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  1. Machined at lotus. For those interested they were machined on a four axis horizontal machine, process was First op pan face down on casting datums, however castings were so far out of spec I had to write a macro that probed the main bearing cap width on the rear end and the bearing bore on the front end then it worked out how much to turn the b axis to get the correct alignment so these were central on a finished part. It then rough milled each end and put dowel holes in the rear face. Second op located rear face down, finish head faces, cylinder bores and all head face holes, all side face machining, pan face machining including main bearing cap location. Then off the machine, fit main bearing cap dowels and caps. Last op pan face down, finish end faces and crank bore, About 2 hours on the machine in total
  2. I might have one for posterity, I made the matching fixtures, programmed the machine and machined about half of them! How much for carrier? Steve
  3. I would check pipe between filter and turbo, then that all vacuum pipes are present and connected properly, then fuel pressure at regulator, plugs and leads, ignition timing then carb balance and mixture. It's not getting enough fuel, air or spark at right time
  4. Just discovered this spotted thing. Could have been me, I now own the car Brian used to use
  5. Check the pipe between air filter and turbo, mine broke up inside and the boost got less and less
  6. My mistake, I found a picture on my phone of my instruments, it's the same as the red car. My fault for having beer for breakfast! Yes, it's on the register, owner shown as Lotus Engineering, the previous owner.
  7. The boost gauge is different to my 87 hc, I am in China at the moment but from memory 0.75 is at the top
  8. Mine is still listed as owned by Lotus Engineering, but I kind of like that!
  9. Sorry, not going to answer your question but a properly rebuilt water pump should last for years, i can recommend pnm engineering, they do a proper job!
  10. Quality control, Lotus? I worked there for 26 years, the tales i could tell! One funny one i can say, an Elise got to a dealer before anybody realised a disgruntled employee applied the ELISE stickers to the back but spelt ELSIE.
  11. My friend called earlier and told me he had seen my car on TV, here's what he sent me, it was on quest at lunchtime! This and the picture in the Walton book make it worth as much as a Bond car I think!
  12. Yep, best pinball machine ever!
  13. "shoot the ramp for DeLorean millions" Virtual prize to the first person who knows what this means..
  14. That's all of them except Peter then, he still works there. He started a few weeks before me, early 1988. Probably over 150 years service in that picture!
  15. Gordon, Love your last photo, there is some long service there! Going left to right after Mike, Peter White - Cars machine shop, Gary Slattery - Aftersales, Adrian Howell - Cars machine shop, Brian Angus, and George Sharpe who worked for Brian, and also looked after the car I later bought while there was some budget.
  16. Thanks, I remember that. Danny insisted all cars in that row where lotus cars. Interesting it had a wiper at that time!
  17. Thank you. I actually have two copies of the book, I bought a brand new sealed one on eBay a few months ago for £30! and have another to read. The sealed one will stay sealed.
  18. Yes, suspension and tyre work. Google the reg. number, you will find a thread on here from 2006 about the car, and some other stuff about the suspension project. I believe it was also used for other things, developing alternative oil filter, starter motor, waste gate etc.
  19. Hi Stuart, that would be good, my car is D779BCX, bought by Lotus in 2004 for development work and sold to me in Aug 2014. Greatest shame is they lost the owners manual and service history, although I have an email from Brian Angus saying it was with the car when they bought it. I looked for it as well as a few other people, it seems to have gone. It had stood for 4 years when I bought it and was in a bit of a state, rear brakes stuck on, clutch stuck to flywheel, slave cylinder a rusty mess, rotten fuel pipes and carb diaphragms, cracked tyres and cracked belts. Its all good now, it passed its 3 MOT in my ownership on Monday! Steve
  20. That is a great looking car. I used to walk passed it everyday when I worked upstairs, but I left 2 years ago. There is a story about the tailgate, I think its a new one made from a mold taken from another one, or something, I didn't take much notice at the time. I also bought my car from Lotus, it too had a few pieces missing, main ones being the wiper arm and the service history
  21. The only tool I know of is a timing gun, my bottom clip will not will not go on when the timing is correct so I have to twist the distributor to get the clip on, then reset the timing.
  22. And its back! Feel a bit silly now, the pipe from the distributor had fallen off the 4 way connector that connects the plenum, the distributor, the fuel pressure regulator and the boost gauge, so the regulator was not seeing boost pressure therefore not increasing fuel pressure, therefore it was running out of fuel at high load. I have bought a pressure gauge to check the fuel pressure, the workshop manual suggests putting the gauge into the fuel line between the pump and the regulator, this seems wrong to me, surely I need to measure the pressure after the regulator? I have also seen various figures to set the pressure to, 3.5, 4.5, less than 3.5 at tick over, what have other people done and where have you connected the gauge? Thanks Steve
  23. I use Fuchs Titan Supersyn 10W-60 and K&N HP-2004 filter in my 87 HC Turbo. Works for me, loads of oil pressure, even ticking over hot. I use Opie Oils, £48 delivered, August this year.
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