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  1. Love all that carbon. I have only the carbon sills but at least some to look at inside
  2. I've got pair I was going to sell as no longer have an S2. PM sent
  3. Are still looking for Exige V6 soft top Robert, as I have a friend who has one he is looking to sell since he sold his V6? Lined with bag and little used £700
  4. Replacement for my underused Exige S1. 3 weeks in pretty impressed just need to get out on track with it now.
  5. I had issues with my 400 a couple of times when it had sat in garage for 2 or 3 weeks and I had forgotten to put the trickle charger on. Didn't run smoothly until up to temp and cruise control wouldn't work. Both times when I had charged battery overnight it ran perfectly so I put it down to low battery voltage.
  6. These seem to be decent value for money and come with a free trickle charger (not that I need another) If anyone else is after one I will see if they will do a group buy.
  7. That's the sort I am after Matt. Toxic green looks awesome even in a bubble
  8. Thanks Jonny, it was the framed version I thought would be the best.
  9. Rather than running the dehumidify all winter this year I am thinking of getting a Carcoon/Air Chamber unit for the Exige. Anyone used these and which they recommend?
  10. Looks a great trip. I was at Stelvio last month too. IMG_4737 by S, on Flickr
  11. Anyone had any experience of European cover that you get with Barclays Premier account?
  12. Stunning looking Elise SR Steve, makes mine look very unloved.
  13. Thanks guys. Going from Newcastle to Amsterdam so will have a look at RAC
  14. Off to Italy on August then Monza for F1 and I assume the Lotus breakdown cover wont cover this for breakdown/recovery (Evora 400). Any recommendations for breakdown cover/return to UK if needed? Thanks for any recommendations
  15. Its not an issue with bt link as I can hear conversation ok when in car just they cant hear me. So bad I have had to use without bt which is not good
  16. I am not concerned about the sound of the Alpine in my 400 as I didn't have high expectations and the exhaust sounds so much better, but does anyone else have issues with the Bluetooth on phone calls? When I call anyone they find distorted but phone call is fine in car. Have been told likely an IPhone issue but I have 2 different models with different IOS and both same when connect up.
  17. My 16 month old 400 has a gap between the bottom of the window and the door seal which is letting water into the door. Is there any adjustment that can rectify this as I have been told by Hayton Lotus in Carlisle that it is not possible and is a fault in the door profile!! The window drops and raises fine when opening and closing. Thanks for any assistance.
  18. Hi Edward, just spotted your reply as I spend most of my time on the Evora and Exiges area. Mine was 87 and I bought from the original owner with 41k miles in 1999 for £8.5k and it even came with a large JPS box with jacket and 2 packs of fags in it. The guy had fitted a glass sunroof which few off when I was driving and so I ended up having the body repainted and when I got it back felt it was too good to use so ended up selling it. I wonder if the guy who bought it still has it. Reg was GIL 8587 (The original owner was called Giles) Oh I live 9 miles east of Carlisle at Brampton. Steve
  19. Was Elise-Shop got mine from
  20. I got some for my last Evora from I think EliseParts. I went for black/grey for the stealth look and they still looked fine after couple of years.
  21. I had an NA IPS for nearly 3 yrs and 20k miles and although the change wasn't very swift and when cold it sometimes wasn't sure what gear it wanted to select it didn't make not want to consider another auto. I tried a 400 manual and found the clutch pedal a bit long but the noise sold me on the 400. I have now had my 400 auto 6 months and love it. The noise on changes is addictive and the speed of change and fun factor is way ahead of the S1 IPS which was by no means crap but the 400 is in a different league. It would take a lot for me to go manual on another 400 but I have an Exige and Elise for my manual fix.
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