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  1. ^ Look at the spec's for the S, there are touring, super touring, sport and performance packs. Iirc you need 'touring' for the electric windows, carpets etc and 'sports' for the seats with the harness holes and harness bar (no harnesses). For that spec I'd say £26 - £28k maybe for a private sale. Problem is that there are never that many exiges for sale so finding one with every box ticked could take a while, mind you I did find what I wanted in the end. Personally I'd never touch a cat D but each to their own..
  2. I had had a bit of vibration on my 048's at speeds around 80, was told by many people these tyres are notoriously hard to balance right, I had mine done twice with no improvement and a third time back at the Hethel factory workshop, still not perfect. When I put another set of wheels and different tyres, they are perfect, so I've just put it down to the 048's and live with it.
  3. Yes the wheels are the regular Y spokes in the pics, I thought the forged wheels came with the performance pack, but maybe they were an additional option in 2008, i'd certainly not lose sleep over that, its a stunning car that :-)
  4. Looks nice, great find :-) With the performance pack I believe it should have the forged wheels rather than the standard Y spokes, worth asking the UK dealer if they are available..
  5. Have you spoken to Bryn at Ultimate Carbon?, I know they were keen to do more Exige parts so may be up for making a prototype from your OE, I have one of their front splitters.
  6. that looks very good for the money, though it's not 'touring' pack from what I can see' window winders and no carpet, and doesn't have 'sport' either so basic spec. i would suspect it doesn't have a full service history either I.e 11 stamps in the book given the mileage and the sellers description. personally i'd not go for a high miler and 74k on an exige feels pretty high, the one in the ad seems worth a look.
  7. Have one on mine, it is a bit of a pain to fit as the mount holes just don't line up, you can either bend the mount bracket or (as I did) redrill one of the holes in the airbox. I did this as it will be easier to refit the OE box if I ever wish. It's noisy but really only when you boot it and imo sounds fantastic :-)
  8. Hmm, if he's had the car for a year or more how can he not know.. I got a zero cost invoice from the dealer when mine was done. Its not a problem anyway if not done, still a free recall, just a bit of a faff having to have the front clam removed, but does give the opportunity to check the tow post whilst they are in there.
  9. Surely it's just a matter of what you want to spend on a car?, if they were same price i can't imagine why anyone would opt for an N/A I'm sure you'll be happy with either :-)
  10. or Not sure it does much in the way of 'performance' though
  11. Personally I'd pay the extra for a Supercharged, read up on the specs & options - sport, supersport, touring, super touring so you know the differences and what matters to you. And if you are looking at future value/resale, worth knowing what the most desirable specs and colours are. Been some good advice already on what to look for, I'd add that in my experience its challenging given how limited the pool is to find an everything you want in terms of spec, mileage, history, colour etc so there will probably be some compromise in there somewhere..
  12. Blimey, that was a bit unlucky.. still on the brightside you gained an upgrade :-)
  13. If not, I managed to sort the play in mine by removing the seat and clamping the runners in a vice to make them tighter, there are instructions on the SELOC wiki.
  14. HI Paul, I'd be interested in that, will pm you... :-)
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