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  1. 7 hours ago, Buddsy said:

    What machining centre did they have? DMG? Or Mazak?

    Is was LC Jay on oak street that cast them though  wasnt it? Or was that just the 4 pots?


    They were cast in the Midlands by Gmail & W or Zues, I can't remember which. Not sure about the 4 cylinder but I machined loads of them as well.

    If you look at your cam carriers and they have stamped I and E letters they were machined on old Moog tape machines, if they machined they were done on a vertical mazak, I did that too, too many were stamped with the wrong letter!

    Blocks where done on a H630n mazak.

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  2. 7 hours ago, nello said:

    I think mine is the same as the sale car Steven. You sure yours is not just turned around a bit? BTW is your car added to the West Sump register? We're trying to capture all the HC Turbos.......

    My mistake, I found a picture on my phone of my instruments, it's the same as the red car. My fault for having beer for breakfast! Yes, it's on the register, owner shown as Lotus Engineering, the previous owner.

  3. 9 minutes ago, swindon_alan said:

    Was the "development work" the factory suspension upgrade programme Steve? Interesting. A lot of of my accident repair parts came from the S4s to V8 dev + also suspension upgrade car but I didn't know that Lotus had bought older Esprit models for that work?

    Yes, suspension and tyre work. Google the reg. number, you will find a thread on here from 2006 about the car, and some other stuff about the suspension project. I believe it was also used for other things, developing alternative oil filter, starter motor, waste gate  etc.

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  4. That is a great looking car. I used to walk passed it everyday when I worked upstairs, but I left 2 years ago. There is a story about the tailgate, I think its a new one made from a mold taken from another one, or something, I didn't take much notice at the time.

    I also bought my car from Lotus, it too had a few pieces missing, main ones being the wiper arm and the service history


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  5. 1 hour ago, S31982 said:

    Hi Barry, thanks or the response.

    I will get that friggin clip back on but had to stop as my arm muscles were at bursting point! Is there a tool on the market that may help?

    Still no spark at the plugs. removed a lead and put a spare plug in it, rested it on the block, but no spark on crank over.

    The only tool I know of is a timing gun, my bottom clip will not will not go on when the timing is correct so I have to twist the distributor to get the clip on, then reset the timing.

  6. And its back!

    Feel a bit silly now, the pipe from the distributor had fallen off the 4 way connector that connects the plenum, the distributor, the fuel pressure regulator and the boost gauge, so the regulator was not seeing boost pressure therefore not increasing fuel pressure, therefore it was running out of fuel at high load.

    I have bought a pressure gauge to check the fuel pressure, the workshop manual suggests putting the gauge into the fuel line between the pump and the regulator, this seems wrong to me, surely I need to measure the pressure after the regulator?

    I have also seen various figures to set the pressure to, 3.5, 4.5, less than 3.5 at tick over, what have other people done and where have you connected the gauge?







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