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  1. I am Kelso based, with a V6 EXIGE, 3 years old, so part way between Craig Moncrief and Carlisle. Interestingly I was aware of the Carlisle history, but tried to make contact and got no response. I read with interest the Lotus Response, however having waited for a clutch issue to be sorted for nearly 3 years, only getting it sorted after it imploded at a Leven track day in front of there technical team. Then after having it sorted, nearly crash as my seat flew back, took it back to Leven who couldn't sort it, ended up driving 60 miles with the roof wedges behind seat to named as drivable. At home stripped out seat and found it had been damaged, screwed onto wrong homes and cross threaded. So there I am tapping out screw holes on a £65000 (2 1/2 years old) car I bought and serviced at a main dealer, who broke it and couldn't fix it. Indeed on contacting customer service at Lotus was told that if a fault is introduced during warranty work, this is not covered. That said an engineer gave me some pointers - THANKS Then finally this Wednesday took it to Craig Moncrief who found key elements on the service schedule had not been previously changed, despite 2 main dealer services. So lotus I get the process of main dealers, but you also have a duty of care to the end user. I am happy to buy a lotus, enjoy driving it..... but please make it easy for us. I have shelled out £130,000 over the last 8 years. I went to Craig as he impressed me at Murray Lotus, but it does upset me that I am now a second class citizen. As I said, like my car, have no axe to grind, but please help us with our ownership and make it easy.
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