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  1. To be fair to him this was shown to be completely untrue and a collection of out of context sound bites used to make political gain. They were subsequently removed.
  2. If you can't get a jack under the car just drive the wheels onto a couple of slabs or similar to raise the car - used to do that all the time with my S1 Elise
  3. They do indeed - mine had pins and was a MY12 registered in early 2012
  4. This is very true. No one strategy fits all as there are macro and micro variations in all countries that will impact on protection strategies. Even in the UK London is different to most of the rest of the country. What is also interesting is that if the R0 for COVID19 is 2.5 and a mortality rate of 0.66% and extrapolating current deaths back to mid March we could be surprisingly close to the 'herd immunity' level needed to stop spread of 60%. The trouble is some small differences in the calculations make HUGE differences to infected people so antibody testing is going to be essential to establish the true level of immunity. Looks like France will be the first country to get this up and running which will be immensely useful to everybody
  5. The only testing that will help is antibody testing to establish who has had it.
  6. For anybody who has missed this it is really getting going now with a virtual Vietnam GP (on the Australian GP circuit) tonight being televised on Sky F1 plus various other online options. Now have 6 current and 6 ex F1 drivers involved plus some of the junior category drivers. They are having a proper laugh but also taking it reasonably seriously by sim standards. It is such fun to watch and listen. I honestly think when we look back in 10 years with some of these guys World Champions it will be seen as a golden age of drivers. None of the corporate crap - just racers enjoying themselves. Watching Sebastien Bourdais yesterday driving at home sitting on a Poang Ikea chair was the highlight ! Charles Leclerc is racing under an alias because somebody has already registered under his name ! Charles and his brother sitting next to each other.
  7. To be fair that is the spot price which has fallen of a cliff and does suffer huge fluctuations both ways. There is a big difference between that and dairies buying in the UK - although it will have an effect down the line if it remains that low. It very much depends on firstly, the contract you have and who it is with, and then secondly what the milk is being used for, liquid milk, cheese etc. What is certain is that there is huge uncertainty and cash flow problems for the dairy industry as with others and it makes for worrying times again for our clients. The problem comes trading in a global commodity when the world is in lock down. I had heard that the beef situation (via a supplier to ABP) is that they are short of the cheaper cuts which are flying off the shelf, but have lots of the more expensive cuts that they cannot shift which is causing them cashflow problems. Buy some steak everybody ! And just to put all of this in perspective, we have lost 2 clients to suicide in the last month. Food on the table is taken for granted in the UK and there is a complete disconnect between that food and where it comes from. I'm not a farmer, but have many good friends who are and it is without a doubt the toughest job in the world, physically, mentally and financially.
  8. I bet the one thing they didn't bulk buy were condoms !
  9. Words escape me to describe the morons that do this. I expect they will be moaning their phones don't work next week.
  10. Well if we are going to have gratuitous Mustang pictures !
  11. Lost for words !
  12. The question was originally about where to invest. Nothing about how they treat staff or ethics. It's all very well being nice - Flybe were lovely to their staff - but the airline industry is dog eat dog and spit out the bones
  13. Airlines worth a punt as they are very cheap. IAG and Ryanair have shed loads of cash reserves.
  14. Pollution levels were falling until you lit your bloody bonfire - now the poor cows will get the blame again !
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