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  1. Cheap at the moment
  2. Good question, I don't know! Maybe cams with oversize journals, although my parts list only lists one cam type. I remember them being stamped by Dave Simmonds who only did the line boring and the diagonal oil drilling in the cam seal bore. Its definitely not oversize tappets though!
  3. I used to machine these, albeit the later flat cam cover ones. I am pretty sure it's oversized cam bores. Cam bores were line bored using adjustable inserts, tappet bores were machined using fixed blade Mapal guided reamers, any over size tappet bores meant the casting was scrapped. The letters are probably the initials of the person who did the machining then the line boring, doing this was a requirement after every big fuck up but would only last a few months. Out of interest, up until about 1990 the machining was done on Moog tape controlled vertical milling machines, after that on Mazak 3 axis vertical machines. If you have flat cam cover carriers with the I and E letters stamped on they were done on the Moog, if it is machined on it was done in the Mazak. I wrote the CNC code for the Mazak machine to machine these. Steve
  4. I use my deflector every time I drive the car with the roof out, it makes loads of difference. I think it comes as standard with the glass roof cars
  5. My daily driver could drive around the world (~25,000 miles) using less fuel than it would take to fill my central heating oil tank
  6. Agree about clips, on my g turbo the clips will only go back if I loosen and turn the distributor, then I have to set the timing again
  7. Steven162

    Utility Bills

    We switched to Bulb for electricity only, about month ago, yearly cost should be £600 against British Gas cost of £800. British Gas smart meter has gone dumb but its easy to give a meter reading on the App.
  8. I couldn't be bothered to read all that
  9. We realised this today, if somebody told me I wouldn't believe it. We live in Norfolk, today we took our oldest daughter back to Newcastle Upon Tyne for her second year at university. More than a quarter of the journey was in Norfolk.
  10. Slight correction, only the Wymondham code is in brackets
  11. My plates were made at Hethel, they say Lotus Cars Ltd NR14 8EZ (01953 608000)
  12. Here's the picture I meant to attach. These work for me
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