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  2. I used a plastic lever in under the boot for extra traction. Glowred if u can open the boot again look at the pin on the hinged portion with the spring. It should face left/right. There is a bolt fixing it to the boot, this had come loose allowing it to rotate. I tightened it but got it facing the wrong way, so had to repeat. Also if someone tests the handle u can look at the recess on the boot segment. This may have slipped a bit if the pin looks fine. I am no expert but it seemed a very Lotus problem!
  3. Thanks Bibs, needed more than a wiggle. The boot locking bolt had rotated and wasn't releasing. Got it unjammed and all is well again. For anyone else the correct direction of the mechanism is left/right rather than front /back, Cheers, Zj
  4. Hi all, I have now had my Exige S for about 18 months and really going well apart from a battery connection failure. However, after trying to put my roof back on I have found the boot appears to be stuck and failing to release despite a nice travel of the lever and a solid release click. Has anyone had a similar problem? Unfortunately showers are scheduled here and work commitments will make a transit somewhat challenging. Otherwise an excellent car! Cheers,
  5. Weather improving in Australia and just got my Exige out into it's natural habitat. It really is quite wonderful as a Roadster. Just had paint detailed and it has come up a treat (in my opinion), Cheers,
  6. Simon I have exactly the same model in the black with red leather interior. Been a relatively cold and wet winter here in Australia so limited time out in mine for a few months but put in 200kms today and the joy is back It is just so much fun to drive, enjoy Zj
  7. Hi all, Simple question pls. Unfortunately in the Australian summer heat the T has fallen off my rear LOTUS badging turning me into the LOUS. Fortunately it was retrieved but what would be best to try to re-attach it to my car. Thanks in advance for your help, J
  8. Hi Ian, Try adjusting the light position in the vertical plane. It rotates slightly on the long axis (if that makes sense) and will go from on / 60 seconds on after door as stated by Steve / always off. Took me a little while to figure that one as well, Cheers, Z
  9. Thanks for all your help guys. Called Lotus assist who were great. A mechanic came over and found the problem was the battery connection, all fixed in 5 mins! Can drive home on a beautiful evening which has improved my mood no end. Drive well
  10. kk might try that. Thanks for the tip. Easy enough to do and see what happens from there. Cheers, Jonahton
  11. Alarm dead, no response from the key when turned in the ignition or key switches used. I don't think I left the lights on as that handy little beeper comes on before I get out and no other problems before I turned it off. Hopefully can get it started and back to a dealer for a fix, Cheers, Jonathon
  12. Thanks Ramjet. I got out Dukes of Hazard style and left the car parked overnight. Fortunately in a car park so won't get towed. Will try the dealer in the morning and/or contact RACV. I got it almost new from Brisbane so hopefully they help in Melbourne, Cheers, Jonathon
  13. Hi guys, my lively new roadster has an electrics problem. Went to start it and instrument panel and all electrics dead. I am currently stuck in the car on a beautiful evening, fortunately able to take the roof off to get some fresh air. Should I disconnect the battery and check fuses? Is this a recognized problem with an easy fix? Thanks in advance for your help, Jonathon
  14. Just a single pic, but I think it comes up well, Thanks for the welcome Cheers Jonathon
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