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  1. Travis, one more question please, so if the red light is working properly as it is, does that mean that it cannot be a fault with the actual sender itself?
  2. Thanks, will assume the Lotus position at the weekend
  3. Mike, is this the same sender that controls the red oil warning light on the dash? If so then that red light goes out immediately the engine fires up so seems that it is OK??
  4. Thanks Mike... more happiness ahead, are we having fun yet? Shaun
  5. Thanks Michael and happy new year!! Is the sender east to get at? I understand the actual oil flow sender is a nightmare, or are they the same? shaun
  6. While blasting down a B road the accelerator pedal just went straight to the carpet?? Car was still running and idling at 1000RPM, how do I get home?? Well I thought let’s try to get home at idle speed, 36 years later I made the 3 miles back home with the longest and angriest queue of cars behind me, of course every one of them reminded me I am a nob as they sped past me.. long story short, the nipple had jumped out of the retainer at the cable end under the footwell, what a lovely job... managed to get it back in but broke 4 ribs as well, quick tip if/when you have to do this which will happen, fasten a couple of ty raps over the slot where the cable goes into the bracket, now it can’t fall out again!! So start her up and vroom vroom, all fixed, and as I stare momentarily at the oil pressure gauge, which has always worked perfectly, it goes from 3 Barr to Zero and just stops... scared me to death so I cut the engine, restarted it and the oil warning light went out immediately so I don’t think it’s pressure related, just wondered if I may have loosened something while scrambling around under the footwell? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? ?
  7. Thanks Barry, I had considered small welds but would need to take it to a garage for that. shaun
  8. Hi, I have the PNM 2004 central exhaust grill and exhaust with the ‘lightly silenced’ boxes running with no cats, car runs great and sounds great but the drivers side exhaust keeps dropping and falling out of alignment, not a massive problem but it just looks so bad from the back with one exhaust much lower than the left side which stays in place... I have adjusted it a bazillion times and after 10 miles it’s dropped again ???, anybody else had similar issues with this??? Does not help that the banks are not connected to each other I suppose but it’s doing my head in...
  9. I have also jump started my S2 and S4 Esprits previously, anyway the car is running again, Sod's law of course, I spent 4 hours cleaning it on Sunday, so it's my fault... ?
  10. SO, battery had a shorted cell, guy reckons the trickle chargers kill the battery anyway..... so £96 later, bolted in the new battery, turned the key and... vroom vroom, started first turn, phew, looks like I dodged a bullet and got lucky... seems to be running fine, will go for a drive at the weekend to confirm but I guess if the ECU was fried it won't run at all? Anybody else use a trickle charger? Wondered if putting it on a timer for an hour a week might be enter than on all the time? listed the car on the classifieds on the Forum! Shaun
  11. Bibs, yes that's the one, magic!!! You guys are a great resource, thanks again, I assume it's safe to disconnect and change the battery when changing the internals, car won't disappear or go up in smoke/ ??
  12. Eeeek, well I don't have a time machine so it's done, unfortunately, will heed your advice in future, I took the battery to a local shop who will test it and if it's dead I will buy another and hope that's the fix, thanks for all the speedy responses. The alarm fob is seriously worn and looks like crap, can these be changed? I have one from another previous car that looks new and identical and wondered if I could change the Internals? shaun
  13. It's the red one on Eby at £30K... it's been fantastic.. just does not get used... bargain ?
  14. Just went back to check after reconnecting chattery charger... full Exorcist status... headlamp pods raised, relays ticking everywhere.. i took off the positive battery clamp... will start to check earth straps then battery, imagine somebody paid me £30K then got home to this... yuk
  15. Doooh..... don't even want to sell her... ( hope she's listening)
  16. Thanks Barry, totally coincidently I read a string the other day about earthing, tried the negative jump lead from battery terminal to engine block, same outcome, I have just listed the car for sale... maybe she's just pissed off with me.. ??
  17. My 96 V8 has never missed a beat in 5 years... until today... stopped at shop and when returning the alarm seemed not to disarm but the dash lights did come on although they were dim, engine would not turn over and strange things started to happen.. poltergeist maybe, light pods started ticking and lights started to inch open.. various relays clicking etc.. tried jumping from another car but same results, finally tried to bump start and it started first time, got her home and garaged, tried again and same scenario... maybe it's just the battery but thought I would ask if anybody has seen this before??? I keep the car on a cheap trickle charge and wondreded if that could be killing the battery?
  18. Doing some research SJ Sports cars recondition plates and Helix and Others offer alternatives much cheaper than OEM Lotus, any personal experiences on these options?
  19. Thanks Andy, guess I will find out when I open her up.... I changed the clutch on my previous S4 without too much trouble apart from my shattered spine... Trying to work out if I can get the car up on axle stands in my single garage and have enough space to work in, cannot bear doing it outside on the drive, to old for that c**p.... If it is a single plate then do you know if I have to stay with that setup? Did Lotus have to change anything else on the retrofit? Shaun
  20. My early V8 clutch is starting to slip, it's done 43k and had a new one at 30k according to the invoices, does anybody know if all early cars had a single clutch plate? Nearly fainted when I saw the price of the twin plate kits.... If mine is single anyone recommend an upgraded clutch? I fitted the Esprit UK chip set (nightmare to solder) and the truly awesome torque increase has fried the clutch ??????
  21. Jexsi


  22. So, had my V8 for nearly 3 years and never had a good pressure on the dash gauge, engine runs very sweetly with no strange noises, never had the oil tell tale indicator come on whilst driving, even while running extremely hot in parked traffic, I just looked at the gauge in detail today and noticed that the first red section is labelled 0, then there are 2 more increments, so 1+2 OK? So why is the next increment 4?? Admitteldy my eyesight is not what it was but do I have a phantom gauge, or have the laws of mathematics changed? Or am I a complete idiot? Car normally runs somewhere between the first 3 segments of the gauge, is this normal? Manual says tell tale should come on below 1.4 bar, mine goes down into the red sometimes but no light? The light is working before anybody asks
  23. I cannot see the logic in spending nearly 5k on a new gearbox unless your original one has problems? Save the money until it's needed or spend it on something a bit more sexy... , my 96 v8 has the original box apart from regular oil changes and is fine, the occasional grinding from first to second and it gets plenty of stick everywhere I go, enjoy the car for what it is, if it breaks then fix it, that's part of the challenge.
  24. I managed to source one of the rubber bung devices from the States, 2 of them cost me 10 USD, took me 10 minutes to fit and it is absolutely perfect, completely oil tight and removable for oil changes, cannot imagine how much hassle and money I have saved doing this... Happy camper
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