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  1. DanR, I’m not shocked to hear your report from Australia, at times I am ashamed to say I am American, it’s the age of the whiner and the gang banger Here, Not everyone of course but there is an entire subculture of stupidity. I imagine Aussies being a little more sophisticated than many of my American counterparts.
  2. Thanks Calvan, Lughing so hard my have tears in my eyes, in the San Francisco Bay I would say 70% Dodge and 30% imports with the “fart can exhaust “ you so eloquently described.
  3. Thanks Calvan, Lughing so hard my have tears in my eyes, in the San Francisco Bay I would say 70% Dodge and 30% imports with the “fart can exhaust “ you so eloquently described.
  4. I have had my 1989 Esprit for 5 years now and I have noticed something strange with other Drivers on the freeway. I am cruising down the road at a nice zestful speed, and suddenly some Guy will go ripping by me like a total idiot. Usually in a Dodge. This isn’t my imagination, this happens frequently. When I am driving my truck I don’t experience this…. Is this something exclusive to the United States?
  5. Those are most definitely the same Fuel Injectors I pulled out of my 89 Turbo! I’m not crazy! Stock Rochesters.
  6. My clips are in, that picture was from when i was going back and forth with Joe from JAE, think I already mentioned Joe originally told me to use the bottom clips, you helped me figure out that wasn’t going to work, everything is fine now, my exhaust manifold was leaking near the firewall, nuts had come loose. This was making it difficult to problem solve the injectors,, had 2 bugs at once. Have you done any recent work on your Esprit? Would love to hear about it.
  7. RobinB5 your fuel rail is looking crusty, I’m kinda surprised you didn’t clean it up while you were putting in your injectors, I would be more than happy to mail you some steel wool.
  8. I went ahead and put the RC Injectors in using the top clip, don’t like that they are barely seated into the fuel rail. RC claims that the Injectors were specifically designed for Lotus Esprit’s, Why not make them slightly taller? The injectors would be properly seated in the combustion chamber and the fuel rail. If you are installing RC Fuel Injectors you will see what I am talking about. When you bolt down the fuel rail your now out of alignment, drive the bolts thru and now the fuel rail has pulled the injectors out of the combustion chamber slightly My Esprit seems to be running fine, however it bothers me that I cannot have my Injectors seated properly top and bottom.
  9. Joe at JAE initially told me to use the bottom clip, which doesn’t fit due to the electrical connector, after speaking with RC Joe advised me to use the top clip, went with His recommendation and everything seems to be running fine. Seems to have a new little rattle noise, maybe I am being overly cautious. Hate any mystery noise.
  10. Robin B5 your absolutely right, they do interfere with the electric connector. I’m at a bit of a loss on what to do next.
  11. my understanding is that my injectors are original, I know that Lotus commonly made small changes on these cars even mid production. I’m not surprised that my injectors are different than Robinb5’s I sent and email to JAE and Joe tells me that if I use the lowest clip mount on the fuel injectors all will be fine. I don’t understand how this will help bolting down the fuel rail. I am going to fiddle with it today, I will report back my findings with pictures for the next Esprit Owner who finds themselves in this situation.Thank you once again for all of your comments. Chris H. Good Morning Christopher, Thank you kindly for your email. There are two spots to insert the retaining clip. If you use the “lower” clip, it should hold the injector in just fine. Best Regards, Joe > Sent: Monday, September 13, 2021 12:00 AM To: Jay JAE. Makwana Subject: Fuel injector spacer for RC injectors Hello, I just purchased 4 RC fuel injectors for my 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo. These new RC injectors are slightly shorter than the originals so when I attempt to bolt down the fuel rail it pulls the injectors out of socket so to speak. Do you have spacers for this? Thank you in advance for your
  12. The injectors that were in my Esprit Turbo (non se) are original, the injector closest to the firewall would not open when I put power to it. The other three worked fine. Jay at JAE knew exactly what car I have as I asked Him if not having a SE or chargecooler would make a difference on what injectors I ordered? Hey His reply was they call for the exact same injectors that go in a SE. I did my best to measure both injectors and the RC injectors are 1/8 shorter than the originals, this may not sound like much difference, however it is just enough to pull the RC injectors out of socket when I bolt down the fuel rail. I am sending inquiries to JAE and RC fuel injection. I will post what kind of resolution I come up with. Thank you everyone for your comments.
  13. Yes they leak when working, the holes that hold the fuel rail on top are now misaligned, if i run the bolts thru them it pulls the fuel injectors up the equivalent to the difference between the injector heights. It seems i need fuel injector extenders.
  14. I just received new RC fuel injectors from JAE this week, they are a tad shorter than the originals, can’t bolt down the fuel rail now, this makes it impossible to get a seal. I have read about this situation before but can’t find the post. I realize i am going to have to do some kind of modification, Anyone out there dealt with this before? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Chris Herbert. 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo
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