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  1. Oh bugger, cannot do, working in Sheffield. Yesterday was ideal for me though!! next time
  2. I disagree about the premium bonds, in fact i am in the process of cashing mine in. I've held mine for 4 years and probably had a 2% return each year, far below most high interest savings accounts. I would split the pot and invest it in a mixture of products. Right now shares could be a good move as they seem to have hit the lowest point for the last 8 years. A unit trust could be a good move if you are unsure about one particular company.
  3. dont worry, I know an hc when I see one but did you know it was red?!
  4. after making him drink break fluid!
  5. All news channels now need to make a point, a 2 minute story at the top of the hour and embarrass those forecourt oligarchs!
  6. Mr Clements, don't tell me you have had a red g car hc all that time, while i raced up and down the country with you?!
  7. indeed utter tosh and I thought the price was going up because of the huge demand in China.
  8. Just watched BBC news, Gordon Brown for the first time has mentioned the substantial drop in the oil price and how it's not been passed on to the customer. He said he will contact oil companies and OPEC who are ready to prop up the high barrel price. He has seen the light atlast! The press has a part to play also. I clearly remember the headlines that oil will reach $100/b and then hours later my local petrol station upping the price. Didn't know you could make petrol that quick let alone deliver it!
  9. Opec have decided to have a meeting end of October to discuss the declining barrel price and maybe reduce production to prop it up. Oil has dropped back to levels which were last seen in Oct 2007 but surprise, surprise the press do not seem to be highlighting this and the forecourts have failed to adjust. Even the hauliers seem to have given up hope!
  10. Latest Classic and Sportscar magazine have just the article! they compared the elise, vx220, renault spider, caterham. The verdict was that the elise was the superior car, 5 elises were coming off the production line to every 1 vx220 and that was not down to just badge snobery.
  11. and ebay uk it seems. Note the different seats and steering wheel
  12. the local news crew that were filming the anniversary celebrations should have been informed about the councils decision not to open potash lane and highlighted the difficulties that marred the day. I wonder whether it was the councillor who forced his way through the one way flow on potash lane, driving some ugly grey/silver 6-seater?!
  13. Ahhh, you will be hunting for the next generation esprit then!
  14. That's amazing considering I waited 5 days for a part from Lotusbits, and they are an hour down the road!
  15. bo90

    Bigsi's new car

    Si, sorry if I have not kept up but did you sell your Esprit then?
  16. Thanks LOTUS for a great day and great CARS!
  17. welcome Per! I just hope it doesn't take you 2 years to find your Esprit like it did me!! Happy searching
  18. there is one on ebay for sale, now! actually, quantity 3!!
  19. I merchandised myself up during the Brian Angus talk! Dooooohhh!
  20. whoops! still got guiness in them cells!
  21. I did hear MJK then Hazel officially opening the proceedings on the tannoy as I walked from the car park. I took a photo of Hazel Chapman as soon as I got to the VIP tent which is time stamped at 1125.
  22. Having stayed up till 3.30am with Mat and Dave, proping up the Dunston bar I was a bit slow the following morning. At 9:15 I had a quick browse through the car park and decided to have breakfast instead of joing the convoy. Shameful I know! But in the end it was a wise decision because I left the hotel at 10.00 and made a left turn out of the hotel which took me cross country to Hethel. I did have to crawl the last stretch untill pc plod made potash lane a oneway road but basically i was parked up by 11am and was wondering where all the Esprits were?!
  23. both items have now been aquired, cheers
  24. Hey Andy, sent you pm. not heard from the seller as yet. If someone can collect on sat then that would be fab. I shall sms you when i have some contact with seller. cheers bo
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