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  1. Jimmy not tried it in the boot yet but the pieces are not that large.

    Chris, i spotted it on another forum.

    Mark, I bought this set from the original owner of one of the grey commemorative cars. Like most owners he obviously kept the set after parting with the car. The luggage is very well made with the softest of leather and internally lined so I can see why they would keep them.

  2. Having just celebrated a years ownership of my Esprit I was fortunate to acquire the original 3 piece luggage set which was standard at the time.

    Bearing in mind that there are only 7 grey pig skin leather sets in the world I had no option but to spend the family xmas present fund on this unique accessory!

    As you can see below the set consists of three pieces. A brief case, a soft hold-all and a portmanteau. The latter unfolds to a free standing mini wardrobe or can be hung on a rail. The rod to hold it upright doubles for a handle to pull it along with. Obviously there are wheels on the bottom and legs to come out for when it is free standing. All

    very ingenious and Italian designer made. Lotus supplied the manufacturer with the leather and suede that they used in the car to ensure a perfect match. All is

    original, including the green protective covers shown in one of the pictures.

    The holdall and the portmanteau were only ever used once and are in pristine condition. The brief case was used on occasions, but is still in very good condition. The pig skin leather and suede are unbelievably soft.

    Now the search is on for the original certificate!!

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