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  1. Watched Atomic Blonde on C4 last night (again) and the bastards cut the clip of Charleze Theron in the girl on girl clip......Utter bastards
  2. I sprinkled these on my lawn and now the garden’s full of women licking double cream off their fingers (Guilty of Twitter theft)
  3. Sunny day so a bit of wash n wax for Matilda before hibernation.
  4. I've got the 3D version of that 49
  5. Can we include BBC and C4 Journalists?
  6. Are you sure you didn’t mean to write, “someone’s punched the Colon in the face?”
  7. On holiday in Norfolk with this pair
  8. My main consultant client is based in Bernburg, so I travel to Berlin regularly, or should I say did. I Spoke with my ‘boss’, he says Ruben is fantastic and should be on your list
  9. A couple of restaurants, highly recommended, but check on opening - Housed in an old electricity sub-station - My favourite Italian Must have afternoon tea in theAdlon Kempinski. Fantastic history -
  10. Will miss the 747, which is more than can be said about flying BA, hopefully never again
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