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  1. I've not had much luck with the pods lately. i never managed to get the left motor working and yesterday the right light pod failed to rise. I can hear relays switching when pressing the switch, 3rd relay was pretty hot. I removed the left motor and opened it up as I found it hard to turn the motor manually. here are some photos. Would I be correct in thinking that it has burnt out?
  2. I regret not taking it at
  3. The original purchaser requested that the louvres be painted the same as the body work when ordering from B&C. i don't think the factory did this.
  4. Two and a half years on I eventually see the Turbo HC up for sale on Pistonheads I had spent many months toying in purchasing this car, originally at £10500 but declined and then later at £12500. The car had 19950 miles at the time so the seller, should he sell at this new price would benefit from thousands of free motoring miles!
  5. bo90

    IPB 3.0.0

    ahhh, if i log on using my correct email address I can see my correct profile! ignore my profile statement above!
  6. bo90

    IPB 3.0.0

    my profile has been changed to cvg_1910861256! also all of my history has been erased which includes posts, topics and attachments and my avatar. I tried to read page 2 of the Guigaro technical-interior/lights.....topic and it wouldn't open up. I tried to search for "pod" knowing that this word was used in a light pod topic I posted on once before but the search didn't find it. Not sure if this change over has goneto plan?
  7. I booked the hotel today for saturday night only and managed to get the LEF discount without any problem, there is however a
  8. I CAN MAKE IT!! I was sure that I didn't have a free weekend before christmas but miraculously I have the Sunday off and will be able to race down on Saturday night after finishing work. Hope the No.11 makes it as a few issues have cropped up. All I need to do is to book the hotel and then hopefully will see you all at the bar!
  9. I know it wasn't cheap, I think I mentioned a figure of
  10. Hi Joe, Great looking Esprit you have there! At last the Barry Ely car has a home, I hope you get as much pleasure as i have in my No.11!
  11. Richard, that is a clean looking S3 you have there, superb choice. I look forward to spotting it next summer now that England have qualified!
  12. kimbers, did your father play any role in this decision?
  13. I'm unsure about this, I think it's great news that the new CEO could elevate the brand to new highs and if the story in is true then Lotus could be back in the premier league but will the relationship between our forum's and Lotus be effected? Will Lotus ever consider a project to maintain our beloved esprit's like Mike Kimberely did? Has the new CEO ever seen an Esprit and will he ever post here?! mmmmm
  14. I managed to work out what the issue was. As I mentioned the left plastic knob with screw was missing but after removing the washer water bottle I could see the knob sandwiched between the motor arm and bracket! It was stuck fast and also prevented the rotor arm from turning! After removing the linkage I pulled out the knob and connected everything back. Does it work? Don't know because in the space of 2 weeks I have a flat battery, which was new last month!
  15. Thank you very much Adam, i will give it go tomorrow. On the left pod both the plastic surround and the screw are missing, however I do have these pieces on the right pod so will swap if I need to.
  16. my left pod has come to a half way stop. The right is working ok. I went to turn the manual knob to lower the pod but found that the knob is missing, I also noticed that the motor was incredibly hot unlike the pod that was working ok. Has the motor burnt out do you think and where can I get a spare knob?
  17. Have you checked with the factory? I'm sure Ive seen decals in the factory sale.
  18. My free weekends have finally ran out, yesterday was the only free sunday I had. Doubt I'll even make it for the factory frolic
  19. Ive only just seen this also and my heart goes out to you Andrew, thank God you got out without any harm.
  20. Yes it was a nice relaxing get together at bo-manor hall! Steve, sorry i didn't get a photo of your luscious blue esprit but i can vouch for a job well done. Below are a few photos of the Staffordshire Club Lotus Branch.
  21. 1&2 : GGHC87 3: Bazza 4: 910esprit 5: Botus any chance of some tyres and an electric aerial thrown in also?! well done cliff
  22. I'm commited to go . Steve in his essex is also keen but only if it's dry.
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