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  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one to check if it’s real on Google Maps
  2. DDubya

    Happy 2020!

    Happy New Year all. As an old fart, just about managed to keep one eye open!
  3. Whilst my property is a rented converted barn we have a GSHP. All I can say is, it’s fantastic. It’s a 4 bed barn, underfloor heating with 10 zones! Also have a heat recovery vent system. House is a constant 20deg c. Energy supplier is Bulb, so all renewables. £65.00 per month. Having said that I understand the bores are expensive to sink. I have 2, flow and return, 100m deep. About £15k.
  4. Was recently put in touch with a previous owner of my MK VI. Sent me a number of early pictures, circa 1965. Thought I’d share. Danny
  5. No one will admit to buying a Westie. Poor substitute for a Caterham IMO. What’s your budget?
  6. OK, not strictly Lotus for a couple but..... Caterham 1 Original 1.6 Superlight Caterham 2 R300 Sold Aug 2018 Current collection (vague Lotus connection) Austin 7 Special, Matilda MK VI, LF1 #27
  7. You forgot Kevin Rudd, now hewas a class one Twat. Elected just as we moved to Aus, until Gillard stabbed him.
  8. Sadly lost our old boy 'Gus' (on right), last July. He's still with us in the young pup though.
  9. Feel for you, been there a few times. Always say, never again, but life without dogs is.....well, no life
  10. I have my own consultancy business and specialise in ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Currently working with a German software company. Involved in real-time traffic and connected cars and Connected Automated Vehicles. I planned to semi retire but seem to be working more?? Danny
  11. The benefit of the watching highlights is that you only get a little bit bored. If you watch the whole race live, you’ll fall into a deep coma!
  12. Definitely up for a pint. A few good hostelries in Arundel I’ll PM you my details before the MM
  13. Any updates on this. Do we have a date? Danny
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