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  1. Just get Gerald at GST to fit it, far simpliar.
  2. So pubs open on 4th July then..
  3. Yeah , do these people actually know about the virus? It's probably not their fault, they might not have access to tv or radio or phone, so are oblivious to what's going on.
  4. Noise is still there, does piss me off somewhat as shouldn't be there!! Gerald at GST done all the work in the first place and tried to sort it out but still does it. Guess if you want a good job done properly then maybe just do it yourself, at least you know what has been done?.
  5. So I the plod pull you up " have you been drinking sir?", The reply is "yes, but I just wanted to see if I was too pissed to drive"
  6. Why did the car need all that work doing to it?
  7. Yeah, that was one question, the other was £
  8. Speak to Gerald at GST Performance, he fitted blue belt to my car
  9. No way! Always thought that this couldn't happen as gov need to control how much £'s were in the economy,not just pint it out Willy Billy..
  10. Sounds like you speak with informed tougue, just gotta find the thing! Assume it's under the engine rather than wheel arch
  11. No, this is electrical, as when pressing brake pedal the tone changes
  12. Yep Noise is electrical, is this pump electrical?
  13. So where did the Government get all the cash to pay 80% of wages to Britain's workforce?
  14. Yes, noise defo from that side, passenger side rear, you could be right as SJ's don't have a vacuum pump which is odd
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