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  1. No luck - but ended up selling the car and disclosed to new buyer the issue.
  2. Is there any diagrams to find where the vents hoses are?
  3. Are they hard to reach or find? Or just under the dash?
  4. One Round eye one on cluster dash and one on passenger side. Left one on passenger dash.
  5. Hello again. First I want to thank everyone that has been helping me on some prior issues. It’s nice to have a forum like this to get assistance and advice. I have a 1995 Esprit and 2 out of the 4 dash vents don’t blow any air out of them. I double checked and they are not closed I have the, all open any suggestions? Thanks again!
  6. Does anyone know if I can use the ACPro 134a refrigerant? Thanks
  7. I have a 1995 Lotus Esprit S4s. Does anyone know how difficult it is to charge the A/C? it blows but not cold? Thank you.
  8. Just fixed it. And it was as simple as the switch on pedal. And the anti lock brake light when off too. Thanks again for everyone’s help and advice!
  9. Would putting the brake light fuse back in after checking the brake light switch stop the Anti lock light flashing
  10. Thank you. You guys are so awesome for replying so quickly. Greatly appreciate it!!
  11. Hello, I just bought a 1995 Esprit S4s turbo from dealer. Has many updates etc but week after I got it my brake lights are staying on all of a sudden just a few days ago. I took the fuse out so the battery would drain with brakes lights on. Then today when I went to move it out of garage, the antilock brake light is flashing. When I got it from the dealer he said the A/C was blowing cold but when I try it it's not. Any suggestions? Advice? Thank you!! It has 79K miles again with many updates and other parts.
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