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  1. Kalli

    TLF Trackday?

    Well look here - I leave these forums for a few months, and the whole lot of you decend into chaos. I also see a number of active contributors 'nuked' in the forum status/rank, because of their opinions - which underpin the whole purpose of community forums. Otherwise we might as well just have a news section to post in with comments turned off. So I have a solution - a simple question. To which I say, what would Jesus do? *puts on a deep american voice* When love is the way, the earth will be a sanctuary. When love is the way, we will lay down our marques and 0-60s, down by the chevrons, to study speed no more. When love is the way, there's plenty good room - plenty good room - for all of God's overtakers. Because when love is the way, we actually treat each other, well... like we are actually family. Stop with the infighting children, or else i'll ram more ******* religion down your throats. Catch you in a few months.
  2. Hey all, So i'm still trying to flog my Evora NA Forged Alloys - I sold the car over two and a half years ago, so would really love to see them with a new owner! Theyre up in the classifieds, but thought i'd just shine a little light on them in here. Just dropped the price to 900. Tom
  3. Just a heads up that my Exige car cover is now up for grabs, if anyone was thinking of grabbing one.
  4. Correct indeed. Metallic Blue (2015-2016). It was replaced the next year with a new Metallic Blue (2016-onwards) from the Sport 350 (much brighter and bluer). The one we have is actually rather nice, as you get the best of both black and blue. The deep gloss of black, but then the hint of blue as the sun hits.
  5. Kalli

    Evora GT430

    So i'm keeping my eyes peeled here. My 50/50 is due soon, and i'm assuming I'm going to be incredibly successful over the next two years - so may need to find a new Lotus..
  6. So when I got my Exige, I was under the impression it was nightfall blue. Coupled with an oyster interior, I was in love with the thought. I bought it in November 2015 from new, without ever seeing it in clear daylight. To my dismay, it wasn't Nightfall - it was a very limited run of a 'Metallic Blue' - except that you can't even tell it's blue unless its parked up next to a true black car. Cue the endless jokes from friends and family alike, referring to it as 'Bullshit Blue'. Regardless, I keep having moments where i'm truly glad of the mistake. Yesterday was once such day:
  7. New owner - that was up for sale recently I think?
  8. Personally, i'd avoid it. It's very easy to flake off the silver PAINT on the lotus decals. Been there, done that.
  9. See, this is why i'll never anything more than a ricer. I thought it was a cf dashboard.
  10. Agree with Joe above. I saw your bump on my last thread. Somewhat redundant, as that was a 2010 Evora, compared to a 2017 Evora 400. Whilst the engine and gearbox is the same, a number of other parts have changed. The noise you are referring to is a characteristic of the car. From memory (and I could VERY WELL be wrong here), the problem that the Evora (and V6 Exige) have is that the engine wasn't designed to be transversally mounted, and as such, has quirks (greatly simplified explanation). You'll find that all Evoras and Exiges make a range of different transmission noises which for the average car driver can sound absolutely terrible and make their hairs stand up, assuming somethings wrong. It's not. If the engineer has come out and found there to be no issue, then the best thing to do is to pressure your dealer further. Use whatever legal ability you have out there to get your way (within logical reason). The noise is standard on the car, however it does come at varying degrees - much like the build quality of a car, you can sometimes find some that sound/look better than others.
  11. Kalli

    Evora Sport 410

    It might be worth mentioning though that none of the reviewers picked up on the fake carbon. Testament to Lotus' plastic prowess perhaps?!
  12. Kalli

    Evora Sport 410

    I'm happy to sing from the Lotus Praise hymnbook most of the time. What they produce is absolutely fantastic, and I rarely have any gripes. But one thing they ALWAYS seem to slip up on is their presentation skills. We have a fantastic handling, fantastic looks (shape wise, etc), fantastic heritage, and lets be honest - cars punching well above their (price-point) weight. Everything in that regard is great - but their presentation skills suck. Their leather is appallingly bad quality (my Exige v6 leather has what can only be described as stretch marks all over - replaced numerous times with warranty, and always the same), the paintwork is absolutely terrible (again, numerous areas where it's questionable) and their whole 'Lightweight Lab' is just a failed PR attempt at cost saving/supplier issues. "WAHEY! We've saved an extra 200g by removing one of the two engine bay covers in the exige". What they don't tell you is that they're having supplier issues, and thats why they've removed only one of the two pieces. The car's price hasn't changed mind you - technically you're paying Lotus for having shitty supplier management skills, and failing to build part of the car to the full spec. I'm very much in agreement with you Pits in regards to allergic to fake carbon fibre. It's tacky and cheap - and on a car of that value, it simply belittles the fantastic work put into the car by Lotus - even more so when theres real carbon fibre 50 cm up to compare it to. Working in business transformation (change management/control specifically!), I can completely appreciate why Lotus do some of these cost cutting exercises - but at the same time, they need to consider the impact of some of these changes. It really does damage their brand image not just for what they're doing, but also what their rivals are doing in comparison. Could you imagine fake carbon fibre on a Porsche? Even on a Boxter? No. Jaguar F-Type? Aston Martin? Whilst it may make producing the car that bit cheaper, and give them a little bit more of a profit margin....could it be a decider for someone to choose an alternative marque? Did that small saving cost them a whole car? Rant mode off.
  13. Kalli

