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  1. Definitely resistors, check out Farnell or RS Components.
  2. Yeah, beers are on you...where are you? I'm thirsty
  3. That's the one, no need to change again for at least 100k
  4. . and while you're about it, fit a gates can belt as well.
  5. Bought two pairs today from the pound shop, can't remember how much they cost...
  6. Hijack away my friend, if you have replaced the fan, then the otter is the next part to change (in my humble)
  7. Yes, the problem is caused by someone in the vehicle being extremely sweaty, possibly after a physical workout of some sort..
  8. esprit22


    Is it best to get a bike an up to date mot before advertising for sale?
  9. Will take out again and see if I can make more sense of it
  10. Just back from a spirited drive (those BMW M sport are bloody quick!) after half hour the fan fail light came on and fans all on, it appears that the air con switch was turned on! When turned off the fans and light went off, is this normal or because the aircon is empty?
  11. Sorry Chris, you've lost me mate...
  12. Hi guys, as the air con not gassed for a number of years, mainly due to the fact that the original gas not available any more, there is no point turning it on, so why would the compressor turn on?
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