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  1. Why let facts get in the way of a good protest ? I suspect you will find they are alt-facts, along with the vaccine containing poisons. alien eggs and nano-particles
  2. Depends entirely on whether you want to spend 4 days driving there and back or not. The ferry is a cruise ferry so well kitted out
  3. My old Evora S IPS is up for sale again at Silverstone Lotus. Was a good car up until 2 years ago when I sold it, but has had two owners since then so can't speak for that. It is up for £38k and maybe would take less. Would be happy for you to PM me if you want any info on the car during my ownership.
  4. Covid: Anti-vax protesters intimidate teen outside jab centre - BBC News Tragic and people like that should be arrested. What right do they think they have to harass somebody for doing something that has no impact on their lives whatsoever.
  5. Using a known drivetrain means Lotus can get the car launched and generate income with no time pressure on the AMG setup. Don't be surprised to see AMG engined deliveries delayed for this very reason. Performance - well it is plenty fast enough for the road whatever it has in it.
  6. Currently around 94% of adults have antibodies and this figure has been fairly static for a few weeks now. This still leaves 6% of the adult population plus children. Lots of data available here Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, antibody and vaccination data, UK - Office for National Statistics The vaccine is not a sterilising vaccine and so doesn't prevent onward transmission (although does reduce it on average) and the purpose of the vaccine is and was to prevent serious illness and death. COVID is now effectively endemic and will probably circulate at current levels +/- for the long term, as many endemic respiratory viruses do. Immunity will be topped up in the individual by vaccination (intramuscular or intranasal) and natural exposure. Current hospitalisations and deaths are well below a bad 'flu' year but (and this is a big concern) this winter will combine endemic COVID with flu and febrile colds to hit hard where vulnerable people are concerned. There are three definitions of COVID deaths - all clearly explained and all the data is available Deaths in the UK | Coronavirus in the UK (
  7. How much can your car know about you? – EU guidelines on data protection and connected vehicles | Hogan Lovells - JDSupra Cars already carry and record this data. For example all Ford cars come with a 4g modem that is used by the Ford Pass App but also anonymously by Ford for collecting vehicle performance data. This can be very useful for them such as proving that the new Kuga PHEV is run for around 50% of it's mileage in electric mode, surprisingly high when you consider all the ' PHEV's are only bought for tax purposes and never charged' The ownership of this data and who can use it is already covered by GDPR, it may get abused but that is what the courts / ICO are for. Remember that if this data is used after an accident or by a car dealer, some of it will require your consent, which if not given cannot be used against you. On the download: How car dealers could be stealing your data | Autocar
  8. They hardly sold any cars - that was the main reason !
  9. The difference is aluminium oxidises on the surface and then doesn't continue unlike steel that rusts away completely. The technology has been in use since 1996 at Lotus and then on to Aston Martin for the VH chassis (which Lotus helped them with). Corrosion is not an issue. Accident damage is more likely a problem on a daily than corrosion long term.
  10. I think the point is that the AUS government have wasted all the hard work that the isolation and lockdowns have utilised by failing to roll out the vaccine quickly enough. The current situation would not be a problem if vaccine penetration was much higher. As to why that has (or hasn't) happened is probably political and beyond the remit of this thread! Partially! The risk of a vaccinated person spreading the virus is drastically reduced. Firstly they are much less likely to catch it (as per my post above) and if they do they are about 50% less likely to shed virus and will shed at a lower level. They are most certainly not a greater risk. The greatest risk is the asymptomatic unvaccinated case.
  11. gregs24

