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  1. I have had an Evora S1 NA and 400 both auto/ips and the 400 is being replaced with Emira auto. I did 20k miles in the S1 and 25k in the 400 with no issues. If the Emira auto is as bigger an improvement from the S1 to 400 I will be well pleased, but dont expect much change from the 400.
  2. Dont bother trying an S1 IPS as even with all updates you need to try a 400 auto as they are a world apart. If you are near Cumbria you can have a run in my 400 auto which is being replaced by Emira auto
  3. Think I will be going to Magma/Tan too. Maybe the neighbours will not notice I have changed my car
  4. Hi Clive Good to see you, we were on our way back after being to Goodwood to the 400's replacement. Yeah I get lots thinking it is a fezza with the tan leather. I didn't realise was same Evora we saw on A1 as you must have passed us when we stopped for a fill up. We were on last 30 miles to home when saw you in Penrith. Have a great trip weather looks like going to be great.
  5. Yes my deposit was £1k. Refundable if don't like the look of it.
  6. I've had a red 400 auto from new. No black pack with tan leather. I can see a 131 on the horizon next 😀
  7. My 250 cup has full carpets and as Scotty says they make the interior a much nicer place to be. Mine has the carbon sills too which have had ppf fitted to protect them.
  8. Putting my 400 away wet last month cost me a new set of front pads.☹️ Always take for a run and never have issue as always kept in garage, but had been ceramic coated in December and got a bit dirty on way home so decided to snow foam. Didnt take for run on the salty roads just up and down drive. I forgot to move it for 2 weeks and front NS pad was welded to disk. RAC damaged pad and had to take off calliper and my mate spent 20 mins getting the pad remains off the disk. Even RAC guy had never experienced one stuck like this and think could have been the snow foam having a reaction with pad. All sorted now though
  9. Thanks Justin yes decided to change from silver.
  10. Well 4 years in on my 400 and 20k miles. Fancied a change but is a difficult one to replace, so after the big service at Oakmere, I have treated it to a detail and ceramic coating
  11. Have to agree with that Will April9 by S, on Flickr
  12. Thanks Alex much appreciated
  13. Looks stunning Alex. Any idea what shade of gold the wheels are?
  14. Love all that carbon. I have only the carbon sills but at least some to look at inside
  15. I've got pair I was going to sell as no longer have an S2. PM sent
  16. Are still looking for Exige V6 soft top Robert, as I have a friend who has one he is looking to sell since he sold his V6? Lined with bag and little used £700
  17. Replacement for my underused Exige S1. 3 weeks in pretty impressed just need to get out on track with it now.
  18. I had issues with my 400 a couple of times when it had sat in garage for 2 or 3 weeks and I had forgotten to put the trickle charger on. Didn't run smoothly until up to temp and cruise control wouldn't work. Both times when I had charged battery overnight it ran perfectly so I put it down to low battery voltage.
  19. These seem to be decent value for money and come with a free trickle charger (not that I need another) If anyone else is after one I will see if they will do a group buy.
  20. That's the sort I am after Matt. Toxic green looks awesome even in a bubble
  21. Thanks Jonny, it was the framed version I thought would be the best.
  22. Rather than running the dehumidify all winter this year I am thinking of getting a Carcoon/Air Chamber unit for the Exige. Anyone used these and which they recommend?
  23. Looks a great trip. I was at Stelvio last month too. IMG_4737 by S, on Flickr
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