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  1. Guess what Andy? I won it. Let me know whether any AEG members are near and can collect, I will be at Hethel on Sunday. Cheers Bo
  2. Have you seen this on Pistonheads? A one-off Europa worth
  3. Have a safe trip guy's, glad to hear that you have alternative crossing since eurotunnel will still be closed. Hope you manage to bring some of that top quality beer, "koelsch"!!
  4. Hey Nick, the sunroof is a mystery but the bonnet air vents were the very last ones of 87 and the interior is definitely 87 hc.
  5. Thats why I'm coming down under night fall, hopefully you will all be rooted up!
  6. WOW, great looking Esprit Tim. Go out and show those beach babes what a cool dude you really are!!
  7. Guys, just a check to see who is going to the factory this sunday and what time. Would be good if we had our own convoy of 4! I am leaving Notts on Saturday night at around 8pm as i'm working in Derby till 7pm. I realise that this isn't the best time of departure!
  8. Cheers Andy, what is the going rate for the cover do you think?
  9. Yes i popped down in the afternoon. Below is my post from evora forum I Had an oppurtunity of seeing the Evora in the flesh for the first time today down at Peter Smiths in Hatton.As I pulled up in my Esprit I could see that the dealer went to great lengths to display the car properly. They had only moved 5/6 cars out of the main showroom (which incidently was specifically built in 1999 to house the M250 models) and re-arranged the dealership! I had the whole showroom to myself and was able to take a number of photos while wearing a cheshire cat grin . Around the car were various colour charts and official photos together with 4 driver seats upholstered with different colour leathers. The Evora looked a quality product with nice details and quality finishing. . The indicators embedded in the headlights was a nice touch and I pressume the wing mirrors will incorporate the indicators as the show car has no indicators down the sides. The interior was huge in comparison to an elise and definitely bigger than my Esprit, sadly the car was a LHD so i was unable to check the gear shift in 5th and 6th. I am 6ft 3 and in the elise and europa my knee has been sandwiched in the past between the steering wheel and gear stick. For the first time ever in a lotus, I had to adjust the seat forwards to sit in the perfect driving position and I must have had a gap of 2 inches above my head!! The combination of leather, brushed alluminium and uncluttered dash made the interior a pleasant sporty capsule. Slightly off putting were the pedals which were offset to the right, maybe the RHD version will be different. Passenger seat comfort was like a dentist chair which obviously made the rear seats non existant but if the front seats are moved forward then children are able to slide in the back. The real thing does look good, it does not have the elise snout as seen in Autocar magazine but I thought the rear wings over the wheels looked too beefy from certain angles. I just can't wait to drive one now!
  10. I'm afraid it's standard opening times, 9am till 530pm.
  11. I've not rang the dealer yet but he might be open late on wednesday night if that's any good?
  12. Guys, Peter Smith Sports cars in Hatton, Derbyshire (just off the A50) will have the new lotus Evora on show! I am definitely down to see it as i have the whole day free but maybe it would be an oppurtunity for us all to meet up depending on everyones availability?
  13. I have just found out that I could be working on the 14th now however it has not been confirmed. As a freelancer it is difficult to turn down work and lately I have had a few issues with one of my main clients. Not sure what to do as I have set my sights on coming to the factory?
  14. Anybody who has a Sunrrof spoiler and cover for sale which is compatible with a S3 turbo Esprit then please let me know. Cheers. Bo
  15. bo90


    Anybody has a toolkit for sale then please let me know. Cheers. Bo
  16. bo90

    BLACK V8

    he was there for a while, must have a 10 cd interchanger!
  17. bo90

    BLACK V8

    atlast uploaded the photo!
  18. I think what Steve actually attempted to do was to recreate the bond barrell roll stunt and he seems to have pulled it off with only slight NS suspension damage!! :lol
  19. I thought it was just a white van syndrome to reverse without a thorough look?! I had a big white van reverse into me 2 weeks ago while waiting at a set of lights. I saw him coming before I could reverse, thankfully I had the breaks off and his underslung spare tyre gently bumped me backwards, if it wasn't for that tyre I'm sure I would have suffered as you have Rob. sorry to see this
  20. bo90

    BLACK V8

    Spotted this left hand drive V8 parked up at Toddington north bound services. car was on the L plate. Hope everything was ok as the rear hatch was open and saw the driver studying, what looked like the car manual. Later on he overtook me on the M1
  21. bo90

    What a World

    the contrast was more evident when there used to be a shanty town right next to the formula 1 circuit in Sao Paulo. Not really what VIP guests and race goers would want to see so it was removed or should i say flattened.
  22. bo90

    Evora in Black

    In which case, roll on JPS livery!
  23. Yesterday was the 31st aniversary for the release of "The Spy who loved me". I remember seeing it 6 times in 1 week!
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