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  1. That's encouraging, maybe there is hope after all.
  2. Just got that email too. At least Goodwood are being proactive about this. Obviously there is a lot riding on the FOS. I'd like to think the government would see reason given the space they have to hold the FOS and the fact that it's not just any old car show. Hopefully the organisers can get this approved for this pilot scheme.
  3. Like many on the forum I like driving. I own a Lotus because I enjoy the involvement I get from the car and the sense of achievement from getting it right when driving. My Exige is a weekend/special occasion 'toy'. I'm lucky enough to have a daily commute to the office along relatively quite B roads so my Korean daily drive is also a manual. The Emira will replace my Exige and continue to give me the enjoyment of all aspects of driving (I hope).
  4. Dobbin145

    Lotus Emira

    Yes and with Lotus' aspirations for better global sales with the Emira, these first cars may be quite sought after.
  5. Dobbin145

    Lotus Emira

    I'm curious to know how B&C can commit to any delivery schedule when the factory are not taking orders yet. Or is this some kind of special B&C thing?
  6. Dobbin145

    Lotus Emira

    Thanks @roby that does look stunning. Interesting that the hubs & brakes are completely different in both images. The yellow/orange (hard to tell on my display) has 'proper' Lotus wheel nuts and calipers.
  7. Dobbin145

    Lotus Emira

    I've not seen that one before, where did it come from? Looks much better proportioned than many of the others.
  8. Dobbin145

    Lotus Emira

    Can't help thinking that Lotus weren't expecting the FOS to happen given the 'virtual' Emira launch planned for the 6th July.
  9. Dobbin145

    Lotus Emira

    Is that an "undo witchcraft" button or a "dougnut" button? 🤣
  10. Have you all had to sign an NDA or something that stipulates anyone that has been anywhere an Emira has to say..... "You're going to love it!" 🙂
  11. I'd like to think they would have a schedule drawn up in advance 😉
  12. Yes, I have heard that the Validation Prototype cars at Goodwood will go "on a road trip" around the UK dealer pretty much straight after the show. I would hope that this would be as much for the dealer as the end customers.
  13. Another here which at times seems rediculous, because I've never bought a car that I have never seen/driven/sat in/touched/smelled in my life before. What is it about the Emira that makes it different? If I think about it too much its both scary and exciting. No doubt there will be aspects of the Emira that disappoint some but will it deter them, probably not.
  14. You'd like to think so wouldn't you. However, large field full of mum trucks and handbags with big brass buckles and excited children. I have to admit I'm assuming nothing and have treated my Lotus to a space in the performance parking area (£29) which I think I ended up in one year without knowing it!
  15. I looked in to this earlier because I don't recall Lotus ever being sponsored by Golf. Although I love the colours it just doesn't seem quit right given the lack of heritage. Essex blue on the other hand.... mmmmm
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