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  1. I dined with the duchess of Leigh she said, do you belch when you pee? I said no, not a bit do you fart when you shit? and I thought that was one up to me.
  2. Here you go, my contribution to the world's most pointless day.
  3. DDubya


    I put it down the bog to cut out the middleman🤮 however I do put a dollop in my home made oxtail soup..
  4. Barry, whenever the Pakistani team played down in Aus, they were always referred to as the “Paki’s”, even by the TV commentators.
  5. This one was nicking the bird food a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Marc, a friend of ours is a registered Dartmoor marksman, was out shooting the other day and shot a similar video. Stoats are renowned for attacking rabbits. Seems the first attack puts bunny into shock and then heads back for the kill. Great video whether a stoat or Weazle👍
  7. It was. The third course I’ve done but quite intense as you have up to four bread starters on the go at once. Freezer pretty full now as can’t eat that much.
  8. A late birthday pressie, just had my third cookery class at the Ashburton Chef’s Academy. A week of artisan bread making. Anyone hungry?
  9. DDubya


    She’s a lovely girl mate, you have a great relationship so hope all goes smoothly.
  10. Finally signed off the reno’ of the new holiday let. It’s been a bit of a journey, but pretty chuffed. Now just need some furnishings ( going in tomorrow), and then some decent photos😉
  11. Bibs, did it have a red face on it, like a hand print? It answers to the name of Wilson😂
  12. DDubya

    TLF GT430 Club

    Spoke to Matt at LS today and confirmed that it is the car I thought. Up for £95K, which makes me 😃
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