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  1. yschean


  2. Nice one C8 . How did you manage to get the red strip onto the diffuser?
  3. The woods next to Atomium. I think there is problem with my phone camera lens. The car and wheels look a bit squashed!
  4. Was driving in Brussels centre yesterday night. While stopping at traffic light, a Peugeot 206 pull up next to me and the driver shout at the top of his voice while pointing at me and says 'This is English car?! This is English car right?!'. He was so loud I manage to hear him over 2 layer of window glass and 2 passenger seat apart! I reply with 'YES!' and after exchange of smile and thumbs up we all continue with our own journey.
  5. Cheers! I was wonder mine wasn't that loud.
  6. I have this misty front lights as well. Not sure worth sending for warranty replacement... The red interior complete the exotic look of the car for me!
  7. Not much chance to see snow in London. So going to keep driving through the winter. Christmas is coming fast!
  8. Take in the lines while having McD breakfast
  9. Can I add a (Sorted) at the end of the topic? Thanks £221 for a day at Brands Hatch quoted from Moris. Sounds reasonable?
  10. Bibs is there any way we can alter the topic name? Just thought it's not 100% relevant now.
  11. I am very much hope so! Leaving in London with this sort of car is very painful as there isn't any space to really to stretch her leg or nor there any nice corners like in country lane. I even struggle to hit the 7000x rmp to see those red circles !
  12. Thanks let me have a quote off them. I will definitely be careful but worry about others!
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