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  1. I have an 87 turbo HC, it has two wax thermostats in the coolant part of the inlet manifold that change the vacuum circuit as the engine reaches normal temperature, when driving you can tell when they operate. Not sure if an NA has these but if it does I would have a good look at the vacuum circuit. 

  2. Its not a 7 Eleven but very similar, although there was a 7 Eleven to my left when I took the picture.

    People here are still very nervous, facemasks are no longer mandatory but 99.9% of people are wearing them, shops and restaurants although open are mostly very quiet. Buses and trains noticeably less crowded and often see buses with just one person per two seats. A new thing in Chongqing yesterday, the few bars that have been open for a couple of weeks have been ordered to close for an undefined period.

    My company is buying a new washing machine for transmission housings, this machine will be delivered late because the supplier has been ordered to manufacture 10 mask making machines for the government before it can deliver any other equipment.

    Its not over here yet.



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  3. Its the older system with the short manifold and wastegate manifold, the long GMP4 manifold came in with the Stevens cars I think.

    I put a bigger fuse in, it kept blowing for me too

    Another page if anyone's interested, it's a great thing to have with the car, especially as I know the guys who did the work and remember the car being around. Sorry Lotusfab, a bit off topic now


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  4. More perspective, as I wrote in my "I'm in China thread" I believe there are more people alive in China than would have been if the virus had not come.

    Approximately 260,000 people die on the roads in China per annum, assuming a reduction of 66% of road deaths for February (very conservative, I estimate road traffic is about 10% of normal) over 7000 people have not died on the roads, versus 3000 people dead of the virus.

    Of course I am not belittling the virus, its the reason I am stuck in my apartment and have only worked 1 day in the last 5 weeks.

  5. USAndretti42, that sounds right. I get a text from Unicom (my mobile company) every day in Chinese, I have forwarded to friends and they say the texts say things like "wear a mask, don't go out unless you need to, contact a hospital if you feel unwell etc.

    People are desperately trying to return to their normal homes from their hometowns so they can resume work, there are many stories of people getting medical clearance, police clearance etc. to leave their hometowns and arriving at their work city to either not being allowed in, or allowed in but then not being allowed into their communities. In  most cities hotels are closed or have been taken over by the government as hospitals. There are people living in tents and their cars in several cities.

    I am going to work from Monday, the whole department had to do an online test covering the new rules to return to work, I also need a work permit and work license to leave the community every day from Monday.

    All restaurants, shops etc. still closed except for a few supermarkets, again plenty of food in the supermarkets that are open. 


  6. Reference valve clearance, I am a automotive manufacturing engineer and have specified, signed off the design, and carried out final acceptance and handover to production of 2 tappet selection machines, both cost over £1m and are still in production today.

    The machines measure the cams before they are assembled into the head ( base circle diameter, cam journal diameter and centre to centre distance) and the head ( cam journal diameter and distance from valve tip to cam journal centre) and probably some stuff I have forgotten. The machine then calculates the correct size bucket tappet for each position and walks the operator through a process of filling a mask with the correct tappets, these are then all measured to ensure they are correct before the operator puts the mask on the head and presses the tappets into the head. 

    After all this measuring the machine still has a 'fudge factor" built in so each tappet position can be tweaked up or down until the selected tappet gives the correct clearance, although once set over a number of heads the fudge factor remains stable. 

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