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  1. That is exactly what the Evora does better than any car I have ever driven, and if you don't understand what that means, you need to drive one to experience it. Personally preferred it over the Elise.
  2. This is correct for most leases. Almost all options are charged for in full over the lease period, the only option that isn't is metallic paint which often has a negative cost as it increases the residual value of the vehicle so reduces the overall lease costs
  3. Lots of cars do the same thing with the airbag and a low battery, not just Lotus. In fact there are very few companies that make airbags and their modules as you find out when there is a recall. Just Google Takata ! What battery does your car have ? If it is a Varta blue check the date on it - if it is original I would replace it as they only last about 3 or 4 years and when they fail they go without warning even when kept on a trickle charger. I know from painful experience - mine went when I stopped for fuel ! Varta Silver (which is only a fraction more expensive) is much better
  4. This is common problem and unless you have access to the device in previous post, it does require a trip to a dealer. When the car starts up the airbag system checks the system voltage. If it fails the test too often it triggers the light and it will not reset itself. The Evora really needs the full beans to start it, so if you leave the car any length of time it needs to be on a proper battery conditioner.
  5. My Elise would pass a vacuum test, but only last a couple of months of use after a re-gas. Pipes were failing but I sold it before they went completely
  6. I don't make the rules and FTPA is actually relatively recent and was seen as a positive step forward at the time. It really isn't them and us as parliament decide on all the laws so it is all them if you like. We elect them. Labour abstained because they are in favour of an election and didn't want to be seen to vote against the motion. There will be an election soon once the no deal cliff has been deferred and Boris isn't calling the shots on a date. It may actually only make a couple of weeks difference in the end. Crucially all the opposition parties don't trust Boris to stick to an election date and currently no deal will still happen on the 31/10 so you can understand their concerns. Dave - a referendum has to have a several stages of preparation from passing the primary legislation to confirming what the question is and then time for campaigning. All this would take 6 months at least so a GE is much quicker. Even the question asked can take time to agree as it can be very difficult to define. As an example it would be very difficult to have a three way question such as remain, leave with a deal or leave without a deal as the leave campaigners would argue it would split their vote.
  7. Labour whipped to abstain so it was a deliberate act that influenced the outcome - if you like it, it was neither for nor against but by abstaining en masse it prevented the motion carrying. Very different to just not bothering to vote in parliamentary terms. General election is a first past the post system (simple majority) but FTPA specifies 2/3 of eligible voters. There are many different methods of conducting votes which are not any more or less valid - just different. There were various reasons the FTPA was introduced and one of them was to remove the PM's ability to call a snap election against the will of parliament. There is no their law and our law, just the law and differing methods of determining the results.
  8. As I pointed out yesterday Corbyn was always going to block a Johnson initiated election for the simple reason Boris could move the date of the election at will to post 31/10. Corbyn does not trust Boris. The election will come from a vote of no confidence in all likelihood so that the opposition control the date of the election. No poultry involved ! There is a difference between abstaining (which is a positive action) and not bothering to vote. Barry - lovely meme but factually incorrect. Marc - your figures are incorrect for Bracknell - it was 54% leave not 70% and there is no SDP any more Votes for Remain were: 29,888 Votes for Leave were: 35,002 How is this one set of rules for us and another for them. Both apply to parliament and both are enshrined in law passed by parliament. 298 v 56 has already been answered above re abstentions. I actually find the whole process fascinating at present (OK I should get out more) Watching Ken Clarke lambasting Boris this evening really does show just how big a hole Boris is in now. If I was a betting man I would say there will be an election in November and the new PM will end up negotiating a mildly revised transition deal with the EU over a few months, leading on to a trade deal negotiated over 2 years or so. As to who that PM will be …..
  10. It's a bit of a left over really as an awful lot of cars are all LED these days. Indicators are bulbs on an Evora at the back
  11. Mondeo Vignale. Lots of kit, lovely finish and you can pick up a 2.0 240PS petrol about a year old before WLTP did for it.
  12. That is what I meant - Your comment was correct, but I don't think that is how an election will be called hence why I don't think you are right that there will be no election. It doesn't have to be Corbyn as PM down that route either. The only thing that is certain is that about half of the population will be unhappy whichever way things go !
  13. That is not correct That only applies under the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011. If there is a vote of no confidence in the government, then unless an alternative government or the original government can win a majority there will be an election. Boris now has no majority and it requires only a simple majority of 1 to form a government. This is why a coalition of all of the opposition parties is the most likely way forward as an interim government with a few rebel Tories joining in. This would also stop Boris proroguing parliament as he would no longer be PM. This is a key factor over the next few days. Boris is likely to try and trigger an election if the act looks like getting through parliament to block a no deal. If he wins a 2/3 majority he calls the shots on the election date and crucially can change the date at a later date - in this case to post 31/10 forcing through a no deal Brexit before the election. Opposition parties are very unlikely to support this, so it is far more likely that it will be rejected and a vote of no confidence take place. This puts the power over choosing the date in the hands of the opposition and not Boris. Subtle but crucial differences that will be dressed up in political rhetoric over the next few days.
  14. Ehh ? Irish backstop arrangement is to ensure an open border which is a key demand for both the UK and the Irish and enshrined in the Good Friday agreement. If Boris can come up with an alternative arrangement that satisfies everybody then away we go - but it has to actually work not some nebulous enthusiastic ideas and he has about 4 weeks to come up with it! Remember that the 'deal' version of Brexit is simply a negotiating period for the trade agreement whilst maintaining tariff free trade. If that negotiation fails, then if the border is to remain open there has to be a backstop arrangement. Negotiating trade deals takes years and a hard Brexit leaves us out in the cold whilst trying to negotiate a trade deal. Switzerland has a trade agreement with the EU hence no border checks. No deal brexit means WTO rules, means border controls full stop. Doesn't matter what we do, the Irish will be mandated to apply checks as part of the EU unless the checks are done between Ireland and the rest of the EU which would be perverse as an EU member and very unlikely. Too many people are uninformed and I'm afraid the current government are not helping that.
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