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  1. i can see it, using ie version 6, in the uk
  2. John, Did Bell & Colville not say anything about a new model on the horizon? My dealer persuaded me to keep the deposit with them, atleast for the next 4 weeks! I have a feeling that we will hear or even see something special next monday at the factory.
  3. Went to the Lotus dealer today to finally cancel my Europa order and retrieve my deposit but the salesman persuaded me to hang on for around 4 weeks. He said that details of a new model should be announced and the model fits between europa and new esprit, He mentioned it would be of M250 size. I asked him if he new why the Esprit had been delayed and he said it was down to a change of engine. Obviously this could all be codswallop but I have a feeling that our factory visit next monday will be one to remember!!
  4. I'd take up all these offers if only i owned a esprit turbo hc!! :-(
  5. Bigsi, could you possibly add a photo of you seat change, and did you get the probax seats? cheers
  6. I'd imagine that eventually afer say 2 years the Europa would be available in the USA. No doubt lotus are trying to maximise their sales of the elise/exige models first before they bombard the market with another product. I've been told that the titanium grey colour is the one that all lotus dealers have been given for their showroom cars . Unfortunately i have decided to withdraw my order of the europa on the basis that i am too large for it and it's overpriced......... and my strong desire to own a G esprit, the best looking supercar ever made!!
  7. Unfortunately i have decided to withdraw my order and will collect my deposit which was placed back in march. Drove the car last week and realised immidiately that it's still made for Colin Chapman sized drivers. i also have to question whether at
  8. Unbelievably quiet, I was having a normal converstion at 80mph and could hear the radio comfortably in the background! I had to check the speedometer because 80mph did not feel like 80, it was smooth, calm and stable.
  9. Just got back home and still buzzing after driving Lotus's newest model. First saw the car in Geneva and the shape has been growing on me since. Unfortunately my shape is also growing and found that the cockpit is just not quite right for a 6ft 3" bloke! My main problem was shifting the gear stick into 5th and 6th, the left knee being a constant obstruction. Just like the Elise it accelerated superbly even with an extra 27 stone (me and salesman!) and sliced through the corners with small stearing inputs. At
  10. Yes to be fair he did say he would do the cam belt and mot it. The problem as I see it is that his local mechanic is going to do the works for alot less than the
  11. Thanks for the feedback and advice guys. Unfortunately the seller has decided to increase his asking price by
  12. Indeed. Newbie error! esses? Do you mean essex turbo?
  13. 125 1- Bo 2- Not sure at the moment 3- No 4- No 5- No 6- Not sure at the moment 7- Not sure at the moment 8- Not tingham
  14. Hi guys, I am very close to purchasing a S3 turbo which is up for sale near wentworth. I would like to hear from anyone who might have viewed and inspected this car together with any findings. Thanks in advance. Bo
  15. Lovely car! Was this car advertised on ebay?
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