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  1. well i'm just speechless reading all of these bad events Pete. hope everyone recovers and keep chin up
  2. Was that the plane that glided all the way to the Azores from South America?
  3. There now is an updated version of the europa ev pistonheads
  4. ITV2 12:10am - Basic Instinct!! one of my all time favourite films with not 1 but 2 esprits!!
  5. Hey Steve, Happy New Year to you! Great photo, can't believe you let me wear that sacred jacket. Hope the stitching is in one piece!
  6. Peter, sorry to hear that especially at this time of year, sincere condolences .
  7. doesn't sound like a quick fix then Trevor, your prognosis is very much appreciated. cheers!
  8. I remember driving down to Norwich for the 60th celebrations and half way through the journey my full beam suddenly failed to work, it actually cut out all the lights! The full beam flasher worked ok. Any advice on how to fix this especially if it's a MOT fail? Cheers Bo
  9. bo90


    I bought 2 dvd 007 films at
  10. Indeed Mark, I'm starting to look out for things for you!! ebay
  11. wow great shade of green Neil! I also took a few photos on the lotus stand in 1987, I've only just realised that the red car was one of the commemorative editions. I'll try to post them here.
  12. I can't believe I've actually managed to find let alone get hold of the set, but it had to be done. I am now searching for the original certificate. Pete, Evora money none existent so unfortunately I've had to spend the esprit MOT and insurance money instead!
  13. It is the set that came with the Commemorative Turbo Esprit HC from 1987.
  14. Jimmy not tried it in the boot yet but the pieces are not that large. Chris, i spotted it on another forum. Mark, I bought this set from the original owner of one of the grey commemorative cars. Like most owners he obviously kept the set after parting with the car. The luggage is very well made with the softest of leather and internally lined so I can see why they would keep them.
  15. Having just celebrated a years ownership of my Esprit I was fortunate to acquire the original 3 piece luggage set which was standard at the time. Bearing in mind that there are only 7 grey pig skin leather sets in the world I had no option but to spend the family xmas present fund on this unique accessory! As you can see below the set consists of three pieces. A brief case, a soft hold-all and a portmanteau. The latter unfolds to a free standing mini wardrobe or can be hung on a rail. The rod to hold it upright doubles for a handle to pull it along with. Obviously there are wheels on the bottom and legs to come out for when it is free standing. All very ingenious and Italian designer made. Lotus supplied the manufacturer with the leather and suede that they used in the car to ensure a perfect match. All is original, including the green protective covers shown in one of the pictures. The holdall and the portmanteau were only ever used once and are in pristine condition. The brief case was used on occasions, but is still in very good condition. The pig skin leather and suede are unbelievably soft. Now the search is on for the original certificate!!
  16. Where is it advertised Bibs and at what price?
  17. I rang to order a part once, it was on a Wednesday and it didn't arrive untill the following Monday afternoon so no chance of fitting it over the weekend. Not impressed.
  18. A month ago, "Which" magazine did do a scientific evaluation about super unleaded. Their conclusion was that there was no significant advantage to normal unleaded. That's why i still filled up with V-Power the other day!
  19. With the current economic gloom why not consider a GM Saturn Sky, a fraction of the price no doubt.
  20. Spotted this nice peice about the best Esprit ever made!!
  21. Best wishes Mike and a speedy recovery and Kimbers, can you keep us informed on your fathers recovery. cheers
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