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  1. Yeah, do like the pin striping, proper job.
  2. Give me my car back fool!
  3. Either "fat bloke" down the pub, or Boris.
  4. Call that an excuse?
  5. Not at all, twas an emergency as I had a thirst on and wanted to get to the pub
  6. Well I've obviously told them that Bazza wanted to drive a decent car for a change, so I lent my Lex to him and that he committed the unforgivable crime. (Albeit he is not a tree hugging vegetarian)
  7. Potato potarto...yeah Richmond road is only on that the photo on the PCN ,just location as being the camera number, could be anywhere as idiot could have spelt it wrong! Surely the road sign has to be visible..?
  8. Strange there is no record of it though, no signs of paintwork being done?
  9. Guess it must be, don't get what their problem is, can't even drive on a public road (which I help pay for) without getting some petty fine! Bet all tree hugging, quorn eating vegetarian cyclists (who pay sweet fa) don't get this grief!! ps. can't see any road sign in photo?
  10. True, but always trying to find a back door , thought that if the 'location' wasn't made clear in the pcn, then maybe a door..
  11. Yeah, name of road is typed by camera bloke on top of pics he took, but is this reasonable? Thought they had to dot the i's etc etc..
  12. Does anyone know much about what details a penalty charge notice should show? Received one that only has the Location as a camera number, shouldn't this be name of the road (or can they get away with this?)
  13. Thanks for that, just spent last 2 hours reading it all again! This thread should be published!! .."this time next year Rodney..."
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