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  1. Mate, you're rightπŸ‘ never considered getting any for the Esprit before, reckon I'm getting less trusting in my old age πŸ‘€, they are not like ones on the S2, and have given up online searches, SJ do the correct set for about 30 squids but only in chrome, I need gloss black to go with existing wheel nut covers, all bloody hassle!!
  2. Dunno much about nuts, are ours M12 thread with 60 degrees taper?
  3. Can anyone recommend make/type of locking wheel nuts for the S3?
  4. Had this happen,as normal, to a 2 year old immaculate VW cc, told the bloke who asked for Β£400ish, that I wanted to view The car BEFORE I paid, yep the bright silver wheels were covered in their shit, insisted that they were cleaned properly otherwise take the tyres off and I would go elsewhere, some fool done his best to wash them with dirty water, vowed never to go the again and told them this, do they care?? No.... they only work there..
  5. Well in that case, reckon it's worth the trip, especially as it's gonna be dry πŸ‘ cheers Geoff!
  6. 2nd October, apparently this is the 10th historic racing festival, never been before, is this a good event?
  7. That is mad money, it is nice, but seriously...πŸ€”
  8. So this is why the fuel pump failed..πŸ€”
  9. Can only suggest you speak to Steve at S J Sports cars, he will know.
  10. If Chris has something to say to me, then say it, what's his problem?
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