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  1. Sorry @DanR nothing new to report. I'm still in California, haven't had the time to ship it over yet. I might keep it in the U.K and restore it there. Keeping my eye on this Sport 300 auction!
  2. Thanks for directing me to this thread @Fridge ! Hi @LOTUSMAN33 , hijacking the thread a bit to show my 1977 S1, I picked it up last weekend. An original Monaco white car with 31,000 miles on the clock. I have managed to locate an air pump and injectors stateside but let me know if you'd like to sell your federal parts. I'm based in California so have to pass SMOG emissions to get it registered here. My car has Weber carbs, I've just bought a pair of Stombergs that will have to go on, bye bye 20 bhp! You can see the air injectors in my pix plugged up. A previous owner took off the air injector rail and air pump. Catalytic converter remains. I'll start a separate build thread when I get it spruced up.
  3. Thanks for your interest Gary and Molli. I have a new batch of washers built up, PM's sent.
  4. Hi Jason, it's a dilemma when rebuilding Compomotives. You either fit stainless steel bolts and accept they are more brittle or install 12.9 tensile steel ones and paint them black after installation to protect them from rust. I have fitted both in the past. Realistically stainless steel ones are fine. I torqued mine to 25 ft lbs but I've heard Compomotive originally only quoted they should be tightened to around 18 ft lbs. Mine never snapped and would be adequate for all conditions unless you over-steered into a curb! What value did you torque your bolts to? When fitting 12.9 tensile steel bolts the black coating offers little corrosion resistance, hence the need to paint them after installation to cover them from the elements.
  5. Hi Justin, I'm based in San Francisco nowadays so it will be easy to get some washers across to you. I'll PM you shortly, I think I have a few sets left.
  6. Hi all, not much progress on the restoration I'm afraid. It's still in storage but I visited it today and put the K699 JCL number plates on. I also received the 1994 Lotus calendar I bought off eBay which has a picture of it inside, I love collecting these bits of history on it. The plan is still to export it to America. I'm now working in California which has strict emissions laws. I will probably have to apply for 'show and display' status that allows people to import rare non US cars. Although Lotus sold Esprits in America in the 90's they had different emissions hardware on the engine which I have no appetite to install. Wishing you all a successful 2020 on your projects!
  7. Great write up David, congrats on the restoration. You've done an amazing job getting it back together. I'll be in the UK over Christmas, I'll try to meet for a look. Beautiful!
  8. Looks like this will make a great project car...
  9. For those interested in sourcing a Sport 300, here's one for sale in Germany...
  10. Hi Giniw The Toyo R888 fitment on the Sport 300 has been well documented by @jollyroger and @ERIC340R on the following thread... I live in America nowadays, Toyo have updated the spec, they are now called R888R. I'm hoping to import the car to California later this year, good to know tyres will not be an issue for me!
  11. Chuffed to see the Sport 300 getting some love on Carfection!
  12. @Jack Stone kindly posted pix of Johnny Herbert and Pedro Lamy outside Ketteringham Hall with a Sport 300 in another post. It had a different number plate to mine but my friend spotted some interesting autographs on the sun visors on my car. Johnny Herbert's is definitely visible but I'm unsure of the other 4, could one of them be @Kimbers ? I guess Johnny signed mine sometime between 1993 and 1994 when he raced for Team Lotus.
  13. Hi @Bibs , the VIN number corresponds to the number of the Sport 300 that was made. 8064 is therefore Sport 300 number 64. According to DVLA records it no longer exists. Maybe it's in Lotus heaven, had a plate change, exported etc, etc..... Mine is 8008, Sport 300 number 008. Apparently my car has several signatures on the sun visor. I'll post some pix on my restoration thread when I have a chance to photograph it, I'm hoping I have Jonny Herbert and Pedro Lamy's autographs!
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