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  1. Good hint Vulcan, what I get from the exhaust is exactly what you describe: watery speckles. By the way, my turbine is really too clean inside to go straight for a failure (see pics). On the other hand, oil supply flanges both on turbo and sump are dirty, as well as spark plugs area, so I'll go for new gaskets (including cam cover) at next SJ order ;-)
  2. Hi to all, My S4 has started spraying oil from the exhaust at idle. Droplets are clearly visible on the garage floor after a few minutes of warming up. Boost doesn't go beyond 0.5 bar (Pierburg/electrical ancillaries already checked) and there's a pressure build up exitation when accelerating hard. The car just clocked 86.000 kms and it has consumed max-to-min oil in 8.000 kms from last service. Therefore I suspect turbine bearings are gone. I had inspected turbine 6 months ago indeed, and it was clean and play-free by 'finger test from outlet to cat' :-) . Any ideas on how to make sure that turbocharger is the culprit or should I go straight for an overhaul?
  3. Electrical issue on my Italian Spec 2.0L '96 S4. Just after engine start sometimes dashboard lights fade. It takes just a blast on the accelerator to bring them back to standard lighting and problem disappears. When playing this trick, I hear a clicking sound when lighting becomes 'normal' again. Being a mechanical/automotive engineer I strongly suspect a voltage regulator issue. My Esprit tends to drain battery and it's kept under mantainer. Once it drained the battery when idling due to an hi-power iPad charger plugged in the lighter socket. I jump started the car and after a drive it was fine again and the morning after it started regularly. So I suppose the Valeo stock alternator is working fine. Any clues?
  4. RH gearbox bracket is OK, as well as RH engine mount...the one under the chargecooler is trickier to inspect but I'll try. BTW, Italian equivalent of "I'm not teaching to suck egg" is "I'm not teaching the cat to meow'
  5. While preparing my '96 S4 for Italian MOT, I noticed by chance that LH gearbox bracket has snapped: Being a mechanical engineer I'm quite concerned about it. It's a solid aluminium structural part shock-protected by a rubber bush, which should in my opinion never break, even after 20 years. Luckily, replacing it seems quite easy, apart for 200+ pounds part price. Have you ever seen/experienced such a failure?
  6. Esprit S4, 1996, genuine Italian 2.0L Anyone knows where I can find a cheap interchangeable part for these light switches? They work perfectly, but they're a bit tatty.... Excel file with cross references bears no correspondance CIAO
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