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  1. Are they reliable, worth changing to?
  2. How come been off the road for so long, what the mileage?
  3. Just turn up, tell them you are working on the the new Bond film and need a car or 10, I'm sure they will let you in..
  4. Definitely resistors, check out Farnell or RS Components.
  5. Yeah, beers are on you...where are you? I'm thirsty
  6. That's the one, no need to change again for at least 100k
  7. . and while you're about it, fit a gates can belt as well.
  8. Bought two pairs today from the pound shop, can't remember how much they cost...
  9. Hijack away my friend, if you have replaced the fan, then the otter is the next part to change (in my humble)
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