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    1. Bahrain GP

    Todays Direct feed info for those who have movable satellite dishes Intelsat 10-02 / Thor 2-3-5 (0.8°W) Fréquence: 11651 - Pol: V - SR: 13333 - FEC: - Catégorie: Sport - Formule 1 Transmis en: MPEG-2 4:2:2 Infos: Formula 1 Sakhir(Bahrain) GP
  2. bo90

    1. Bahrain GP

    Here are some details with regards to watching todays practice from Bahrain. For those who can programme their satellite receiver input these settings; Eutelsat W1 (10.0°E) Fréquence: 11127 - Pol: H - SR: 7200 - FEC: 3/4 Catégorie: Sport - Formule 1 Transmis en: MPEG-2 4:2:0 (PAL)
  3. bo90

    1. Bahrain GP

    For those of us who have moving satellite dishes, I will try to put up tv feed information for you to watch the practices
  4. bo90

    1. Bahrain GP

    There will be no HD, Formula One Management who do the host coverage for most of the races have decided not to bother with HD yet again.
  5. However no copper coloured Evora. How do you explain that?!
  6. Isn't that their Hybrid spyder? Claims to do 78mpg!
  7. Indeed I was intrigued by the 414 Hybrid evora's glass roof. Possible option in the future? Bibs, did your pass have "the Guv'nor" on it?!?!?!
  8. They give press passes to anyone these days! Any chance of a close up of the glass roof on the Evora bibs? cheers
  9. It's good to hear that Lotus are covering the car with a "duvet", means we have some state of the art invention/design which we are hiding from the competition! Ofcourse they have lots of spares!! Looking at the pic I can see the nose cone is on, just that the front wing has come off which was probably due to the impact. The car is transported back to the garage where it needs to be stripped, gravel removed, checked for other damage and then rebuilt, half a day atleast!
  10. Hi Neil, My original interest was 3 years ago when I was desperate to purchase an HC. I now have my commemorative HC but updated this topic when I noticed the red 86 HC back on the market with a premium of
  11. There is now a new owner since this car was stored in a small garage
  12. I also passed the dealer on Wednesday to be surprised at a totally empty shop unit.
  13. I thought that all the teams were launching their cars at the same time at one event this year?
  14. Good spot Allan! Is this to comply with the US you think?
  15. This is exactly what Mr Gillett tried to do at Donnington but with the current financial climate he failed to raise the
  16. bo90

    Evora 2+0

    Guy can you elaborate more on the "better quality interior lighting" please?
  17. Did anybody see the commemorative turbo esprit in red with cream interior? It was up for sale in Cape town about a year ago.
  18. bo90

    Evora Book & DVD

    What format is a doovdee? I'm used to deevdee only!
  19. True i've never seen this rendition, the Lack of louvres on the rear is a shame. I Would love to see the front of this one
  20. Yes, thanks for all of your hard work for organising an enjoyable forum weekend, another top job by B+L! Shame i couldn't make it in time for Saturday's events and sorry for not seeing you and thanking you personally at end of the day (working out my transport home!). Pass on my thanks also to all of the volunteers from Lotus cars!
  21. Even better editing skills! ;-)
  22. Has there been a definitive price established for these?
  23. I could probably get a zeus engine for it!
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