    Evora Sport 410

    Correct me if i'm wrong (and I may very well be!), but didn't Lotus make the Exige Cup (or 360) without a head unit, but never bothered to remove the speakers? I don't fully believe their light weight laboratory malarky! If I were spending 89k on a car, and I had all that CF bling - i'd EXPECT it to be consistent across the car, and not have a random splash of fake carbon fibre.
  14. Kalli

    New Exige S

    I do love black cars.
  15. Roger - for what its worth, you have more space than me If I reverse in, I can get right up to one of those supporting wall bits, which traps any passengers - but I can get out fine Don't forget to invest in some pipe insulation to stick against the wall to protect it from rubbing!
  16. Kalli

    Evora Sport 410

    Jesus flipping christ. That truly is appalling.... Their MARKET LEADING CAR that they harp on about being the pinnacle of their lineup - they've splashed out on CF everywhere - but then skimp out on wing mirrors. Wheres the flipping logic? Weight saving, my furry butt. Thats pure laziness and cheap - and is a solid step into the world of kit car standards. It's a fudging 89k car, and they can't even bother moulding CF wing mirrors.
  17. Kalli

    Evora Sport 410

    +1. Too expensive, with nothing to show sadly.
  18. So technically Donkey, you're the grandfather of us all.
  19. I noticed on the VX forums Martin Don't get green mirrors! Green towing eye perhaps? I've got black alloys on mine - and to be honest, i've always longed for silver. You always want what you don't have, after all. Hmm - Sport mode should make it blip far quicker - night/day comparison. Race mode should be the same as Sport mode in terms of throttle response, however revs a couple of hundred higher on idle.
  20. Quiet you Android lover! Get back to your 'So I bought an apple iPhone today' thread I'll rephrase my reply: The exige is like an Apple iPhone - high quality materials, ergonomic design, and stylish. The VX is more like an Android - lesser build quality, having to run to keep up with Apple's walking pace, and having a couple of battery explosions in the process.
  21. Hey Martin! Welcome We never spoke on the VX forums, but I came from a VXT back in 2013/2014 (I think?). I had an Evora NA for about a year and a half, before hopping over to an Exige V6S I can see attractions of both cars, coming from VX ownership. The Exige is of far better build quality, and feels like the real Apple version, compared to a Chinese-replica. Does your Exige have race mode? If so, pop it into Sport/Race mode at all times It'll pick up the blipping and make it far more responsive.
  22. I've already spoken to Matt about this - he has some Forged he can put on for you. Give him a buzz. As for an update on my side - I've decided to hold fire for the time being. The rush has been put on me by the looming changes to the tax, and whilst I still stick by that desire, the truth is the cost to get the car I want would be close to 80k, of which i'm not prepared to pay given what I know the profit margin being taken. As such, I've been tempted by the thought of a remaining Hethel Edition. Theres no doubt that its a fantastic looking beast, and I would nab it if I didn't have to finance. But the truth is, i'm steel reeling from the depreciation on my Exige V6. I've put 16,000 miles on it in 15 months, and whilst i've enjoyed every moment, it still has hurt! The only way i'd do that again is if the car I was getting was 100% what I wanted - and sadly, the Hethel i'm looking at has a couple of 'compromises'. I've been bitten once already by rushing in and choosing convenience over desire - and i'm paying for it. I'm not about to replace one evil for a greater evil On the flip side, this might mean that I can have another 'bout' of patience for an Evora 400 Roadster Alternatively, the second hand market once a colour I want comes along.
  23. Kalli

    Evora Sport 410

    Well i'm in! I'll either be there in an Exige V6S, or if I remain foolish, an Evora 400.
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