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  1. My girlfriend sold her TT roadster last year to a foreign buyer.

    He came over after seeing the advert, briefly checked the car and paid in sterling.

    I told her to go directly to the bank with him before handing over the keys so that the money could be checked and deposited instantly.

    Everything went fine and the buyer informed her that eventually the car would end up in Malta as do most of his RHD purchases. Apparently there is money to be made.

  2. Sorry to hear about your predicament Paul, hope things turn out better.

    Mark, get that rocket taxed!!

    Is Skeggy on the destination list then? Sounds like a whole day out!

    If we are getting bored of the usual haunts how about the space centre in Leicester?

  3. Hi Guys,

    went out for a brief hoon today, very enjoyable but not asgood when there are a few of us!

    Anyone fancy going out next Sunday the 8th? Time and location suggestions are very welcome.

    Cheers Bo

  4. There is a write up in the local paper about the boss of Donington Park Simon Gillet. He has hit back at the critics of his GP plan and has said that everything will be delivered and his finance plan will be revealed in March.

    The bit I like is where he mentions that 20 houses will be built where the Craner Curve suites are sited to raise some cash. There will be a pit lane in and out of the development and owners will be able to take their cars onto the track at given times not to mention seeing every event from the comfort of your front garden! Price? Around 2 million each! :D

  5. Guy's , really sorry that I was not able to make it yesterday, if the sun had popped out then I might have changed my mind!

    Pete, you are not the only one "cursed" lately, I'm having a battle at work which is depressing me big time.

    Maybe we can cheer ourselves up in Feb?

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