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  1. She's started fine. I pulled the fuel pump relay, cranked it over for ~5secs, put the fuel pump relay back and she started immediately. On first start the car did throw an EML, so I checked that with my OBDII reader, the code was P0628 Fuel Pump Control Circuit low. I figure that was due to the relay, I therefore cleared it and restarted the car, no EML. She's run up to temp nicely and sounds fine. Now just need spring or at least for the roads to clear of salt etc.
  2. I called my Lotus dealer and have to say they reflect your comments, although I'm looking to pull the fuel pump fuse just to be doubly sure.
  3. Guys, I'm not saying you're wrong, but really, is there nothing I could do to help prevent wear?
  4. Guys, l’ve not started my Exige V6 for about 3 months, it’s been pushed to one side of my garage whilst I’m building a 7. I’m starting to think I should start it. Any advise on prep before starting other than checking levels? Can you easily crank the engine for oil pressure without it firing? thanks Mark ps battery should be good due to a conditioner
  5. Thanks, apologies for the noob question, where would i find the HVAC drain tube?
  6. Finally went to get my car out today and found I'd got my first problem since owning the car back in 2014, funny thing is its rather odd. Basically the passenger side footwell is full of a watery fluid which has also managed to find a route under the car around the front jacking point. If you splash around in it foams up white. I'm confident its not coolant or oil, just behaves differently My car is a cup so has the fire ext cell, but the connections seem dry. Could it be water ingress from washing or washer fluid? The car has been stored in the garage since it was washed and put away for the winter. Any ideas much appreciated.
  7. CTRMint


  8. Nice, looks like you were having fun. Out of interest were you heel and toeing, can't quite tell.
  9. Dave is the Komo-Tec valve system safe for track use? I notice some manufacturers are not happy with valved systems on track.
  10. Noise might then stop me considering a full decat. Though it would be nice to get rid of the temperature from the engine. I don't run particularly long sessions, but I guess heat soak does occur and does impact performance to a degree. With respect to the back pressure comment, is that really a concern on a SC system surely thats driven from the crank rather than exhaust gas flow etc. Mind totally irrelevant discussion point as you've probably convinced me to leave well alone with the cats. I think I'll test the water with a back box.
  11. Thanks all for the responses. I think I wouldn't want to risk a lean setup, even if it's only a remote possibility, it would always be a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. I'm already paranoid of after each track day. Having no MOT requirement and no emissions tests, I can get away with a full decat system, i guess these will be loud, but the performance gains might be worth considering. I wonder if the noise on a full decat system might be a problem for UK tracks though! The dilemma :-)
  12. Guys, With a lot of recent discussion over the exhausts on some of the model revisions I've found myself wondering about swapping out the OEM exhaust on my car. I do like the new products with the round tail pipes. I read through a lot of the posts regarding what works, what doesn't, what is suitable for track day use and what isn't. Unfortunately I am a little lost, do you mind if i ask two questions to help clarify my understanding? 1) Can you just swap the back box, to a lighter unit, without any detrimental impact to engine performance or engine safety and also avoid any management lights? Say using the commonly discussed trackday 2Bular, Larini or OEM Sport box? 2) I understand there are pre-cats in the headers on the V6, which are responsible for significant heat in the engine bay. Is it possible to swap the headers to aftermarket units with the aim of reducing this heat, increasing the engine safety margin and maintaining performance whilst out on track? If so does this require a mapping session on the car? Thanks
  13. That might be a fun thread! Rust is exactly why I did walk away. I replaced all the arms and bushes on my 8 just months before selling, and it was a real nightmare. I had the usual boot/spoiler rust spots too. My car was going to be a big job to sort so I called it a day. Still miss her though. TME is probably my second fav after a 8/9 MR, nice, lucky man.
  14. I hunted around for a 9MR FQ360 in A1 condition for so long, I even travelled to Xtreme and so nearly bought one, unfortunately it had some slight bubbling on the front arch so walked away. Interesting to hear the car used to reside over here. I'd love to see some more pics, if the Lotus owners don't mind you posting :-)
  15. Arun, have to say that looks like a fantastic Evo! I must admit I still miss my 8MR 340. Your friends car looks cherished and fantastic example. I'd love to have such an example sat along side my Cup in my garage.
  16. I see Andreas view, a rstream of tweaks and 'special editions' doesn't help owners feel comfortable with their product choice long term. Lotus are producing a luxury good, especially in the Exige. Each time they do this they confuse the market. Punters need some reassurance the product has some longevity. Prodrive did this with Subarus Impreza back in the day, where as other brands such as Ford were far more selective with special editions, such as the limited tweaks to the RS. They held up far better. Lotus will end up in a situation where it becomes damaging. I agree the 350 has some nice touches, such as the gear linkage etc, but the timing does look a little desperate and indicates a company trying to invigorate life into the product. Personally I don't think it needed the changes, I don't think there will be a single purchaser that buys an Exige 350 because of the new changes. Most of those buying would have bought anyway. The upshot is therefore previous customers feeling a bit hacked off, and no significant benefits to Lotus. Personally I would have liked have seen the gear linkage and other styling touches on a new product that real pushed Lotus.
  17. I'm struggling to source the product mentioned by Bibs anyway. I might have to go with a Motul 660 or SRF after all. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  18. The couple of track days I ran suction cups used internally have been fine, so long as a secondary tether is used. I attached a shoe lace to the mount and then to the A frame. It worked a treat. As for placement, I've struggled a bit. I fixed it to the rear screen looking over my shoulder, which provided a great view internally but wasn't so great externally. I also found mounting on the screen a little high too, I filmed to much of the roof. Next year I might try attaching the camera to the dashboard. Will be interested to hear how you get on.
  19. I wonder if Rimstock would do a TLF Group buy in a forged rim with the original dimensions :-)
  20. Not sure I based my comment on the TLF article stating they couldn't be retro fitted.
  21. You may be right, still a bit disappointing. When I read the forged option in the spec I was almost reaching for my wallet! I hope Lotus realise there is a real sales opportunity for existing owners and produce an 'OEM' forged rim in the spec we are currently using.
  22. Does anyone know why they've changed the wheel to 10J? I would have loved to get a spare set of rims for my car to preserve my diamond cut rims. I've been looking for a set of forged, and these would have been great. Given the tyre width remains the same I'm wondering if its been done to stop current owners upgrading?? Does anyone know the background here.
  23. where exactly are they on the v6, its not particularly clear on the illustration.
  24. i've got a list of the changes the embedded link will make, so if anyone wants a copy to check their system let me know, just pm me. If anyone is confused the email is NOT from eliseparts its fake, if you've clicked it by mistake just pm me.
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