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  1. This is very upsetting news. It only seems like yesterday when we briefly met to discuss the refurbishment of my car. I was very grateful for the advice and passion Nick showed. R.I.P.
  2. md, I would just like to point out that the auctioned Evora had only just surpassed it's first year of manufacturers warranty and therefore the remainder would still be covered by any main dealer . Who knows, maybe there is a CR box included? The fact that the carbon extras aren't listed maybe the CR box was also omitted. I might ask when I pop in this week.
  3. With it being a provisional sale it probably did not reach it's reserve price, but there could be an opportunity of negotiating with the seller
  4. Just returned from BCA Nottingham where they had a lovely red Evora up for sale. Bid finished on £33600, a Provisional sale. Registered 22OCT 2010 5717 miles 2829NO private reg Black Carbon roof and mirrors
  5. I beg to differ, I have had a poor experience at the factory which has completely ruined my esprit ownership.
  6. bo90

    Essex 007

    I've just noticed the HC Commemorative No. 15 up for sale at £25000 from a dealer in Gloucestershire. Thats a premium on the auction price and £1000 more than Barry Ely's price.
  7. The ebay listing finished at £432!
  8. bo90

    Lotus Renault GP

    Bibs, surely tou mean 4 Black & Gold Lotus cars on the grid? I'm just glad that I am not doing the camerawork on the track!
  9. bo90

    Evora TV Ad

    I have only seen this promo on the Lotus web site, has anybody actually seen it on tv?
  10. Spotted a sleek looking 2-11 at Saxondale roundabout near Bingham at 4pm. The driver resembling Dick Dastardly, albeit in dark brown leather!
  11. bo90


    Saw a white Evora leaving Wembley Stadium Car park after the England v Montenegro game.
  12. bo90

    Essex 007

    which auction was that in Barrie?
  13. Pistonheads headline- LOTUS EMAIL REVEALS, OH, WHATEVER... More PR shenanigans from the Lotus crazy gang
  14. Pete, it washes off but I have to do it everytime I remove the cover. Yesterday I noticed water within the boot compartment next to the battery, I think the "waterproof" element of the cover is failing.
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