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  1. I do recall Plato giving a good report on the 2-11 in the last series, he will probably compare the two.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!! Did you spend your day under one of the Loti?!
  3. Apologies Cliff, just had a job at Wembley come in, probably some "flower pot" trophy. I know where I'd rather be.
  4. With the old card my points were transfered to Airmiles, for some reason with the points collected on the new card are being collected for vouchers. I've had two vouchers for a fiver off a fuel purchase and one came in this week for
  5. Jean and Tony, I'm interested to know whether either of you have seen the Europa S in the flesh?
  6. I've done this cock-up a year ago so this time I was driving into the petrol station and kept saying "V-Power unleaded, V-Power unleaded, V-Power unleaded", and yet I still grabbed the V-Power diesel and pumped in 45 litres before I realised! UNBELIEVABLE! Thankfully the guy's from National Tyres next door were willing to help but I did ring my own recovery cover and AA for some quotes. AA on site pumping service was
  7. Bibs, Well I hope your Blessing was more beneficial than mine, I only filled up the car with V-Power DIESEL this afternoon!!! I see what you mean Andy! Pete, I'M just really TALL!
  8. Yes, that dodgy respray really stands out there! However look at the photo below of another Commemorative, it also has a darker shade towards the rear. Maybe thats how they came? Not sure if Barry Ely's is like this? The re-trimmed 2 spoke steering wheel Andy, which you kindly supplied was in the boot. Unfortunately it's not quite up to spec and needs to be looked at so i didn't bother fitting it.
  9. either that or the Holy Water which the Priest had little control over!
  10. Don't worry if you couldn't come, as you know it was a very last minute affair which was why I didn't invite the whole Esprit community! Basically with many family members and friends (including the local Priest) constantly asking me when they will get to see the esprit I decided to invite them all to witness the Blessing of No.11 conducted by the same local Priest!! ( I really need this devine intervention!) It made for a good excuse to have a drink or two also! Everyone was thoroughly gob-smacked and amused at the spectacle and I was shocked to see lots of kids treat My prized no.11 as a playground toy. Thanks for coming Pete at such short notice, a lovely BRG S4 you have there, and it was the red light that stopped me from being right behind you all the way to Sherwood Forest! No doubt we will meet up soon when I hope a local turbo essex will also join us!! Pic below is the Priest doing the Blessing and then below that Me and Pete "oogieboogie""
  11. :laughing: Money on ot's way, as soon as I sell my painting of the weeping boy!
  12. Cliff I will try to come down and make this all depends on work. Is there a deadline to get tickets?
  13. My No. 11 was signed off the production line on the 16th March 1987 with the 6 vents. I can only assume that cars made after March had the 2 vent bonnet. I have been told by Lotus that it wasn't important to have a consecutive build or number run for the Limited Edition cars, they were pulled off the line fairly randomly. According to information from Chris Brown No. 11 was followed by No 2,3,13,16,4,14,15 then 12! However the info I have on No.15 does not match it's own certificate, so all very confusing!
  14. Indeed I have been in touch with Chris on many occasions to find information on cars that I was thinking of buying. He was very helpful on every occasion.
  15. Yes GST Chris, With regards to the bonnet I can only assume that the very last Giugiaro cars were fitted with a 2 vent bonnet. I have seen a non commemorative hc with this 2 vent bonnet and the new Lotus Spare Parts list only has this style available also.
  16. Yes amazing work Paul, i really envy people who are capable of undertaking such a job.
  17. Is there any reason not to fit the following tyres to Guigiaro S3 Turbo Esprits?
  18. I emailed the owner immidiately to forward me some clearer photos and also asked whether he had the certificate, Alpine Stereo and luggage set . I also emailed my good friend who lives in Cape Town to contact the seller and eventually view the car. Although the photo is poor I believe it to be a Limited Edition HC. I have not seen a red L.E HC since 1986 when i visited the Motorshow. I did take 3 photos however none of them show the limited number of the show car. The cover of LOTUS HERITAGE has a red L.E. hc but the edition number is not clear. UK Sports Cars, formally Kent Sports Cars did sell a 2-tone red hc about 8 years ago. I know that No. 12 came off the production line around 30/4/87 and I do have the chassis number for it so i would be able to check. In the last 3 months since aquiring No. 11 I have seen 13,14,15,20 and now 12. As for the price i think it's a real snip!!! Below is my No.11 next to No.13
  19. Here I was, browsing the pages of LEF in the early hours as you do when suddenly my pc, window and chair started to shake!!! Thought the riot police had smashed through the front of the house but after only a few seconds all was still and quiet again! Absolutely bricked it!!
  20. I've looked for 2 years and then in 2 months three turn up for sale!
  21. bo90

    New Sale from Lotus

    WOW amazing prices, shame I bought a rearview mirror for
  22. Just came back from my 45 minute lesson in a PA28 and I have to say, I would have prefered to have driven my No11! A bit windy above Sherwood Forest today which has done my head no good at all. Really envy you Iain! For the guys in the States that 45 minutes lesson was
  23. Sorry to hear that Adrian, so frustrating when you're a fraction over. One of the reasons why i am delaying driving my No.11 is that I'm currently on 10 points, one false move and I'm out. I just need to survive till the 18th March when a 4 pointer expires and I'm able to breath alittle easier!
  24. Guy's , only just seen this! couldnt make it this weekend anyway. Weekends are not great for me however i do have next Saturday off or any day in the week. Till the next one!
  25. Sounds like it's going to be a really smart, proffesional exhibit with Cliffs superb Giugiaro and hopefully a sport300. will try to come down. WELL DONE BIBS
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