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  1. Interested, 87 HC Turbo that belonged to Lotus for 10 years, was used for the Bilstien/Eibach spring/damper development program and photographed in the Jeremy Walton expensive book! Local to Hethel
  2. The Lotus retailer in Suzhou in Jiangsu province in China have a?blue one, but it has no engine or gear box
  3. None of the blocks were die cast
  4. it's not that hard to remove in the car, I changed my Campbell then the pump started leaking a few weeks later so the belt had to come off again
  5. I really hope you replaced the accelerator pump diaphragms
  6. Definitely Don, I knew him well, he was a regular at my parent's pub in Wymondham at the time. 12 year old me thought he was coolest man alive. He did a talk at my school on a Friday then came into the pub that evening, parking his Esprit outside, one of the reasons I worked at Lotus for 26 years, and why I own my Esprit today and yes he smoked
  7. I have an 87 turbo HC, it has two wax thermostats in the coolant part of the inlet manifold that change the vacuum circuit as the engine reaches normal temperature, when driving you can tell when they operate. Not sure if an NA has these but if it does I would have a good look at the vacuum circuit.
  8. It's fitted correctly when the circlip touches the head Shirley
  9. Its not a 7 Eleven but very similar, although there was a 7 Eleven to my left when I took the picture. People here are still very nervous, facemasks are no longer mandatory but 99.9% of people are wearing them, shops and restaurants although open are mostly very quiet. Buses and trains noticeably less crowded and often see buses with just one person per two seats. A new thing in Chongqing yesterday, the few bars that have been open for a couple of weeks have been ordered to close for an undefined period. My company is buying a new washing machine for transmission housings, this machine will be delivered late because the supplier has been ordered to manufacture 10 mask making machines for the government before it can deliver any other equipment. Its not over here yet.
  10. Some do, some don't, I took this walking home from work yesterday
  11. Thanks for the nudge, I've been meaning to update this for a few days. Things are going very well, no new cases or sick people in the whole of Chongqing province, where there are 32 million people. This is my 4th week back at work, the first few weeks were quiet because people were coming back from their hometowns and then doing 2 weeks quarantine, they are all back now. Communities are still controlling exit and entry with a pass card and temperature check, you are only allowed into a community if you live there. Communities are big, there are more people living in my community than my home village in Norfolk, all entering and leaving through one security gate, it has been the same all over China. Most restaurants are open now for dining in, previously a few offered take out only, I had a KFC at the weekend for the first time, it was great! One bar close to me is now open. Shops are all open, pharmacies which stayed open but where you had to stand outside and ask for what you want now allow you inside. Banks are open but you must show your passport and phone number before you enter and to enter shopping malls you need to apply for a health certificate using Alipay or WeChat and show it on entry, same with taxis, buses and trains. Masks still required at all times out side of the apartment, including all day at work, which is not so good as its getting hotter, 28 degrees today. Friends traveling in other parts of China have said all restrictions have been lifted Some backlash against foreigners as the news reports all new cases are people arriving in China with the virus, at the weekend some Chinese people refused to in a lift with me. So all good here, as I watch the UK from afar Steve
  12. Its the older system with the short manifold and wastegate manifold, the long GMP4 manifold came in with the Stevens cars I think. I put a bigger fuse in, it kept blowing for me too Another page if anyone's interested, it's a great thing to have with the car, especially as I know the guys who did the work and remember the car being around. Sorry Lotusfab, a bit off topic now
  13. Regarding the wastegate, Lotus Engineering owned my 87 HC for about 10 years before I bought it from them in 2014. Here is a photo of the work log of the car when it was being looked after by Brian and George Sharp. Top of the page.
  14. More perspective, as I wrote in my "I'm in China thread" I believe there are more people alive in China than would have been if the virus had not come. Approximately 260,000 people die on the roads in China per annum, assuming a reduction of 66% of road deaths for February (very conservative, I estimate road traffic is about 10% of normal) over 7000 people have not died on the roads, versus 3000 people dead of the virus. Of course I am not belittling the virus, its the reason I am stuck in my apartment and have only worked 1 day in the last 5 weeks.
  15. Quick update, I have an Employment Certificate now from my company so I can leave the community to work whenever I need to. I went to work today, reduced hours 8.30 until 3.30. 10 of our team of 12 were in, 2 are still in quarantine. We are the Manufacturing Engineering team, we specify, buy and install machining equipment to machine cylinder heads, blocks and crankshafts and support Production. There are not enough production operators to start the lines this week so we made a schedule where each of us will work 2 days this week, I will work again Thursday. Work was OK, temperature check on entering plant, one after lunch, one on leaving the plant. Some odd behaviour, one being keyboards covered in cling film. No change outside, no small shops open, no schools open etc. Several videos going round of people jumping from high buildings and of apartments of families doing quarantine literally being nailed shut for 14 days, they get 14 days food, the door is covered over with steel which is opened 14 days later. Just seen a message on the work WeChat group as I write this, they are suggesting we work from home this week due to a suspected local outbreak, not sure how local at the moment. To put things into perspective, Chongqing Province has about 32 million inhabitants, five hundred and something people have been confirmed with the virus and 6 have died, many more than 6 people have not died in car accidents in the Province because there are fewer cars on the road. Steve
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