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  1. Yes, I'm gonna use it under water.. obviously.
  2. So on other cars, I have the flat Bosche blade wipers, any good on the Esprit?
  3. Just refurbing mine again due to lack of use this year, stuck again, has anyone got all n original wastegate to sell?
  4. When you say they are very hard to rotate, how hard are you saying?
  5. It's not gonna match, will be a much brighter, only option is to take the car to a place who will scan the paint area and mix the correct shade for you.
  6. So I was given an Amazon Echo for Farthers Day, apparently I need to download an app to get the thing up and running, which app is good to use?
  7. That's really nice , how old is it?
  8. The program is a comedy, unfortunately without Eric and Ernie.
  9. Well at least I've been to Giza a number of times and marvelled at the pyramids, guess they'll be demolished soon.
  10. Yeah, couldn't have done it better myself
  11. Is that the front or back?
  12. I look nothing like him, but found this recent picture of you mate, at least you don't need a haircut
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