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    1. On my 76 503 elite the vinyl at the rear was fixed by a thin half inch strip of metal running the full width of the roof,best way I can describe it is to turn your piece of vinyl upside down and lay it over the rear window leaving just enough on the roof so the metal strip can then sit on top,on my car rivets then clamped it down, these are hidden on the inside of the car by the rear seat roof trim, pull the vinyl back over from rear window covering the metal strip and glue to roof finishing at the front under the anodised trim.hope this is a help
  1. hi,i think 3.7:1 was the standard diff for the manual elite,the 4.1:1 diff was an optional extra for £46 back in the day and was introduced to improve acceleration.Fitted a 4.1 to my elite 503 mated to lotus 5 speed box and 912 2.2 lc engine the result is quite dramatic and a little easier on the gearbox internals.harder to find but worth it in the long run in my opinion.lil

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