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  1. Steve25


  2. Hi, The paint codes are as follows Black is C152 (not sure of the name) Red is Total Red C154 Information provided by Lotus Cars Steve
  3. Hi Paul, 2 * Classic Steak and Ale Pies Cheers Steve
  4. Steve25

    LF1 Plaques

    Here is mine..
  5. Steve25


  6. CUP version....And here its is
  7. Guys, Have a good day tomorrow. Wish I was coming tomorrow also, but will have wait till Thursday
  8. Simon (Smuzzy) Just had a reply from Rob. The 10th now fully booked for Enstone, so will be going 12th, thanks for the offer of tagging along though. Steve
  9. Still waiting reply back from Rob for F1 Enstone date Not book Hethel tour yet
  10. Hi Ian, It will stay on for around 60 seconds if you have opened the door and have the ignition on then shut it again , I think if you just open and shut to door is should go off immediately.
  11. When did you order it? Ordered mine Sept and it arrived end Nov.
  12. Tony, Yes, maybe I miss read the Race Pack option. 'The Race Pack comprises of: 4 Mode Lotus Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) system including Launch Control, exhaust bypass valve override switch, and optimised suspension to suit the Trofeo tyre characteristics.' The LF1's should have them though as detailed in the Spec's. 'Exclusivity and performance are at the heart of the Exige LF1; each car will be individually numbered with its own limited edition carbon fibre build plate and loaded rich with extras such as the Exige RacePack with Dynamic Performance Management system, two-piece high performance brake discs and high-performance Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo tyres'
  13. Smuzzy, I was in JCT today when you arrived. Spoke to them about it.. Basically its no longer fitted to the 2015 spec car.
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