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  1. Thanks for directing me to this thread @Fridge ! Hi @LOTUSMAN33 , hijacking the thread a bit to show my 1977 S1, I picked it up last weekend. An original Monaco white car with 31,000 miles on the clock. I have managed to locate an air pump and injectors stateside but let me know if you'd like to sell your federal parts. I'm based in California so have to pass SMOG emissions to get it registered here. My car has Weber carbs, I've just bought a pair of Stombergs that will have to go on, bye bye 20 bhp! You can see the air injectors in my pix plugged up. A previous owner took off t
  2. Thanks for your interest Gary and Molli. I have a new batch of washers built up, PM's sent.
  3. Hi Jason, it's a dilemma when rebuilding Compomotives. You either fit stainless steel bolts and accept they are more brittle or install 12.9 tensile steel ones and paint them black after installation to protect them from rust. I have fitted both in the past. Realistically stainless steel ones are fine. I torqued mine to 25 ft lbs but I've heard Compomotive originally only quoted they should be tightened to around 18 ft lbs. Mine never snapped and would be adequate for all conditions unless you over-steered into a curb! What value did you torque your bolts to? When fitting 12.9 tens
  4. Hi Justin, I'm based in San Francisco nowadays so it will be easy to get some washers across to you. I'll PM you shortly, I think I have a few sets left.
  5. Hi all, not much progress on the restoration I'm afraid. It's still in storage but I visited it today and put the K699 JCL number plates on. I also received the 1994 Lotus calendar I bought off eBay which has a picture of it inside, I love collecting these bits of history on it. The plan is still to export it to America. I'm now working in California which has strict emissions laws. I will probably have to apply for 'show and display' status that allows people to import rare non US cars. Although Lotus sold Esprits in America in the 90's they had different emissions hardware o
  6. Great write up David, congrats on the restoration. You've done an amazing job getting it back together. I'll be in the UK over Christmas, I'll try to meet for a look. Beautiful!
  7. Looks like this will make a great project car...
  8. For those interested in sourcing a Sport 300, here's one for sale in Germany...
  9. Hi Giniw The Toyo R888 fitment on the Sport 300 has been well documented by @jollyroger and @ERIC340R on the following thread... I live in America nowadays, Toyo have updated the spec, they are now called R888R. I'm hoping to import the car to California later this year, good to know tyres will not be an issue for me!
  10. Chuffed to see the Sport 300 getting some love on Carfection!
  11. @Jack Stone kindly posted pix of Johnny Herbert and Pedro Lamy outside Ketteringham Hall with a Sport 300 in another post. It had a different number plate to mine but my friend spotted some interesting autographs on the sun visors on my car. Johnny Herbert's is definitely visible but I'm unsure of the other 4, could one of them be @Kimbers ? I guess Johnny signed mine sometime between 1993 and 1994 when he raced for Team Lotus.
  12. Hi @Bibs , the VIN number corresponds to the number of the Sport 300 that was made. 8064 is therefore Sport 300 number 64. According to DVLA records it no longer exists. Maybe it's in Lotus heaven, had a plate change, exported etc, etc..... Mine is 8008, Sport 300 number 008. Apparently my car has several signatures on the sun visor. I'll post some pix on my restoration thread when I have a chance to photograph it, I'm hoping I have Jonny Herbert and Pedro Lamy's autographs!
  13. A small update on the car. I was keen on getting it back to its original press car K699 JCL number plate. After messaging @ThePits for advice I contacted DVLA. Worst case scenario I feared it would be offered to the general public in an auction where I might have been embroiled in a bidding war. I sent the personalised registration department a grovelling letter with pix of my logbook and chassis numbers. They agreed to change the number back and my updated V5 arrived a few days later, all at no cost! We all have a moan at DVLA but in this instance they did an outstanding job of appreciat
  14. Hi Dragan Thanks for the offer. The ABS cover was hidden in the front compartment, my friend fished it out whilst rummaging around it. So glad to have all these pieces still intact. It all adds to the originality!
  15. Yes, those were the parts set aside for my car. Sorry, not sure where to ring as an outsider. I was allowed to call the parts department direct when I was there but I don't think they speak to 'civilians'! A Lotus dealer should be able to inquire for you, it's all listed on a database so they should be able to decipher what's available.w
  16. Hi Giniw, sorry I don't. They are discounted (as they try to clear out old stock) so you could try contacting a local Lotus dealer for a price. When I used to work at Lotus I could contact the parts department directly. Alas working for Daimler Trucks nowadays I no longer have those privileges!
  17. Thanks Travis, I was reading it as your message came up! It's a beautiful restoration, I don't think I'm going to go so far as to re-galvanize the chassis, truly epic! I'd like to get the suspension looking all shiny and new again with new bushings and brakes. One day I'll respray it but the current condition doesn't warrant that amount of work.
  18. Thanks @Bibs, there was a stack of parts from Lotus next to the car. Unfortunately they consisted of odd parts E.g One rear brake caliper, one front damper, one drivers seat shell (untrimmed) etc. I passed on purchasing them and quite frankly my bank balance needs time to recover before I start hoarding bits for the restoration! Ridiculously I'm stressing out trying to find the cover for the ABS pump and relays, part number A082M4896K but I'm sure one will come along in time.
  19. Over 100,000 miles, it's been enjoyed that's for sure and was indeed the village bike back in the day when it was road tested in all the magazines. You'd never tell looking at the interior. I showed it to Gerald at GST Performance. I felt the first port of call would be a full engine rebuild. He said it's run in at that mileage and a good service might be all that is required. I'll give it a compression test and engine oil analysis before deciding how far to take it. It might only require the valves re-shimming. Suspension is rusty so I'd like to tear it down and get the arms re-coat
  20. B05 Norfolk Mustard paint code No.008 I think I'm missing a fuse box cover. Does anyone have a spare one I can buy?
  21. It's Norfolk Mustard, although I prefer Mica Yellow. The Birmingham Motor Show car was Mica, it must have been an early prototype as it had the TR7 door handles.
  22. My copper fire is for sale on Car and Classic, open to offers! PM me if anyone is interested. I can always get another S3 turbo and I have a stack of Compomotive CX500 split rim wheels in storage. Sport 300's on the other hand....
  23. Yes Stuart, it was meant to be rebuilt at Lotus but the motor sport department was closed down leaving it stranded for a while.
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