    Lotus Emira

    Not so much what people want but what is legally required these days. Having said that a proper infotainment system and more creature comforts will sell the car to a wider audience and sell more cars. Lotus cannot continue at current sales levels. I have owned Lotus cars despite the lack of these creature comforts, not because of it.
  12. Yes and no! The vaccine's primary role is to create immunity in the body, however the way this works and how long it lasts are variable. The vaccine stimulates antibodies and also t-cells which are part of the body's 'armoury' against infection. Some of these defences act locally such as in the mucous membranes of the airways and others act systemically through the blood. The method and location of this activity is important in determining what happens. Vaccines are always person dependent and so the general health of the individual and their immune system are always a factor in determining how effective that immunity is in any individual. There are then complex stages depending on how the virus acts within the body as to what happens when challenged. In some vaccinated people (after 2 doses) they will be completely immune where the virus cannot replicate in the body. In others they will be largely immune where replication can take place but at a very low level. In others replication will evade the 'immunity' for a while and will replicate and maybe even be shed for a while before it is overcome. In a few they will still get ill and even die. What the vaccine program does is skew this massively in favour of the former, so most people will not get ill or shed the virus, but some still will. The biggest factor however is the chance of becoming ill enough to go to hospital or subsequent death are massively reduced. This is orders of magnitude less - that significant. What will happen with time is the virus will become endemic rather than a pandemic. It will continue to circulate but in general illness will be minor for those vaccinated. No country will ever eradicate COVID long term, lock downs and quarantine only buy time for vaccine roll out - at an incredible economic cost. Without a vaccine for COVID the world would be in a desperate situation. It is also worth pointing out (as some of the anti vaxxers love to tell) that double vaccinated people will die. This is NOT because the vaccine is not working, it is because the vaccine is not 100% protective. If you have 10,000 unvaccinated people say 100 will die from COVID if infected, If you have 10,000 vaccinated people then maybe 2 will die. Both of these will have been vaccinated but far fewer died. So as the vaccinated population increases inevitably more of the people getting ill or dead will have been vaccinated, there will just not be very many of them.
  13. The way the figures are calculated is clearly explained so there is no deception / errors. In fact there are 3 figures used for deaths using slightly different calculation methods. It really isn't as simple as some may think it is in how you define a COVID death, when taking into account testing, timing, co-morbidities etc etc. Regarding numbers of deaths using similar methods to record them for other diseases, in a bad flu year there are about 200 - 300 deaths a day From the latest influenza and covid surveillance report (01/07/21) the case rate in the age 20-29 is 424 per 100,000 and for the over 80's it is 16 per 100,000. Clearly showing how effective the vaccine is. The situation is complex and clearly COVID and flu are very different but BOTH are major killers. However how many times has anybody batted an eyelid at maybe 50,000 excess deaths caused by flu in the winter of 2017/18. We live with flu with no major impact on our day to day lives, this is what will happen with COVID. The unpalatable bit is now that everybody is so tuned into the figures for COVID the other diseases that are still around get ignored, or even the fact that most people don't have a clue about the number of deaths caused by these myriad other diseases. I completely understand the logic of reducing restrictions now and not in the winter when cold weather and flu will probably bring the NHS to it's knees again. Will removing restrictions actually make that much difference when you look around you now. I suspect Euro 2020 finishing will be a MUCH bigger factor in case load!
  14. Of course you are assuming that speed is the only differentiator. Personally think the Emira is a way better looking car than the Evora (inside and out) which will be a factor for many.
  15. The death rate for those admitted to hospital has dropped from 1 in 60 to 1 in 1000. Partly because those being admitted are younger now as most older double vaccinated people are avoiding hospital. In addition those going into hospital are being treated for less time and being discharged quicker so keeping the overall number down. It will be interesting to see the conspiracy theorists explanation as to why the vaccine roll out has reduced deaths and hospital treatment! Or is that just a conspiracy in itself and that aliens are now removing the bodies to hide them ?
  16. I assume they will build 30 or so cars as a pre-production run for crash testing and pre-release testing etc. I think Lotus built 17 Elises for this sort of thing back in 1995/6. My understanding is that the grey one is the only one that actually runs and the blue one is incomplete?
  17. gregs24

    Lotus Emira

    I'm holding off until I know the actual prices for the different specs etc but yes - cheque book is hovering! I assume the V6 has been used as it is a relatively simple job to just carry it over, especially for the launch cars and maybe even Lotus have committed to buying more than they actually used on the Evora and Exige ? But long term the i4 will be the only one available as Euro 7 kicks in in about 3 or 4 years time, I very much doubt the V6 will be made to be Euro 7 compliant. Not to say it will not be sold elsewhere such as the US. After doing a bit of digging the combined weight of the V6 plus supercharger plus auto gearbox is 311kg. The AMG engine plus DCT is 231kg. 80kg difference - you are going to notice that!
  18. gregs24

    Lotus Emira

    Question is, how heavy is the AMG engine with DSG compared to the Toyota V6 plus gearbox? Could be 50kg or more lighter ?? Can only help with handling as that V6 lump always sat quite high up in the Evora, and assume similar in the Emira ?
  19. There is no 'science of the few' going on here. Hundreds of thousands of medics and scientists are working on COVID, it's treatment, gene sequencing, pandemic modelling and monitoring. The modelling has not been 'wrong on every count' and has in fact been remarkably accurate in many cases. The rate of progress in understanding the disease and creation and roll out of the successful vaccination program has been genuinely astonishing and would not have been possible as little as 15 years ago. Thanks to those people you will probably live to moan another day. UK government data always provides the evidence for the source. Does your alternative source of information provide that ?
  20. The optimism is coming from the significant disconnect between cases and hospitalisations / deaths. The case numbers are growing very quickly, but mostly in younger unvaccinated people. These generally show lesser clinical signs and rarely require hospitalisation. I think it is still the case that nobody under 50 who has been double vaccinated has died from the 'delta' variant. So effectively the disease is transitioning to a managed condition, rather than 'out of control' because of the vaccine. With over 80% having had a single dose and well over 60% having had two doses, and almost all of the 'at risk' adults protected it is now time to move on to 'living with' COVID. Yes people will still get ill and a few will die for many years to come, but it will be no worse than many other diseases. Some 'common colds' spread through the community even more rapidly than COVID and lead to some hospitalisations and deaths. In fact some 'common colds' are caused by coronaviruses. Bit of a late reply, but the pathology associated with the vaccine coagulopathies is very different to other clotting problems. They are completely distinct and distinguishable.
  21. That is not the normal presentation for post vaccination coagulopathy, and they are not treated with anticoagulants. That certainly sounds like a more traditional dvt.
  22. They may not rust, but aluminium can oxidise and lift the paint. Most likely somebody a bit cack handed taking the wheels off or on has scraped the wheel holes with a socket and then as water and air gets in it oxidises, lifting the paint. The wheels will need a complete refurb as any localised repair will soon fail again. Aluminium oxidises in seconds.
  23. I honestly haven't used cash for over 12 months - I have the same £10 note in my wallet as last May ! I am as mean as F**k mind And some people's paranoia reaches new levels ...
  24. Viruses mutate in many ways and it is a relatively random process and can result in a more contagious (or less) virus and in an unconnected way a more virulent virus. What does tend to happen is that the most contagious variants rapidly overtake the less contagious and become dominant (as happened with the Kent variant). To a certain extent increased virulence does reduce transmission as the most sick spread less as they stay at home or go to hospital. The least virulent spread well because when people are not ill or even asymptomatic they are able to spread the virus more easily. However transmissibility is far more important than virulence when it comes to epidemiology
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