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  1. Looks like fuel pressure regulator is broken
  2. Is Alex local? I wouldn't mind a look round his car sometime!
  3. I drove into the village in my Esprit this afternoon and passed a Delorean going in the opposite direction, I later caught up with it at a junction but I turned left and he went right. What are the chances of that, James Bond and Marty McFly!
  4. Undoing them is not the problem, it's the route they take between the chassis and the body, I cannot even see them for most of the route. I can see clips where it would be impossible to remove the screw even with my small arms
  5. Nelson road in Great Yarmouth yesterday evening, I drove past a group of people and heard a woman say "what the fuck is that?"
  6. Anyone actually managed to change them? I got an advisory on the last MOT for the master cylinder to front nearside flexi brake pipe. I have loads of kunifer and a box of fittings, I thought it would be a pleasant job. I gave up. The original pipe has now been rubbed down and greased.
  7. I found the best I could on Google images and used that when I made my wheel center badges
  8. Yes. In mine the lights are only on while the stalk is held back
  9. After watching Louis Theroux on iPlayer last night I think the answer is no. I wouldn't be owned by a big black drug dealer just so I could drive my Esprit every 2 hours, or 6 hours after a really good drive. However, I might have seen 130mph on the speedo today and arrived home with a very big smile on my face...
  10. 1987 HC turbo, not sure what should be in place to cover the battery, also, should there be a vacuum formed thing under the carpet between the rear lights, similar to what is under the nearside rear left light, the carpet would fit better if it didn't have to fit into the low section between the lights
  11. During my MOTs the probe accidentally falls out before the end of the test
  12. I remember Don coming to my school and giving a talk, then a few days later he came into my parents pub in wymondham, I must have been about 13 at the time. He became a regular and good friends with my parents. He was so cool! He gave me loads of Lotus stuff, badges, hats etc. When I started work at lotus in 1989 he was long gone, not many people there remembered him. Good times!
  13. Mud flaps, yes, they were on the car when I bought it, they look ok and do protect the bodywork. Black bumpers, no, always been body colour, this is one of the last G car Turbos
  14. Everything above the waistband plus front bumper and valance, rear bumper, mirrors and filler caps. They also painted black the strips on the door at the bottom of the glass. I removed the door cards so it made it easier for them to remove the mirrors, they did everything else. £1440 I left it with them for 3 weeks while I worked away, not sure how long it took them. They did say they did it twice because the colour didn't match first time, he also said he would not do it for the price again.
  15. Hi all, I have an 87 pearlescent white Esprit. The lacquer had all but gone from all horizontal surfaces and the paint underneath was stained and dirty. I just picked the car up today from the paint shop, it looks superb! They painted everything except the cills and the panels with the pin strips under the split line. I am very very pleased with it, totally transforms the looks. Steve
  16. No problem Gav, all that was there was the pallet, block and crank, no sign of the cardboard or anything else, as you say, animals! Then £30 for 54kg over 300 miles...
  17. Got mine today, only issue was the box broke up and I had to collect from the local UPS depot, not an issue as I was driving past anyway. Cheers Gav!
  18. I have to remove the oil filter on mine to remove the starter motor, but the motor is longer than the lotus one.
  19. Back here at Christmas, see who has created the best thing from the blocks!
  20. The tools and fixtures, and some castings, were all still at lotus when I left 3 years ago, the only thing missing was the will to actually do them.
  21. They were cast in the Midlands by Gmail & W or Zues, I can't remember which. Not sure about the 4 cylinder but I machined loads of them as well. If you look at your cam carriers and they have stamped I and E letters they were machined on old Moog tape machines, if they machined they were done on a vertical mazak, I did that too, too many were stamped with the wrong letter! Blocks where done on a H630n mazak.
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