bit pricey to me - that price isn't far of MY12 Evora S money at the moment. The faults need fixing (including the airbag cover on the dash) and probably then worth around £34k
  10. That is exactly what the Evora does better than any car I have ever driven, and if you don't understand what that means, you need to drive one to experience it. Personally preferred it over the Elise.
  11. This is correct for most leases. Almost all options are charged for in full over the lease period, the only option that isn't is metallic paint which often has a negative cost as it increases the residual value of the vehicle so reduces the overall lease costs
  12. Lots of cars do the same thing with the airbag and a low battery, not just Lotus. In fact there are very few companies that make airbags and their modules as you find out when there is a recall. Just Google Takata ! What battery does your car have ? If it is a Varta blue check the date on it - if it is original I would replace it as they only last about 3 or 4 years and when they fail they go without warning even when kept on a trickle charger. I know from painful experience - mine went when I stopped for fuel ! Varta Silver (which is only a fraction more expensive) is much better
  13. This is common problem and unless you have access to the device in previous post, it does require a trip to a dealer. When the car starts up the airbag system checks the system voltage. If it fails the test too often it triggers the light and it will not reset itself. The Evora really needs the full beans to start it, so if you leave the car any length of time it needs to be on a proper battery conditioner.
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