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    Type 132

    Maybe Lotus are making a design statement?
  2. How can you make statements like this when you have not driven the car? (and in differnt conditions on different surfaces). By comparison, having owned an Exige Sport 350 for many years I struggled to catch an Evora GT 410 which has a more 'Touring' focused suspension setup, on track. You may also find that the newer Bosch stability and traction control of the Emira (which the Evora or Exige does not have) changes the dynamics of the car. Oh and then there are the tyres developed specifically with Lotus for the Emira, in partnership with Goodyear, I wonder if they affect that handling of the car?
  3. Dobbin145

    Lotus Emira

    Made a little easier by the lack of Final Edition Evora perhaps?
  4. Yes it sounds excessive but if NCAP need four cars and about the same for NHTSA then there's Asia and numerous other countries. It soon adds up.
  5. I'm pretty sure these blue cars are homologation vehicles. There are some other post sales cars in other colours as well for training etc.
  6. @yentl Speaking as one of those clueless irresponsible drivers, I started my Lotus journey with an S2 111S about 15 years ago, took it on track and spun it several times over. Then on a damp day spun it on the road and wrapped it round a telegraph pole 🙄 Went back to school, starting with Car Limits (a 'Walshy Day') and progressing through various other course over the years. Best thing I have ever done and continue to do as regularly as my wallet will allow. Most recent was the Lotus Driving Academy at the factory and probably one of the more intense (if you do Bronze, Silver and Gold back to back). Worth every penny and a great way to learn more about the car and drivers capabilities. The S3 Elise being more up to date obviously benefits from ABS, traction and stability control without loosing that special Lotus feeling.
  7. Always wanted to drive at Millbrook heard/read many things about it. I'd be interested. It certainly would be a change from the regular track day 'merry-go-round'.
  8. That's good to hear. I think my confusion may have arisen from the fact that it's going to take a while to complete this tour and that it may not be until October when the car gets to some dealers. The actual schedule of which dealers when does seem a bit vague at the moment.
  9. I think mid Oct, but have to confess I have not verified this with my contacts at Hethel.
  10. Yes they would. Has anyone heard much about Emira production since the middle of last month? Lotus have only just started a significant recruitment drive for production staff. The VP dealer tour has been put back to after the point that deposit holders are supposed to commit.
  11. The main assembly line is, but the production process is quite different to existing models. As such is reliant in the delivery of sub assemblies from other parts of the factory (currently being used to build existing models).
  12. It is. I think the big question will be if this impacts the move of the current model production line to Emira sub assembly.
  13. .... before you loose interest and get your deposit back? Like many I would really like Lotus to achieve the ambitious timescales for Emira production they have set themselves. However, since some dealers have had the delivery of their Final Editions pushed back by three months I can't help thinking this may have a knock on effect on Emira production. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Elise delay/waiting list ran to two years when that was launched. Obviously I don't think that Emira will be that bad but I'd put money on the Spring 2022 target slipping to late summer/autumn [insert year here]. This may apply more to those new to the brand, than existing Lotus owners who know their MO.
  14. Personally I think that looks pretty good. I may be pushing my luck, have you had a go at the green?
  15. I think that's bloomin' good for a first go, I wouldn't know where to start. Good luck with the yellow and green versions.
  16. @TomE funny you should post this now, I've just had a similar conversation this evening. I am pressing Lotus to provide sample paint swatches before I commit to the spec of my Emira. I'm going to follow up with them in the next week or so to ensure that this is available when the Emira does the rounds at the dealers next month. As far as I know there will be metallic colours (as per the online configurator) but no one knows what they will really look like.
  17. @TomE worlds apart from the steel Ribble bikes I used to ride round the velodrome in the mid 90s.
  18. What was the response? I hope that the changes in production don't get in the way of this in the future.
  19. Hendy Performance Eastleigh are quite new to Lotus which from what I have seen means they are keen to win customers and keep them. I've used Hendy in Poole for many years and cannot fault their service and that is in comparison to other very well known dealerships. Eastleigh is closer to me but I'll probably still continue to go to Poole for regular servicing because I make a day of it and out of loyalty.
  20. Thanks, that helps. I've asked the factory for a sample (when they get closer to commissioning the paint robots).
  21. Nice 🙂 Is there anything close to Dark Verdant on other Lotus in the past? I don't recall it being an Evora Colour (Empire Green maybe being close?).
  22. Having seen what the new traction and stability control system on the Emira can do and from chatting with the Senior Dynamics Engineer at Goodwood, I think many people are going to be surprised at just how competent this car is. Factor in the amount of effort that has gone into developing the new Goodyear tyres I'd say the worse the weather the better to a degree
  23. Thanks, that's more like it. I just needed to disprove my rubbish man maths 🤣 which did trigger a whole garage widening project thought process that round have ended up costing more than the car!
  24. After all the excitement of Goodwood I've been doing some man maths to see if the Emira will fit in the garage (I should have taken a tape measure). Like most in the UK my single garage is has a 7ft (2134mm) door. I've been told that the Emira is 150mm wider than an Evora. If the Evora is 1972mm wide the Emira should be 2122mm wide. The leaves an overall gap of 12mm (6mm either side of the garage opening) which although possible doesn't make it easy to get into and out of the garage. However, Simply Sports Cars down under list the Emira width as being 1895mm, which is only 93mm wider than my Exige which would be much easier to get into the garage. Has anyone had any official dimensions from Lotus (couldn't see anything on the website)?
  25. The directing winkles into the car parks yesterday had no idea at all how the system was supposed to work! I almost got beached driving through the forest rally stage to the public car park despite showing several 'operatives' my performance parking pass. Pretty pointless paying for that car park if you trash the front end of your car getting there. End of rant!
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