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  1. Never felt the need to get one of these things, car is fine garaged as normal. Albeit with an indoor light weight cover on it.
  2. Should have been red.
  3. esprit22

    Take care of your cats

    Yep, my 1976 3000 Capri Ghia never had one! Surplus to requirements.
  4. esprit22

    decking lights

    Yeah, just found some at Wickes which are 40w, so will give them a go. Didn't want to light it up like a xmas tree, just a tad of subtle light! 8 led lights, 40w
  5. esprit22

    decking lights

    Question for any Electricians out there, if I use decking lights as downlights (in shed plinth) would they be bright enough to shine light down?
  6. esprit22

    1994 Lotus Esprit Turbo S4

    Now that is a very nice car..👍
  7. esprit22


  8. esprit22


    In a previous life I had my Samoyed Husky re- homed by the Samoyed Rescue People who were excellent and found him a lovely home, just thought that possibly someone out there in lotus land might be interested 🐐
  9. esprit22


    Wife's Mum has a male Westie, 8 years old, but due to health problems she can't look after it anymore. We have 3 cats at ours so I need to find him a good home. Would obviously prefer to try and find a home for it myself rather than going through a Rescue Centre, so would anyone on here like to give him a home?
  10. esprit22

    new shed

    Just had a new shed delivered (10x14) which has the normal shed floor. I fancy boarding over this to give a better strength, but do I use a structural or non structural plywood??
  11. esprit22


    Prefer a marathon myself ( snickers to you young folks)
  12. esprit22

    Lotus Turbo Esprit 1984 Clutch

    I have a used set for an 86 turbo..
  13. Don't think there was a specific code, seen so many different shades. My 86 turbo had gold centres but no idea if was original gold, just don't go to dark!