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  1. Yes, the cafe at the rowing museum is pretty good. In Henly in general though you do have time it right to avoid the queues of 'mummies' buying babyccinos and anticlockwise rotated soya based choco mocha skinny lattes with extra sprinkles!! There also seemed to be quite a few nail bars!
  2. You would think that buying two new cars from different Lotus dealers over the last few years, along with the return trips for servicing etc would be a good foundation for a constructive customer - dealer relationship with each one. Wrong, in fact building a relationship with a Lotus dealer seems to be harder than I expects.....except one.....Hofmanns. Chris M is an absolute star. He very kindly took ownership of a minor technical issue I experienced earlier this week. Talked me through the problem and possible solutions etc. All this from a dealer that didn't even supply me the car! From prev
  3. Previously I had a Larini Club Sport fitted to my old S2 111S and combined with an ITG induction kit it was pretty loud almost regardless of throttle position. Now I have a 2bular fitted to my S3 Sport 220. Although they are completely different engines (so I'm not really comparing the same fruit here) the 2bular is much more refined. The resonance is more related to the throttle position, which makes sense really when you think of the air/gas flow into and out of the engine. This means that with the 2bular it is possible to drive the car quietly, but when you take the revs over 3500 it comes
  4. Hi Stuart, I fitted a set of these last week to my one week old Elise 9005 HB3 HIDs Having tried HID kits before in an Elise, many years ago, I found these much better. I went for the 5000k option to keep the colour as close to the LED DRLs as possible and only upgraded the dipped beam. The ballasts are slim enough to mount on the inside of the wheel arch liner and do not foul the headlight or the oil cooler. Took about an hour to fit each side with the wheel off. The improvement is massive, especially with the wet weather recently, driving in the dark is now possible! Best £45 I'v
  5. Dobbin145


  6. I forgot to mention that since having the unit fitted I find the sound output much better than the Alpine unit. This is most like because the original Imprint module (under the dash on the passenger side) had not been connected correctly to drive the rear subwoofer. With this now bypassed I have much better control of the full EQ range. Looking at this thread may be common with early cars. Chris at Accutek did a cracking job on sorting this and a couple of other 'anomalies'. The sound isn't
  7. I had a Pioneer AVIC-70DAB by Accutek near Winchester. Really pleased with it. Android Auto works well and I also use it with the Pocket GPS World safety camera app (using a Samsung Galaxy S5). You can customise the splash screen and wallpaper on the untit. I found a couple of Lotus jpgs on the web. The guys at Accutek are familiar with Lotus because they are used by Snows down in Hedge End. Pioneer also reduced their prices a couple of months ago so the unit came in about £100 cheaper than I had budgeted for.
  8. @Al Yes I think she is. Still lovingly cared for and still turning heads ;-) @CocoPops Yes just south of Greenham but before Basingrad
  9. Finally got around to uploading a couple of pics I took at Greenham Common a while back.
  10. Over the years I've had a couple of Elises and one of the first VW Sciroccos in the UK which used to get a couple of looks or questions in a car park, but nothing had prepared me for the attention the Evora gets! In the two months I've owned the car, it's been licked by random hoodies, applauded and appeared to almost cause some drivers to driver off the road for rubber-necking. The diversity of those showing interest is also quite interesting, it does seem to be a bit of a white-van-man favorite. In fact it seems to be the shiny Disco 5, Audio Q5/7, Range Rover, VW Toureg fraternity t
  11. Now that's my kind of parking, furthest from the entrance/shops.
  12. Excellent day out and thanks again for organising. Love the tilt and shift effect, I rarely get bored with this look when done properly.
  13. Oh very nice. What's that funny orange thing reflecting off your car? We've not seen that on the UK for a while.
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