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  1. When we’re free of this crap, let’s sort out a drive our with James SWLC. I keep my cars at Whiddon Down, so easy to drop down👍
  2. I’ve spent more time getting quotes, consultations and continuous emails from all of the suppliers that you mention. We are going through the same excessive for our holiday let. Thoughts: B&Q - limited range but some good finance options, if that’s required. Lower end carcasses. Wickes- We have a close friend who contracts and could do the fitting, but unless you go for the higher ranges, they’re all a bit meh! Have gone off them, because they say 50% off this, 20% off that, but will never tell you the list price, and also a bit too much pressure selling. We know they work on co
  3. Where do live Ian? I thought you were Plymouth.
  4. Just collected the keys for our second Dartmoor holiday cottage. Maple Cottage is a Grade 2 listed barn conversion just outside Chagford. It’s been empty for a couple of years and needs a bit of TLC. hopefully we’ll be on the market around Easter. Woohoo to us😊
  5. DDubya


    Agree Tony, Jip Jip Rocks is a great tipple.
  6. DDubya


    Not all Aussie reds are “heavy”, the problem is that most imports are from mass producers, Hardy’s, Oxford Landing, Cassella (Yellow tail) etc. so they are blended to suit certain tastes. Australia is home to some of the best wines (I’m biased), and especially have some fabulous Pinot’s, if a lighter wine is your thing. Buy on line is my recommendation.
  7. DDubya


    I think the south west should declare SWEXIT
  8. Is his name Pat by chance? And does he have a cat that is black and white?
  9. Watched Atomic Blonde on C4 last night (again) and the bastards cut the clip of Charleze Theron in the girl on girl clip......Utter bastards😂
  10. I sprinkled these on my lawn and now the garden’s full of women licking double cream off their fingers (Guilty of Twitter theft)
  11. Sunny day so a bit of wash n wax for Matilda before hibernation.
  12. I've got the 3D version of that 49
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