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  2. Thanks for looking Derek. I hadn't thought that would lead to black fouling of the spark plugs and the car running rich. When I looked at the run, I saw a lowered MAP reading (which looked OK to me), and an idle air control valve opening all the way up... but still not enough to prevent running rich as sensed by the O2 sensor. BTW, I also disconnected the O2 sensor afterwards and it made no real difference (even after 2 minutes). Cheers, Stuart
  3. Hi. There's probably lots of info I can recall when prompted (sorry). The previous owner replaced the O2 sensor shortly before I bought it from him with the running issues). He said it was supplied by SJS (but he didn't have the receipt). I also checked the MAP sensor pipework and elbow late summer (nothing amiss). Spark plugs are Bosch super 4's. I guess the injectors are a possibility, as the fuel tanks were also recently replaced for the dreaded leak issues. I would have thought I could at least get a cough out of it when trying to start it after spark plug cleaning. It doesn't even cough once. I also took the air intake hose off the turbo and 'carefully' squirted some easy start onto the turbo while I got a friend to crank the car (again straight after reinstalling spark plugs). It felt quite risky, but still I got no cough at all. I'll dig out a Freescan run log I have from the summer when the car was running (you might spot something I haven't clicked on). Thanks for the help, Stuart
  4. Hi all. I've had my 92 turbo SE lots for a little over 2 years now. Sadly, I've never driven it much, as it has always been running very poor (don't ask me how I got it through 2 MOTs). It's running very rich most of the time. I moved it into the garage just before Christmas to spend some time on the brakes (bleeding, etc). Was looking forward to getting out for a run but car won't start at all now!! Plenty fuel I think (it reeks of petrol and the plugs are wet when I try). I dry them off and reinsert to no avail. I've pulled each HT lead in turn and with a spare spark plug get a spark on each one. Parts replaced in an attempt to fix the rich running:- Fuel pressure regulator IAC valve O2 sensor Spark plugs are new. Is it possible this is related to coil pack? If it's worth trying I wondered if any fellow owners had a spare for sale. Best wishes, Stuart
  5. Hi everyone. Count me in too. I'll just drive up from Dundee and meet there, but will probably join in on a wee tour after. Myself and mate Ross should see you there. Let me know if everyone is meeting elsewhere beforehand. Car is. Little poorly just now with idling issues so don't really want to take it too far but it seems fine once it's up and running so we'll enjoy a day out. Hope it's a good weather day too :-)
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Should have said it would be good to meet up with you all at Coupar Angus (especially as it's just up the road) assuming that would be OK. I was lucky to pick this one up (although had a hankering for the V8 at the time...
  7. Hi all. I finally feel able to join the forum. My name is Stuart and I finally have my Lotus Esprit on the road (after the dreaded fuel tank rusting saga). Ive had the car for almost 2 years now but not had it out much for the obvious reasons. I have a '92 Turbo Esprit SE 'Hi Wing'. Still have some running troubles, but getting there. Pleased to see how many Esprit owners there are locally. Best Wishes Stuart M
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