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  1. Like I have said, change the oil and filter again, put fully synthetic oil in the engine then take it for a good run, if still there then look further.
  2. So my house is in a teir 4 area, l was a tad surprised when there was a knock on the door yesterday, and some idiot wanted to read the meter! Unbelievable
  3. Drain the oil and replace with a decent fully synthetic oil, take it for a 20 mile drive, check dipstick.
  4. Yeah, I might have a working speedo here somewhere..
  5. Just checked through all old memrobilia and can confirm that it was indeed "Spotters" (Mike Maynard's) car, not surprised it has low miles on it, his speedo never worked!
  6. Yeah, have you got one?

    1. mc21.8



      side tracked today mending my boiler 

      will dig it out from mums garage tomorrow

  7. I've stripped mine down quite a few times, unjammed the valve, cleaned it out, replaced whatever needed and put back on,not a hard thing to do, 240 seems a bit steep.
  8. What does return involve? Refurb
  9. Yes, I'm gonna use it under water.. obviously.
  10. So on other cars, I have the flat Bosche blade wipers, any good on the Esprit?
  11. Just refurbing mine again due to lack of use this year, stuck again, has anyone got all n original wastegate to sell?
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