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  1. UPDATE: Mike Taylor read the email, and rang me.
  2. I emailed them this morning, having forgotten from my last time of contacting them that they don't do email! I will ring them in a bit.
  3. Hi all - I am looking for a 912 engine for an Eclat project. Many thanks.
  4. Hello all If anyone has or knows of a 912 engine that has below 100,000 miles on it and is for sale, please let me know. Many thanks. This is for an Eclat Series Two project.
  5. The car has not sold yet, and I am tempted to keep it, as I like it very much, but I would have to lay it up in storage, as I am going away for a bit (this means either that I have finally been caught for all those murders I did, or that I've got a gig somewhere that is n ot old Lotus friendly).
  6. This car is now for sale.
  7. My Eclat has a wimpy 1980s aftermarket sunroof. I'd much rather have a Riviera roof.
  8. It is a wonder that neither Lotus nor TVR sued Winterbottom (or each other) - he sold the same car twice!
  9. Mech update:-Good bit of progress today on Lotus, the new ign. switch is 100% better and positive key position restored. Top fusebox replaced & new terminals fitted to all necessary wires on new ign switch & fusebox. Absolute pig of a job! Wiper arm parks now correctly. Traced burnt fusebox to previous wiper motor failure as someone left a trace of repairs to prevent repeat. Have restored wiring to original as much as possible. Shame they left dodgy fusebox in though! It was causing an intermittent feed to about 5 circuits.I cut down the wiper mech cable and sheathed remainder in heats
  10. Esprits are now 30K plus and so market attention turns to other Lotus wedge poppy uppy lampy cars with 900 series engines. The best Excel may now be worth 10K, and maybe very good Eclats and Elites are getting there. These cars were giveaways only a few years ago. I am not sure but I think that all Excels show as Eclats, allegedly because Lotus was too stingy to pay for a new type approval! I cannot recall what my 1990 Excel had on its V5. My 1984 Excel was an Eclat on its V5.
  11. This car has been thoroughly bodged over the years but my mechanic Mark is a very fine de-bodger. The engine now runs much better as the fuel system no longer gets clogged with rust from the fuel tank. The lights are working properly. The car is not quite as planted on the road as the one Elite and two Excels that I have driven, so I may need to check the suspension.
  12. Electrical mayhem - Mechanic says - For Lotus I found the following issues today in dashboard area:* Wiper motor worm wire cable has been fitted without shortening ( from a car which had 2 wiper mech's). Therefore the excess cableis moving back & forth at the top of the inside of dash, rubbingaway the fibreglass, and also is a big fiore hazard as is rubbingaway on a main wiring loom! Need to shorten this cable, and hopingit will reduce the friction & speed up the motor a bit. May also becausing it to jam occasionally.* Wiper module is fitted to this model, it doesn't match the
  13. Chapman would have sold the air for the tyres if he could! Special Hethel air, of course.
  14. Yes, you do have to do that . It winds up well on motorways and will thrum along at very illegal speeds, but it won't win traffic light GPs.
  15. The Series One Solihull cars rusted, the Series Two Cowley cars were better made and better painted. Mine has a small area of rust at one door corner but is otherwise pretty good. The colour is called Moonraker Blue.
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