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  1. Very lucky man. On my bucket list! More so now😎👍
  2. But the symptoms include a dodgy Tikka
  3. Ghost of Ned Kelly. Having lived in Melbourne and driven out to the Grampian many times, shame I didn’t know this was there. Next visit maybe…….whenever.
  4. So, haven taken delivery of the GT430, there was no charger for the Lithium battery. (I think the last owner retained it for his new car 😞 ) I think it should be this one : Could someone confirm please, as I keep my car in a storage garage and need to keep trckle charged. Also, does anyone have a part number for the Super B battery. I belive its a I do have a C-TEK MX 5 charger but think this is for charging Leda Acid only.
  5. DDubya

    TLF GT430 Club

    I’m a very happy bunny today!
  6. DDubya

    TLF GT430 Club

    Take Two…… I hope I’m not tempting fate here, but found another, identical spec and trim. Paid for and collecting By end of the week. PS, Plate not with the car, my son pointed out that ‘Fisting’ was not a good choice😂😂
  7. 😂😂 I’ll have you know, I’m a posh Oik👍 Ooh, that’ll be a chance to have a beer in the Members tent😊👍
  8. I’ve just sold #27 to Silverstone.
  9. Farewell my old friend. Six and a half years of fun. Next chapter……. will be up for sale at Silverstone very soon.
  10. My “No Oik” Thursday tickets just arrived.
  11. Not even the German’s threatened that🤌
  12. DDubya

    TLF GT430 Club

    My euphoria was short lived. The buyer has reneged on the deal, even after deposit paid, insurance and collection arranged. Gutted is a polite way of expressing real anger at the moment.
  13. DDubya

    TLF GT430 Club

    James is planning an open day, so yes would be great to have two. I’ve been to Re:Fuel with James a few times. Hopefully will do the next one.
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