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  1. d_mann


  2. My s1 lasts about 10 days before not having enough power to start the car.
  3. Had seen one on ebay, contacted the seller but he's sold it. I've tried dealers but they aren't available anymore, might have to go the aftermarket route. Is your colour coded bibs? I'm note sure if a black one would look better so it looks like the soft top from distance.
  4. I take it that you have a genuine Lotus hardtop? Any chance of uploading some photos, I'm still after one myself.
  5. d_mann


    Hi Nick, finally thought I best join!! Yeah it was from Ben at Castle. The photos are even ones from the advert, I love the fact it has the 30 sign behind it!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about getting a hardtop for my S1, can anyone recommend any? I have seen that Middlemoor Mouldings produce them for £300 in primer including rubbers and fittings... I've contacted them for some photos but would be interested if anyone has any comments and / or recommendations. I don't really want one which requires any drilling and has to be bolted down. Thanks Dave
  7. d_mann


    Good evening all, I've been meaning to join the forum for a while now but haven't got round to it till now. I bought my S1 Elise last year and I must admit I have enjoyed every moment of ownership! I've done just under 3000 miles since last November including a trip down to Le Mans Classic with some fellow Lotus owners. It's pretty standard except Bilstein suspension, sports exhaust, uprated lights and the spoiler- I know it's not everyone's taste but I like it. Dave
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