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  1. I'm sure the photographer was trying to make a quick buck when he offered to use his professional camera, I'm more than happy that he used our cameras!

    Great pictures and a fab day, well overdue having talked about meeting up for some time. I have to apologise to the others because after intitially suggesting to meet this sunday, I forgot to check the forum and see if the meet was on! :devil: Good job your text arrived Pete as I was starting up the engine!

    Great location with a good selection of roads to get there on, and how nice was that National Trust Warden to let us park up and take a few pics. Did anyone put a donation in the tin?! :lol:

    Looking forward to the next one when hopefully Steve in his Essex and the guys from Chesterfield way will join us.

    p.s. Mat I seriously considered Oxford but having been away for three weeks and also missing the booking dead line I needed to be more local, next year hey!

  2. Guy's have i missed out on the 1st ever EMEG?!

    If not then who fancy's meeting up this Sunday 29th June, Hardwick?

    Karluk, I think C.L. meet mid week, once a month in Shardlow at a very nice converted mill/pub,

  3. It's sad that he was such a pain, un-cooperative and not able to accept responsibility. His argument was that the transporter was not appropriate to do the job, in which case he should have just walked away instead of driving the car.

    It would have been nice to have kept in touch with him for advice and historical information about the car.

  4. Well 7 months after my Esprit was damaged I have finally received full reimbursement for the repair costs. I'ts been a long, drawn out process with many hurdles. Unfortunately my relationship with the previous owner has suffered so I am unable to seek any usefull info about the esprit.

    Neither the transporter operator nor the previous owner (the driver at the time) accepted responsibilty and to add to my worries my insurance company were not interested in pursuing a claim as i was not in the vacinity at the time of the accident.

    Eventually after pestering DAS (my legal cover) they said they would pursue my claim as a good will gesture! This started in January and the cheque arrived last week. The repair costs nearly amounted to

  5. I only realised that Wollaton was on last minute, i thought it was going to be on this weekend coming.

    EMEG has been talked about before so we definitely need to start the ball rolling with a get together atleast. Unfortunately I'm away working for 3 weeks so won't be able to join in till the end of June. :devil:

  6. More Crocodile Dundee actually Barrie!

    Apart from meeting Pete this is the only other esprit i've seen in Nottm. We must get together soon. Sunday just gone would have been ideal as Autokarna was held at Wollaton Hall. I've been the last 3 years and I have never seen a lotus let alone an esprit. Maybe we should make an official presence next year, 4 esprits would really warrant top billing!

    Pete, biodiesel is going well, done 2500 miles on it so far, collecting used vegetable oil is proving difficult though so don't forget to bring your chip pan when we meet up hey! :devil:

  7. I spent a few minutes trying to catch up with this essex as i knew that it must be Steve Tryner behind the wheel, so it was extremely embarrasing when I did eventually catch him and called him Barry!! :lol:


  8. today i had an hour to kill and strolled over to the ferrari dealer Grey Paul in Nottingham. The whole operation was slik, from the polished marble-esque tiled floor to the ferrari coffee machine at the coffee bar/reception! A whole range of ferrari's were on offer, daytona, 512, 430, 360 together with maseratis, lambos and the porsche C GT, also a model collection and a bespoke merchandise shop. every car I had a closer look at was priced at

  9. hi guys,

    well it's taken me over a month to process 100 litres of chip fat into biodiesel but i am happy to say that today i managed to fill the VW with 20 litres of home-made bio and drove for 10 miles! i have had many issues with the process but finally i have scraped together 20 litres to use.

    next week I plan to convert 100 litres and support my biodiesel development.

  10. The hoses seem to be in good condition. They are about 8mm diameter and very flexible and do not look like they are about to harden up and disintegrate. I didn't bother checking the entire hose which is hidden under the carpet trim as I assume it to be in good order. However there is a very strong fuel odour which was not evident during my 130 mile trip home after buying it.

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