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  1. They are already falling for some models. Depends entirely on what is being made. Ford Kuga values have fallen from stratospheric highs a few months ago simply because there is a good supply of new ones coming through at the moment (hence a good supply of trade ins) whereas the Focus is going the other way because there is a complete halt on production.
  2. I doubt it. The market has peaked. Some cars that were shooting up are now falling back. Depends on supply for the specific model. 6 months ago a dealer could put a car on the forecourt at a price and if it was too much they could just wait a week or two for the market to catch up. Now they are getting trapped with cars that cost too much to buy, in a falling market in some cases. When supply recovers in the next 12 to 18 months there are going to be some big hits for some people buying now.
  3. It's a 2 year wait for a Defender at the moment! Having ordered myself in December, and having been told from day one it would be a 2023 build, it is exactly as expected.
  4. I've just had notification that my December pre-order is scheduled for build in early Summer 2023
  5. ONS data comes from random sampling and so is more accurate, but takes longer to be collected. As you say daily figures are pretty meaningless now.
  6. You can of course invest in commercial property and letting through a pension. This gains the tax relief on the initial cash used, as well as tax free growth on the property (no CGT) and no tax on the rental income. You can also invest in general property based funds in a pension
  7. I can give you an idea. I put £25k into a pension in 2008 and it is now worth just over £80k. Yes it went down significantly from time to time, but pensions are a long term investment. You do need to be careful to take inflation into account. That £40k per year will be nearer £50k after 10 years of inflation (even shorter at current rates) Ideally you don't want to use capital to live off as if you start hitting your capital too soon it will quickly vanish. That is the reason for the £1m figure to generate £40k per year. 4% return is achievable on longer term investments.
  8. A word of caution to those saying 'go for it, life is for having fun'. It is no fun when you get to 75 and run out of money. Poverty for pensioners is very real, especially if you are lucky to live a long time. You may get a long time sitting in a cold house remembering the fun you had. Use an IFA. You don't have to take their advice but at least listen to them. Mine is very good and I have worked with him for some time.
  9. Interesting data and review Considering the current numbers it is still a pandemic / epidemic and certainly isn't yet endemic. However, agree that the current omicron BA2 is having minimal impact in terms of severe heath problems.
  10. Omicron BA2 is driving the current surge. It is likely around 50% more contagious than BA1. No evidence of more severe disease and vaccines work as well against both strains. It is very unlikely that anybody who has had BA1 strain of omicron will catch BA2. The main significance is that BA2 is driving the huge surge of cases in China, and the Chines 'zero covid' policy is unlikely to be able to stop it. China have introduced lockdowns again but the lack of flexibility in their approach is odd, considering the experience in the rest of the world.
  11. You need some proper financial advice from an IFA. They will be able to calculate what you need to meet your likely outgoings over time, remember inflation eats savings. You need £1m savings for £40k annual income roughly from investments, in order to avoid using capital, adjust up or down based on either demand or savings. If you start using capital to live then the money will run out fast. Nobody can really advise you what to do, without making these calculations and you working out what you need to live on long term. You may die next week (hopefully not!) but you may live until you are 95, so you don't want to run out of money.
  12. Doesn't have to be though. New engine and transmission for Lotus.
  13. OK yes. Fuel rates and mileage rates depend on whether you have a company car / pay for fuel etc. Historical changes for fuel are below but the 45p/mile rate is set for the tax year. The 45p/mile effectively includes the fuel rate but covers all car costs tax free. Advisory fuel rates (company car drivers) -
  14. No, updated as and when and notified to employers
  15. Which is the before and after ? 😉 They are reviewed monthly, there were some small changes this month. Fuel makes up about 20% of the figure.
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