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    Steve LF1

  2. Hi mate, For what its worth to you, my exile has the komo-tec 430 kit and i broke 8 minutes at the ring this year. Also past everything on the moto gp track bar 1 gt3 rs. I also turned off all electronics. Its way to invasive, although it is probably faster. But that misfire feeling when I'm trying to slingshot out a corner frustrated me. You have done the right thing by nitrons for your handling. Make sure you are running troffer tyres or avon semi slicks before you waste your money on a diff. If you have these tyres, pay the extra and get komo-tec diff with down gear kit! Car is way to long geared. But has 2 final drives. 1st-4th and 5th and 6th. komo tea do a down gear kit and diff package. Thats what is next for me. If your gonna do diff. Do downgear kit too. But as i say get tyres sorted first if not done. I was managing to wash out the front on the gp track i was going so hard, but wouldn't have benefited from a diff. Rainy conditions may be different, but in the dry i couldn't see a need. Although with a downgear kit you will need it. As i say I'm getting the downgear kit and up from 430 kit to 460 when it comes out. Hope that helps any. Steve
  3. Exhaust will be fine as believe it or not the 430 kit uses the standard back box. Only changes the manifolds and sports cat. Should be fine. I don't understand why people are changing suspemsion? I've done a lot of racing and track work, karting etc and although iv not had the lotus in the track yet, from what I've experienced on the road, 98% of drivers won't have the ability to drive the car beyond its standard set up.
  4. My LF1 will be fitted with the Komo Tec 430 in the next couple of weeks when I get the charger pulley back from Germany. Come for a spin round the track with me, then we can take a nice drive with the stereo and heated seats on to asda where you can buy fresh pants! Then we can take a nice drive home in comfort again. Then jump in a cup and try and do the same thing. I have a Porsche GT2 Clubsport, full cage, fire extinguishers, no sound deadning etc. Awesome car, but bought an LF1 beacuse the Porsche just isn't livable. Although I kept it :-). It's my baby. Lol Steve
  5. Hi guys, Iv actually found my lights very good, however always full beam when no-one around. Iv changed bulbs in many cars and PIAA bulbs are fantastic but expensive. Will be putting them in my Exige soon Steve
  6. Hi Guys, Absolutely loving my first lotus ownership! Although iv had a few issues, all resolved and blown away by the car! Not long ran the car in and had it serviced, then it was time to see what she could do! Was genuinely blown away with the balance, handling, brakes and sheer raw feel through the steering of this car! However being a power hungry freak, i felt she could definitely use more ponnies! My original plan was to do the manifold and panel filter, but i genuinely feel these awesome little cars could take so much more! So after a chat to the guys at Komo Tec, iv ordered their 430 kit! Should be up and running in next few weeks! Can't wait to drive it after the conversion as it blew my mind standard! Will let you know how it goes! Steve
  7. Hi, I was in the exact same position, as i am new to Lotus and basically wanted a track toy. Therefor the Cup was first on my list, however after research I opted for the LF1, and if i couldnt have had that I would have a well spec'd v6 over the cup. My reasons were the 3 year warranty and free servicing over 1 year limited mileage. Also the difference in weight with this car wont make much difference, they are unbelievable either way. The normal V6 is also a much nicer place to be for commuting to tracks etc. Just make sure you spec the brake upgrade and tyres Steve
  8. Plugs were very black and sooty also. You guys think I should change them?
  9. Yeah TBD i think he has maybe washed the engine bay and caused no ignition! The inertia switch was off as it clicked when I pushed it down. Just all very strange! Think i will take it as the engine bay was wet and has stopped ignition and caused flooding. Gutted as I absolutely love it and has put a bit of a dampner on it
  10. Haha I think I would have more to worry about than it not starting if it had been crashed! No it was not crashed. Just a mystery I suppose. But I don't like mysteries. Everything happens for a reason, and as you say I'm the first. Which annoys me even more.
  11. No it was at my detailer a. He pulled the plugs as soon as it didnt starry with full throttle. He had the car outside for a long time in the rain. Then started it, drove it in, and turned it off. It's fine now but just worries me that it's so new and doing that.
  12. So are they prone to flooding? Should I be worried. I'm just used to Porsche where nothing really goes wrong. Even on older ones never mind ones 5 weeks old lol
  13. Sorted. Was flooded. Took 3 of the easy plugs out. Dried them with lighter. Put them back in. Started in 3 cylinders then burnt off the fuel on other 3 and running fine. What would this happen though? And the inertia switch did click when I pushed it so guess that was also tripped? Why? Why? Why? Haha
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