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  1. I had issues with wheel balance and found road force balance machine was the answer.
  2. Does the clutch drag at all, or does it make a bit of a clunk when you put it from neutral into first. If it does it might just be that the fluid is contaminated or something. Try changing it and it might solve your problem.
  3. I think the 105 NM figure in the manual is for cold. Surely if the wheels and brakes are hot you wouldn't want them as tight, since they'll tighten as they cool and contract.
  4. Bullphi


  5. Strangely it's not on the Williams website. Perhaps they've sold it already.
  6. Hi Ash you car looks to be in great condition.
  7. That's an incredible price - worth waiting for a bit in that case.
  8. Alex, you can get a towing eye from I think they are quite a bit cheaper than from lotus. Mine came from there and the quality seems good, although it's not been used yet.
  9. I got nearly 7000 miles from mine with one track day involved. They would have done a few hundred miles more but the car was at Lotus Silverstone ad they gave me price to replace that I couldn't beat just to get them mail order so I got them to do it.
  10. The soft top on my 2008 Elise was lined, as is the one I bought second hand for my exige. I think earlier ones were unlined. If buying a second hand lined one check it's not mouldy between the outer skin and lining as they can be prone to this.
  11. Don't Elise parts sell soft tops. You could also keep an eye out for a second hand hand one. I got one which is in almost perfect condition for £400. You can use an Elise s2 soft top or a VX one.
  12. You get a book, key ring, helmet and usb stick. The usb stick may be an exige as they ran out of gold F1 cars.
  13. Paul - I think my LF1 was built after yours and mine lights up. Crouchy is right that if you dim the dash a little bit they go off completely.
  14. I missed last year's one so would be interested too.
  15. Tyre and brake wear is not too bad but fuel is. You'll be getting less than 10 mpg so keep an eye on it so that you don't run out.
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