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  1. Is this really you @Sparky 😂😂
  2. Belated Happy Birthday Sparky. Danny & Barb👍
  3. DDubya

    Is the LF1 register site still being maintained?

    1. LF1


      I need to rework it at some point when I get the time.

  4. Booked in Either LF1 or Lotus VI, maybe both? Will decide nearer the time. B&B Booked weeks ago when we saw Bibs' post. Looking forward to it. Danny
  5. If all the girls in Aylesbury laid on there backs, no one would be in the least surprised!
  6. R.I.P. GUS The saddest of days and news we wished we never had to share. Our boy, one in a million, so much love, pleasure and laughter, loved by all. We had to make that hard call last Sunday 8th. No more words, needless to say Barb and I devastated. Love you Gussa, run free buddy 😪
  7. Hi Martyn (54) Sorry, a diary clash with LDC South Wales that weekend. Have a great show. Danny
  8. Martyn, better late than never! 54. Danny (DDubya) - LF1 or MK VI
  9. DDubya

    F’in Gout

    Sparky. I have hardly drunk so I know alcohol is not the Trigger. This is one of those ailments I would never wish on my worst enemy......Well apart from one C***
  10. DDubya

    F’in Gout

    I’ve had Gout before but, a few years back. Early Feb got an attack in my left ankle. Three different drug courses, x-ray, blood tests, can’t shake it off. Now going to see a rheumatologist privately. It’s a bastard
  11. DDubya

    Ken Dodd

    No Doddy ☹️
  12. 3rd March, 07:45 whilst dropping the kids off at the pool
  13. How do you get your head through the slot?
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