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  1. On ‎12‎/‎16‎/‎2014 at 21:19, PhilW said:

    Going to renew over Christmas.  Want to use antifreeze rather than Evans. 

    What are peoples latest thoughts/experiences.  There are loads of other threads but some are quite old now so any good info would be very gratefully received.


    Thanks in anticipation


    A few thoughts/experiences -

    • Don't do it with a hangover
    • I have never got away with spending any time in the garage Christmas day or Boxing day
    • The day after boxing day is OK but see first point
    • I use blue, it works, its cheap, it doesn't matter if you cant get the old stuff out,  why wouldn't you?






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  2. 17 hours ago, Buddsy said:

    @Steven162 Didnt realise you were from Norfolk. A few of us have spotted a white Esprit around. Was it you I spotted a few months back one evening turning off heading towards Woods End Bramerton?


    I live in Martham, near Great Yarmouth. When I am not in China the Esprit is my weekend car, it normally goes to Yarmouth at least once on Saturday and Sunday to take/collect my daughter from work and gets used for anything else that doesn't need more than one passenger.

    I saw your car on the seafront a few weeks ago, I went in the Esprit but as I couldn't stay all day was told that I couldn't park with the rest of the Lotus cars, so I parked in my normal spot outside St Nicolas church and walked.

    We will have to meet up one day





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  3. 8 hours ago, Steve4012 said:

    Is the air intake pipe in good condition? This could start to compress and restrict when more air is demanded at higher engine speed. Also check the air filter itself if you haven't already. 

    Its not in brilliant condition, I will try the car with it disconnected, just once, to discount anything on the air intake side.

    The pipe between the dirty side of the air filter and the air intake on the outside of the car had fallen off the inside of the air intake, its now back on but hasn't made any difference. 



  4. Thanks guys, I will look at the diaphragm tomorrow.

    A bit more info - I only use the car weekends, I work away during the week and sometimes spend 3 weeks away in China, last weekend was the first time I had used the car for 4 weeks. I took my daughter to work in Yarmouth, on the way pulling away from a roundabout it sounded different, louder with a more pronounced engine speed related whine, my first thought was it sounded like a very tight cam belt, this went away as we got into town, on the way back the only difference was 6psi boost, not the normal 7.5.

    This week the boost is down to 3psi and it wont rev at full load in higher gears.

    One thought is low fuel pressure because of a blocked filter, not sure symptoms would be the same though





  5. The turbo is spinning because I am getting 3psi of boost, I have removed the input pipe, the turbo is free to rotate and there is no abnormal movement, axially or radially.

    I have checked the whole air in route, everything is clear, there are no noises which make me think either boost is leaking or exhaust pressure is leaking.

    Any ideas welcome!


  6. Hi all,

    Some history, 1987 Turbo Esprit HC, 60000 miles, for the last 3000 miles has been perfect, 7.5psi boost in all gears, hits rev limiter in lower gears very quickly, will spin rear wheels in a straight line on a wet road in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, will spin inside wheel on roundabouts in the dry in second gear. 

    Until last weekend, it reached about 6psi and felt a bit soft, then this weekend it gets about 3psi, feels slow. It will rev to limiter in 2nd, at 4000rpm in 4th and full throttle there is 3psi boost and it wont rev any more, in 5th it will reach 3psi and about 3500rpm, then no more revs.

    I have checked timing, this is spot on. The car starts, idles, drives as normal, just will not boost over 3psi or rev at WOT in higher gears. There are no strange noises, no sound of leaking boost or leaking exhaust.

    Ideas please!!










  7. Yesterday I fitted new front callipers, pads, flexis and the metal pipes on the callipers to my 87 hc turbo. On the test drive I hit a deer, I was probably doing about 50mph when I hit it, sadly the deer died, it also removed the number plate and cracked the front bumper quite badly, luckily no lights broken.

    Feel more for the deer than the car to be honest, the last time I hit one was 25 years ago




  8. Yes, I got the distributor back in OK, after a battle! I really need smaller hands. I now understand how the clamp works. I am getting about 28 degrees advance maximum when I rev the engine, it must be somewhere near.


    JohnP, I didn't blow the engine up, just lost drive to the distributor at full throttle/load/revs which caused a huge explosion behind the car but no damage, once the distributor was put back in and timed all was fine.

  9. I bought three tins of the paint in the picture below and actually only used one tin for all parts on my Turbo HC, so it did both cam covers, the diffuser, plenum backplate and the plenum cover.


    I have 2 tins left, enough for two more engines, free to a good home if you can collect from near Great Yarmouth or Coventry.


    I machined a lot of the red parts for both 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder engines when I worked at Lotus, the colour and finish looks the same to me. I remember peeling the masking tape off the parts after it had been through the Colorcote ovens was not a good job.







  10. Hi people,


    I adjusted my ignition timing today, I need some confirmation (or otherwise) I  did it correctly! I have never really adjusted timing before and have nightmares about melting pistons etc.


    Its an 87 Turbo HC.


    Hot engine, all vacuum connections plugged in. I adjusted it to 12 degrees BTDC at tick over (about 900rpm by the dashboard gauge) using my timing gun which has a knob that can be set to the required angle BTDC so that the TDC mark can be used instead of other marks. Before adjustment, it was running about 25 degrees BTDC at tick over, found by moving the knob on the gun until the TDC mark on the flywheel aligned with the pin in the clutch housing and looking at the position of the knob.


    As I adjusted the timing the idle slowed a little so I had to adjust it up a bit.


    The car feels crisper, and has a bit more popping on the overrun.


    Have I made a fundamental mistake or not?






    PS. I did make a schoolboy error, I didn't understand how the clamp works on the distributor so after adjusting the timing I tightened the horizontal nut that holds the clamp to the oil pump housing and thought after a blast up the road to see how it drives I will re-check the timing and then tighten the vertical clamp bolt. I turned out of the drive, gently through first gear, changed into 2nd, booted it and at about 6000rpm there was huge bang and a flash in the rear view mirror that I saw even though I was driving in bright sunshine, and a dead engine. You all know what had happened......   


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