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  1. Thanks Dave,all still good in the clutch department,😀 pity same cant be said about the diff though,😫
  2. Hi all,Just a quick update on the clutch cable set up.Done around 2500-3000 miles over last 6 month mainly stop start town centre stuff with the occasional country lane blast,anyhow checked the cable last weekend (using the cheap Bedford cf jobbie) cable and cog showed no sign of wear ie snapped or frayed strands at both ends,so fingers crossed it will be fine for at least another 6 months,if anything happens inbetween i will let you know.
  3. Thanks for your comment Paul,i put a little grease on the pin and chain before fitting and once adjusted at gearbox end for the last 3 weeks or so it does seem smooth and lighter to use when going through the gears,i know its early days yet and i do carry a spare cable and pulley in the boot just incase,only time will tell mate
  4. Hi Tony,the fittings are the standard for our cars,one is already on your clutch pedal connecting it to the cable,i had another in my parts bin,the cog i used fit so well onto the pulley pin i thought it might be a fluke so tried another off my grandkids old bike and the fit was exactly the same,hope this helps,Phil
  5. Hi all,having changed my Elite to a ford type 5 gearbox the one thing that still worried me was the clutch cable,ive had them all,from best parts of 80 quid from sj sportscars to the 15 quid bedford cf jobbies off ebay and to be honest i cant really tell the difference,they all snap,last one gave way after 9 month and although i use the car quite alot,come on 9 month !! Anyhow when my latest new cable arrived i thought id try a new way,as the photo shows its quite a simple bit of kit really, a standard push bike chain,a bottom cog off a shimano gear change again off a push bike,and believe it or believe it not the cog fits the original pulley pin perfectly.The new cable was a bedford cf one so stripping back a bit of the outer armouring was needed after that it was about as straight forward as fitting a new cable could be.its been on the car for 3 weeks now with no problems at all,the photo shows overall length but i did have to shorten the chain by 3 inch later time your cable snaps and it will,give it a try you never know this might be the answer !
  6. Go for a getrag or ford type 5 gearbox Brian,the lotus box is fragile to say the least,ive had my elite 12 years now,use it most days weather permiting and done four gearboxes all of them gave no prior warning ie rattles or whining just went bang locking the back wheels i put in a type 5 4 speed in 3 years ago mated to a 912 engine although a 5th gear would be nice the box has proved to be strong and reliable
  7. hi,my elite has a 912 2.2 engine,after chewing up my 3rd lotus 5speed box i went for a ford type 5 4 speed,fit straight in but beware,you need correct tail housing,bell housing and prop shaft, the cost soon adds up,having said that i use the car most days and over the last 18 months had no problems at all,a 5th gear would be nice though
  8. Nice one Mike,downloaded from your link without any problems,every page is clear as a bell,seeing the price second hand workshop manuals are going for nowadays this is going to be a very popular posting
  9. hi pete,yes mine was factory fitted,but after 40 odd years it had seen better days,i removed mine sanded down the roof and sprayed it matt black in the end,looks good but in my opinion the vinyl looks much better ,well worth doing mate
  10. On my 76 503 elite the vinyl at the rear was fixed by a thin half inch strip of metal running the full width of the roof,best way I can describe it is to turn your piece of vinyl upside down and lay it over the rear window leaving just enough on the roof so the metal strip can then sit on top,on my car rivets then clamped it down, these are hidden on the inside of the car by the rear seat roof trim, pull the vinyl back over from rear window covering the metal strip and glue to roof finishing at the front under the anodised trim.hope this is a help
  11. hi,i think 3.7:1 was the standard diff for the manual elite,the 4.1:1 diff was an optional extra for £46 back in the day and was introduced to improve acceleration.Fitted a 4.1 to my elite 503 mated to lotus 5 speed box and 912 2.2 lc engine the result is quite dramatic and a little easier on the gearbox internals.harder to find but worth it in the long run in my opinion.lil
  12. lil503


  13. hello all,its been a long long time since i posted on this forum,maybe 6-7 years ago when i restored and put on the road my 503 elite,at the time people would stop and ask about her every now and then,is it the james bond car? a lamborghini ? a ferrari and worst of all,that car the pink panther drives !.That year,2009-2010 was the last time she was road legal,until two months ago,with 12 months mot and tax the old girl was back and bloody hell how times have changed ! go for petrol,allow 10 minutes to chat and answer questions,park up in town,go to the local supermarket and its just the same,chats and photos.This weekend we went to the wentworth woodhouse vintage car rally in south yorkshire,maybe 6-700 cars ranging from roll royce to austin 7s and once again i found the interest in the elite amazing,all i can say is anyone losing heart doing up their eclat-elite is soldier on,once done prepare to be stared at !!
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